Friday, July 31, 2009

Really? Is it that hard?

Friday, July 31, 2009 2
My night has been rather uneventful. I went a delivered some Mary Kay products to some very happy ladies. Because it took longer than I expected I called Kevin and we decided that I would stop and pick up dinner. First of all...I have to VERY picky eaters. Kaylyn will NOT eat fast food other than McDonald's and it has to be their chicken nuggets. Kevin will not eat any condiments on his burger. So I am one of those people that has to check their food before they drive away.

So I pulled up to McDonald's and ordered her a 6 piece McNugget Happy Meal for a girl with a Sprite to drink. All the McDonald's around here has the new 2 people can order at the same time at the drive thru. Well the lane I went to was empty but there was a line in the other lane. I ordered and pulled up some so that the car behind could order too. However, the car in the other lane had already ordered...I knew this and I knew they were in front of me. I was going to let them in....I had no intention of cutting her off...I was simply moving up some so the car behind me could order. Well the lady in the other lane thought I was going to cut her off and she floored it in the drive thru! You crazy lady...she almost took my front end off! Of course she gave me "the finger"...I just smiled and waved. I find that smiling and waving back when someone gives me "the finger" only makes them madder! Can you tell I get the finger a lot?

Of course sitting there with her in front of me now only made me stew on it and I wanted to ram her so hard! You should be proud...I just let it go. That was my trip to McDonalds! I, however am so tired of McDonald's that if I never ate there again I would be fine with that. So Kevin and I decided on Whataburger. I love Whataburger is my favorite! So I pulled into the drive thru and ordered:

Me: Yes, may I have a #1 with cheese plain, medium fry, and a large coke?

Speaker: Ok mam, I have a #1 with cheese plain, medium fry and a large coke...anything else for you?

Me: Yes, I would like to get another #1 with cheese, no tomatoes or onions, medium fry and a large sweet tea?

Speaker: Ok mam, I have a #1 with cheese plain, medium fry and a large coke and another #1 with cheese, no tomatoes or onions, medium fry and a large sweet tea. Would you like to add an apple pie to you order?

Me: Did you hear me ask for an apple pie? No, thank you...not today.

Speaker: Alright mam, your total is $15.06, please drive around to the 2nd window.

So I pull on through and hand over an arm and a leg my $15.06. He handed me 2 bags and shut the window and walked off. I was assuming he was going to get my drinks. So I am sitting there checking my sandwiches because if I come home with ANYTHING other than a cheeseburger plain Kevin will not even touch it! I dont see the "plain" sticker I normally get so I looked at both burgers. I saw both had ketchup & mustard so I looked up and the guy was standing there talking to some other worker. I thought he was going to get my drinks...but I guess not! So I knocked on the window and he came over and I told him I needed one plain and I needed my drinks. He said I gave you your drinks as he looked in my car...I guess he didnt see them because he said hold on a minute. He came back with my drinks and shortly after that he brought me my plain sandwich. He told me he gave me a pie too...I guess I got that dang pie anyway!

Yes, I know they probably spit on his burger...that is the risk he takes. I never send anything back. But I am not as picky as he is. I can pick things off my burger and it doesnt bother me. It does him...he wont even eat it if a pickle has been on there and left juice on the bun. Yup...he is that picky! And yes...he seemed to have pass some of that on to my daughter!


Aloha Friday

"In Hawaii, Aloha Friday is the day that we take it easy and look forward to the weekend. So I thought that on Fridays I would take it easy on posting, too. Therefore, I’ll ask a simple question for you to answer. Nothing that requires a lengthy response."

So head over to her site, An Island Life and answer her question but while you are here you might as well answer mine:

Now that the summer is there any one last thing you want to do before school starts?

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Aloha Friday

"In Hawaii, Aloha Friday is the day that we take it easy and look forward to the weekend. So I thought that on Fridays I would take it easy on posting, too. Therefore, I’ll ask a simple question for you to answer. Nothing that requires a lengthy response."

So head over to her site, An Island Life and answer her question but while you are here you might as well answer mine:

What do you do to get yourself out of a rut? It seems lately that I have been working and doing things with my family that all I want to do is have some "ME" time...what do you do for your "ME" time?


