Tuesday, February 17, 2009

What I Cant Stand...

Tuesday, February 17, 2009
Do you know what I cant stand? I cant stand it when people park in handicap spaces that arent handicapped!!! That drives me bonkers! Tonight I have a perfect example. I decided to cook (shocking, I know) so I had to run by Publix to grab a few things. There was a car in front of me that I followed into the parking lot. I am not going to lie...I circle around the parking lot because I am too lazy to walk my fat butt the distance! As I circled for the last time I noticed the car was still in front of me. Nothing big...guess they didnt want to walk either. Boy was I right. After circling the parking lot 3 times they just pulled on into a handicap spot. I looked at their tag on the back of the car and it was a normal tag. As I drove on by I noticed the driver hang a handicap thingy on the mirror. As I drove down the next isle in front of their car a woman and a teenager got out of the car. They both were in perfect condition and walked right on into Publix. So with this I am assuming they do have someone in their family that is handicapped but they werent with them tonight at Publix. I dont agree that they should use this hangy thing ( I cant think of the word) just because they dont want to walk the extra distance. That is wrong to me. What if some handicapped person needed to park there but they got the last spot so now the handicapped person has to park out in East Budda next to me and walk the long distance. That again to me isnt right! I cant stand it when people take advantage of things and people! I really wanted to ram her car with mine but I held it together and didnt. Knowing in the end I would end of paying for it. Yes...I admit it. I have Road Rage.

Oh by the way that is a handicap parking decal...I just thought of it. Yes, it takes me a minute!

So what can you not stand?



I can't stand that either being that my Grandma does have to have a handicap space because of her legs. Grrr!!!!

I also can not stand getting behind a tractor when I'm in a hurry. *I live in Farm Country so there is a lot of tractors on regular roads* It drives me BONKERS!!! THey drive 10mph and its always when I'm late!

Josh and Tiff:

Which Publix do you shop at? I am wondering how close you are from my home. I shop at the Publix off Old Springville and Chalkville Mountain Road.


Hi! Thank u for your comment!

I can't stand when people park ON the line in parking spaces and take up two spots! Drives me nuts cause it's so inconsiderate, and it would only take a second to back up and get INSIDE of the white lines! lol. I'm not a fan of that!

I love that your daughter's name is Kaylyn! Only one letter off from my name! Good luck w/ WW, sounds like you're off to a great start!


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