Thursday, July 30, 2009


Thursday, July 30, 2009 4
Dear Blog Friends,

I wanted everyone to know that I have taken a "short" break from blogging. Its not forever...just a couple of weeks. As you can tell I havent really posted in a while but I have been commenting on some of your blogs. I have several things going on right now that I am not ready to put on the blog front (some of you that are close to me know what is going on).

I have been tremendously busy at work too. I guess that is good to an extent (yay I still have a job) but that is when I do all my blogging. Work right now has just taken over and lately that is all I have been able to concentrate on during the day.

I shouldnt be gone for long but at the same time I didnt want to disappear.

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend and I will talk to you soon!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

I will be back!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009 7

Hey Everyone! Jill over at Sneaky Momma hosts a Secret Sneaky Friend spotlight every Tuesday...and it's ME this week! Yup! Me! Head on over to her blog to check me out!

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Im not here today!

Hey Everyone! Jill over at Sneaky Momma hosts a Secret Sneaky Friend spotlight every Tuesday...and it's ME this week! Yup! Me! Head on over to her blog to check me out!

Monday, July 20, 2009


Monday, July 20, 2009 8
Well, I havent "lived" with a teeager other than myself. Boy have times changed! You know when I was brought up (which wasnt that long ago) I was taught respect. These days most children dont have that...that includes my step son.

I know there tends to be jealousy issues with him and Kaylyn. I understand that...I mean she lives here 24/7 and he comes over maybe every other month or so. But I must point out that where Jason lives is his decision...not ours. We have tried numerous times to get him to live with us but he continues to stay with his mom.

It all went down Friday can ask Nikki. I was so aggravated that I had to vent to someone. Thanks Nikki for being that person:) My office for my MK business is Jason's bedroom. So in there is his bed, my desk with a computer (that has an internet connection), TV complete with a DVD player, and play station 2. Alot of times when I am working I will have the TV on or Kaylyn will be playing Dora on the PS2. Now that Jason is here for the summer he has taken over the room...that is fine. However, all of that stuff is in his room but is not his. Kaylyn has just as much right to play with it as he does. He, however does not understand that. He stays cooped up in his room most of the day either playing the PS2 or being on the computer.

Kaylyn went into his room on Friday afternoon and asked to play Tiger Woods Golf game (that he was already playing). He told her of course she comes whining to me. I go in there and ask why she cant play since he is already playing the game. He said he didnt want to play Dora...I corrected him. She wanted to play the golf game (which she is pretty good at it I might add). He then proceeds to tell me that all of this stuff is his and that he isnt sharing (talk about getting on a 5 year olds level!). By the way...sometimes he likes to throw in a few choice words...Kevin and I assume that she (Jason's mother) doesnt correct him at her house so he must be use to it because it just flys out of his mouth. I told him he needed to watch his mouth especially in MY house and in front of Kaylyn. He kept it up and I told him that I thought his attitude really sucks! His response..."I dont give a damn what you think!" I couldnt beleive he just said that to me. Now if that was my child I would have backhanded his pretty little mouth but he isnt so the only thing I could do was for me to cool off as well as him too. I told him to get out of the house and go take a walk around the block. Really it was me that wanted to take the walk but I couldnt leave both off he went.

By the time he got back he was fine...a little calmer and by then Kaylyn was done playing the game so he went back into his room to play his game. After an hour or so I rounded the kids up and we headed to my parents. It only went downhill from here. Once at my parents Jason kept aggravating Kaylyn...and the thing is he didnt even hide it. He kept snatching things away from her or picking at her and it was drving me crazy. Granted Kaylyn could have used a nap but there wasnt time so of course she was very whiny! Kevin and his cousin Randy had went to play golf that afternoon. Randy is 17 and he lives in GA with his mom...he usually comes to visit a week or so in the summer. He got here on Wednesday and asked Kevin to take him golfing. Jason refused to go so they went that afternoon and I was left with the kids. After golfing Kevin and Randy were going to meet me at my parents so we could go and have dinner. By the time Kevin got there I was fed UP with Jason and told Kevin to deal with that same moment Kaylyn came out of the house (we were outside by the way) crying saying Jason pushed her down. Kaylyn stayed outside with me and my parents, Randy and a neighbor. We were talking about something...I dont really remember. Kevin went inside to talk to Jason.

Kevin found him in the living room. He said he could tell that he was mad. So Kevin walked up to him and went to put his hand on his shoulder to talk to him. Well Jason with one hand pushed Kevin's hand away and with the other hand took a swing at Kevin. (I was shocked). Kevin said he ducked and ended up pushing Jason down on the couch and told him he should never hit at him. That there is something seriously wrong when a child tries to hit a parent. He told him his behavior was unacceptable and that is was time for him to grow up. Whether Jason likes it or not Kaylyn is his sister and will always be. That he needs to learn to share and to act like he is 15. He told Jason that if he didnt straighten up that we were going to take him home...which is where I think he would much rather be. They had a lenghty talk and then Kevin left him inside to cool off. Apparently Jason called his mom as soon as Kevin walked out of the hosue...he told her that Kevin had hit him and that we were being mean and he wanted to come home. He must not have liked her response because he hung up on her and then ignored all of her phone calls for most of the night.

Shorlty after that we left Kaylyn with my parents (she was staying with them that night) and took Jason and Randy to dinner. We went for favorite. Jason seemed fine through dinner...he was even participating in some of the conversation. I noticed he kept looking down at his phone but would never answer it. Right before our food came Kevin got a call from Crisitn...see we didnt even know Jason had called her. So Kevin went outside and told her the "truth" and what all actually happened. He told her that while Jason is here that he is going to respect ME (his wife) and the rest of the family. He is not going to raise a hand to ANYBODY. They had a long conversation about his behavior recently...apparently its been declining since school ended. We also found out that he pushed his mom down the week before he came over here...Kevin got on to him for that too. He told him that even though him and his mom are not together anymore he will NOT tolerate him laying one finger on his mom. After dinner everything seemed back to normal. I think Kevin got through to him and hopefully we will see better behavior within the next week or so.

Also, yesterday I made Kevin go take his knives away. He has a small collection of knives and brought 2 of them over here. I am totally concerned that if he is made mad enough that he could hurt someone and I dont want that to be Kaylyn. She is MY daughter so I will protect her first and foremost. Jason was not happy but he gave them up without a fight. Kevin told him that he would get them back when he took him home in August.

So that was my weekend...tell me about yours!


Thursday, July 16, 2009

Who is Jason

Thursday, July 16, 2009 2
So I have noticed that I dont mention alot about Jason here on my blog and when I do some people inquire about him. Jason in my typical back-talking, moody 15yr old stepson that lives in Atlanta...for those of you that dont know I live in Birmingham, AL. We use to drive to Atlanta (4 hr round trip) every other weekend and get him on Friday's and then take him back on Sunday's. Well then gas shot up and we slowed it to once a month. Now that Jason is 15 he really doesnt have much to do with us so we only go and get him when he wants to come over. He would much rather be at home...he does not like coming here especially since Kaylyn is here.

He can be very jealous of Kaylyn but what he doesnt understand is that we do just as much for him as we do her...the only difference is, is that she lives here, he doesnt! And this is his choice...we have asked and begged him to live here but he doesnt want to. He likes all of his freedom that he has over there in GA. Plus when he was younger his mother told him that if he ever came to live over here with us then SHE would have to pay US child support and since she is a single mom she couldnt afford that. So I know in the back of his mind he doesnt want her to have to "pay" even though we told both of them we dont want her money...we just want a stable environment for him to live in. Kevin and I have been married for 6 yrs and Jason and his mom have moved 7 times in those 6 yrs! No wonder this child has problems making friends and is a loner!

The thing about his mom is that she doesnt really care about Jason...and he doesnt see it. I mean deep down I am sure she loves him but I really feel she keeps him around because of the child support we send her every month. She doesnt care about his grades, that he has no friends, or that he is always by himself. She doesnt think about the impact that all that leaves on him. No...she just sits by the mailbox at the first of every month and wait on that check!

I know you are asking why dont we fight for custody since we can provide for him better than her...I mean we have lived HERE in this house for 6 yrs! Well we tried to fight for custody a couple of years ago and it got a little nasty. Even though in our opinion she isnt a good mother the court saw her as one...she did provide a roof over his head, food on the table, and he was going to school. So of course the court naturally will leave him with the mother...we eneded up dropping the case because we were all pulling him in the middle of it too. Needless to say he would be much better over here but he nor her sees it that way.

Since he is 15 now she still is never home so he gets all the freedom he wants. He has friends over to their apt and he even sneaks out to go to friends houses. She is never there to catch him so that is how he likes it. He knows that if he were to come live here there would be rules and guidlines to go by and he doesnt want his "freedom" to be taken away.

So that is a little about Jason...I am sure I will post more about him since he is here and should be here until the first of August. If you have questions I didnt answer let me know:)

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

My Friday

Wednesday, July 15, 2009 2
Woo Hoo! Today is my Friday. I am off the next 2 days plus the weekend! I am getting a 4 day weekend! I havent had one of these since April when we went to the beach. I wish I was going to the beach...but money is really tight right now. Maybe next year!

My plans...the only plan I have is sleeping past 5 am. I didnt realize what a toll it takes on your body to get up at 5 am every morning. I have been doing it for almost 3 months now and I am still not use to it...dont think I ever will be. I have never been a morning person...the night for the most part is when I come alive lol! My husband use to work strictly 5am-1pm shifts at work and he was always complaining and going to bed early. Now I see why! The only reason I got right out of bed was that I was thinking "this is the last time I have to get up this early this week!" So here I am...making it through my last day of the week!

Dont worry...I will be around. Just not in the mornings like I am when I am at work.

Happy Wednesday!


Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Crime and Punishment

Tuesday, July 14, 2009 1
Nikki did a post on some of her childhood crimes and I thought I would join in.

First of all I am the oldest and I have a brother that is 18 months younger than me. Needless to say we were close in age but not with each other. Looking back I had a wonderful brother...he always looked out for me EVEN if it meant him taking the fall...and he did several times.

I vaguley remember something to do with the dishwasher...whatever it was I broke it. I dont remember how but I know that I did it...not Justin. Well you could always hear my dad coming because his ankles always popped (some motorcyle accident or something...he had pins put in his ankles) and here he came. I looked at Justin and him at me...I knew that I was fixing to get it. We scrambled out of the kitchen and into the living room like everything was fine. It wasnt because right out of the gate my dad noticed it...his first response "Who did it?"

I was gearing up for it...because I knew that I would get a spanking because we were told "Do not play in the kitchen!" He came in and I closed my eyes and took a deep breath...letting it out slowly and getting ready to confess. Before I could Justin said he did it. I looked at him like he was crazy...knowing a spanking was involved. Why would he take a spanking for me? He didnt look at me...he took his spanking and I sat there. Of course I felt bad...but I justified my actions with "Well I didnt tell him to confess!" He knew what he was getting into and apparently didnt care because he did confess.

Needless to say as I got older I had guilt about that...actually not long ago (seriously) we were sitting at the table and I brought that up. Justin said he didnt remember it...but I did. My dad didnt really remember either. I told my parents what Justin had confessed to something he didnt do. They looked at me and then at him. There was complete silience. All that guilt came rushing back and I did feel horrible. I apologized to him and so did my dad. My dad felt really bad spanking the wrong child!

Like Nikki I have several that comes to mind...but this is the one that stuck out.


Monday, July 13, 2009

Friend Making Monday-Favorites

Monday, July 13, 2009 9

Juls did a post this morning on Friend Makin Monday so I thought I would join in. Mamarazzi is hosting it this week. Hop on over to link up with her!

This week we are to share 5-10 of your favorite things...

1. Milo's Sweet Tea is something that I really dont think I can live without...pathetic isnt it?
2. The DVR...the best invention in the world. I got this from Juls too!
3. My two favorite shows right now...there are quite a few more but the rest start in August.

4. Love Mary Kay products...that is why I am selling them here.

5. My computer...I cant live without it either!

Hope you have a great Monday!


A Rut-and some ramblings

I told Ace this last week but I feel like I am in a rut that I just cant get out of. I am so tired of work but I love everyone I work with. I would much rather be sleeping (sounds depressing right) right now than anything. I feel so tired of everything right now and that I just need a break. But as all moms know you dont get a break! So I am having to strategically plan a break. This Thursday and Friday I am taking off from work. I plan on sleeping at least half the day away and then finishing up with some housework that desperately needs to be done. Kaylyn and Jason always stay at my MIL's house on Wednesday nights so I wont have them Wed. night and can sleep late on Thursday. Kevin will pick them up on his way home from work around 1:30 so I will spend half the day by myself. Sometimes that is just how it has to be!

We had someone look at our house yesterday. I am not getting my hopes up but as you can tell I havent mentioned anything about our house being for sale in a while. I am just hoping and praying that it will sell when I least expect it to. However, this lady called Kevin up on Saturday and asked all the info (price, bedrooms, bathrooms...etc) and then wanted to know where they could meet to discuss it. Kevin said "Duh" why dont you come here and actually look at the house and then we can answer any questions you may have. We really didnt expect her to show...I did clean but not like a mad woman.

She did show and we showed her all through the house and what not. She asked some questions, we answered. The one that caught me off guard was "How long will you need to vacate the house?" I told them we will need 30 days and they were fine with that. They seemed serious but so did a few others so I am not getting my hopes up. Please pray that when the time is right my house will sell!


Friday, July 10, 2009

Blog Makeover

Friday, July 10, 2009 8
So....what do yout think? Tinika over at Me & You Plus Two did my new layout. I love the way she did it...she is so creative and shows such orginality. If you are in the market for a makeover Tinika is the girl to see...and tell her I sent you! She also is the one who did my PINK blog!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Im loved! Really...I am!

Thursday, July 9, 2009 5
Awesome Ace and technically Beautiful Nikki gave me this award. I frequent their blogs at least 5 times a day...well Ace normally only post once a day but never know! Thank yall for being such wonderful BF's. Love you guys!

The Rules:
1. Thank the person (or people) who nominated you for this award

2. Copy the logo and place it on your blog.

3. Link to the person (or people) who nominated you for this award.

4. Name 10 things about yourself that people might find interesting.

5. Nominate 10 Honest Scrap Bloggers.

6. Post links to the 10 blogs you nominate.

7. Leave a comment on each of the blogs, letting them know they have been nominated. Now I am supposed to say 10 things about myself with full honesty. This could be dangerous! I go:

1. I am terrified of elevators...I hate riding on them. If I have to I will close my eyes and look down and then smack the crap out of my husband because he gets a kick out of jumping up and down as we come to a stop.

2. I love my job...and who I work with but I HATE the drive. It's an hour drive because of traffic.

3. I will not under any circumstance agree to take care of someone else's dog (other than my MIL's because they are trained) while they go off on vacation. I have not dreaded everyday lately trying to get this 130lb German Shepherd off of the couch.

4. I do not like to stop on bridges over water or under bridges (usually under a bypass). I would much rather zoom on across (or under) instead of stopping. I honestly sit there and wonder when the bridge will giveway...yes I have problems.

5. I eat out way too much...I would save money by bringing my lunch but somehow always finds myself eating out.

6. Whenever I hurt myself (stump my toe or something) I always call my mom for comfort...once again my husband like to laugh at my pain and I never get sympathy from him.

7. I am terrified of bugs...I do not want to see, touch, or hear them. If I do I know that I have to kill it because if not I will lay awake at night trying to think about where it got off to. In fact the other night I was in the bathroom and noticed a big bug (ugh nasty!) crawling trying to get into my shower...I suffocated him with about half a can of hair spray...which reminds me I need hairspray.

8. I over-react way to much. Sometimes I turn something small into this major thing and then go back and think about it and it turns out to be nothing at all.

9. There is this woman that works in the same building (its a one level building that has several suites in it) as me that drives me crazy because she always parks in front of my office when her office is like 5 suites down. I would love to stick a nail in her tire...sad arent I?

10. Speaking of nails...if there is a nail on the road I, ME, MY vehicle will pick it up. It never fails...I am not kidding either. Just yesterday I had to get a nail removed from my tire and (thankfully I know these people personally) Brian my tire technician said "Alicia, do you realize that we have pulled 6 nails out of your tires in the last 3 months?" Yeah...its to a point now I just pull up and they start looking for the nail.

And the Nominees are...
  1. Tinika
  2. Stephanie
  3. Gracie
  4. Michelle
  5. Jen
  6. Jenn(ifer)
  7. Kekibird
  8. Erin

Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Tuesday, July 7, 2009 5
Work today really stunk! The morning was fine. I actually watched most of the MJ Memorial Service in our conference room on the big screen. That was no problem. But my manager isn't here. She is at the beach...she is the one who's dog I am letting out every morning. Which I know that everyone deserves a vacation but I don't believe little peons people like me should be left behind to pick up the slack when your out.

We have a $600 thousand job out that we are waiting to find out if we won it. Well that is all good and great but I am a glorified receptionist Office Administrator that has nothing to do with what goes in and out here. Yes, I do wear many hats around here but none of them is a Sales Person. Therefore when someone calls me about a proposal that went out I know nothing about it. Dont ask me about it because I know nothing!

However, today I was asked. Being since I was pretty much the only one with a brain in the office today I answered the phone and had to deal with it. Dealing with things that I dont do on a daily basis puts too much pressure on me especially when I have to crunch numbers that I have never crunched before. Of course they didnt come out the way I wanted them to but I did what I could and told the client hopefully I would have a better answer for her by morning. Now lets just hope I do!

You love what?

Kaylyn was drawing on the driveway the other day with her sidewalk chalk and as we got ready to leave I noticed this. I took a pic and then asked her what it said. She said its you mom! I love Mommy! I said "Oh, you drew that you loved me!"

How sweet is that?

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To Cut or Not To Cut

Kaylyn has always had long hair. Since she was about 2. I think the reason I have left it so long is because when she was a baby she had NO hair. I was forever getting asked why my baby boy was wearing pink? I would always rudely reply because SHE is a GIRL! That is why she is in pink! Duh!

So since then it really has become hard for me to cut her hair. She had a "trim" about a year ago but that was just a trim. This time we CUT her hair. I have been saying it for weeks now that we need to do it because when I wash it, it drives me crazy! It gets so knotty and is always tangled. Well because Kevin never washes it, he kept insisting on not to cutting it. He loves long hair so that is how he wanted it.

Well on Saturday night after the fireworks we came home and I wasnt really feeling well so I asked him to bathe her and he did. He started washing her hair and complaining about it. Kaylyn told him "See Daddy, that's why I want a hair cut!" He thought for a moment and said "Will you let Daddy cut it?" She thought about it and agreed. I jumped up and protested...I mean yeah he cuts his hair but its with one of those buzzer thingys that is set on a level so he gets the same length everywhere! After some thinking about it and cohersion from Kaylyn I agreed.

Here is a "Before" shot while in the tub.

Kevin getting ready to cut.
Her hair is so thick I had to hold it!

By this time I am starting to freak out...this is alot of hair. Since I kind of lost it, I frightened Kaylyn and she started crying. It was quite commical. I told her it looked fine I just wasnt use to her new length. She is pouting because she isnt sure about it and doesnt understand why we cant "put" the hair back!

Daddy blow drying her hair...she is still crying some.
After we got through drying it.
She started swooshing her hair from side to side. She couldnt do that with her long hair.
Enough with the pictures she said!
Sunday Morning as we are leaving for Atlanta
I absolutely love it now. It will be so much cooler for her!

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Monday, July 6, 2009

Saturday & Sunday

Monday, July 6, 2009 3
Saturday of course you know was the 4th! Kevin had to work so he went in around 10. I got up early that morning and went and let the dog out and I was back by 8 and layed back down. Kevin got up around 9 and I talked to him as he got ready for work. I wasnt able to go back to sleep (of course not because I had the house to myself!!!) so I turned on the TV and watched a few episodes of Army Wives. I am loving that show. After I was all caught up on this season's Army Wives I got up and got dressed and headed down to my parents.

I stayed with them for the rest of the day. Kaylyn was actually pretty good for them so it was a relief. I got a list together and then headed off to the store for supper. Yes, we always wait until the last possibly minute. Kevin got off around 5 and came down to my parents. We ate Hamburgers & Hotdogs and discussed what we were doing that night. I voted for American Village because it was 10 mins away as opposed to downtown which is 45 mins away. We decided on American Village and got ready to leave around 7. We wanted to get there a little early because we were going to actually park along the road instead of paying $5 a head to get in.

We got there and found there was a little dirt road directly across from where they were shooting fireworks from. There were only 2 other cars there so we pulled in...well back in so Kaylyn could play in the back of my car and we could open the trunk part and she could sit in there too. So basically we got front row seats and it didnt cost us anything. We also had free entertainment. The little road filled up quickly so the police put down cones in order to keep more people from going in there. Well of course the cones didnt stop some people...they would run them over and head on in. The fun part was watching the police turn their lights on, "chase" them down and tell them to leave. I mean I hate it for the people but the cones WERE down for a reason. So that was our entertainment until the fireworks started.

The fireworks were beautiful. And because we were so close they were loud but we really enjoyed the "free" show. We have already made plans for next year to go with my inlaws. My dad came with us too and he liked it as well. So that is a definite must for next years 4th.

On Sunday we went to Atlanta to get Jason my stepson. On the way we stopped and let the dog out and then got on the road. The trip wasnt that bad. It took us about 4 hours so not too bad. We got some rain but not alot. Jason was somewhat happy to see us. He is 15 so its not like he gives us hugs or anything but definitely the typical teenager. Once we got back Kaylyn was ecstatic to see Jason. She was showing him all her new toys that she had gotten. It was too funny. He wasnt that bad to her either. Since he is 10 yrs older than her sometimes he doesnt want to be around her but they both did good.

As for last night well both kids stayed with my MIL. Kevin leaves the house at 4:15 and I have to leave by 6 so my MIL prefers to let them stay over on night when Kevin works the 5-1 shift. Needless to say I was so tired from the weekend that I was in bed and asleep by 8:30!

3 Day Weekend-Friday

We had a wonderful 3 day weekend I hope you did too! It was actually pretty packed full of stuff. So I thought I would go through my weekend with you:)

Well Friday I got up at 6am to drive an hour just to let the dog out. I listened to some music on my new MP3 Player that my hubby got me on the way up there and back. I was back home around 8:15 just in time for Kevin to get up and get ready for work. I layed (I dont know the right presence laid or layed) in bed and tried to go back to sleep. The last time I remember the clock read 8:45. I must have drifted off to sleep...then I heard it. Running footsteps down the hallway...into the kitchen...and now at the foot of my bed. I peek at the clock...9:12. Great! I wasnt ready to get up but I knew she wouldnt let me sleep in so I got up.

I had several errands to run plus I was going to meet Kevin for lunch. I had gotten Kaylyn dressed and me dressed when I was in the bathroom putting on my make-up and I heard a knock on the door. I opened it up. Great! It was my crazy neighbor. She was telling me they got a new pool and wanted to see if they could put it in their backyard. I said I didnt care after all it was THEIR backyard. She then told me that some of their backyard wasnt that level so some of it might stick in our yard. I told her that was fine. She was really appreciative and told us that Kaylyn could swim in it at anytime if she wanted. Of course that was right up Kaylyn's alley! The neighbor (ironically her name is Alicia too and for the life of me I couldnt rememeber her name!) asked if we would be back and I told her yes afterwhile...I had some errands to run and then possibly Kaylyn could get in the pool. I finished up with her and put my shoes on and gathered up Kaylyn and out the door we went.

I went to the bank and then headed up to Kevin's work. When I got there I hunted him down...they are allowed cell phone use so I had to walk through Sam's looking for him. When I finally found him he was up in the steel (about 10 ft above me) putting something together. Kaylyn thought that was the funniest thing. He got down so we could discuss lunch. I wanted Chick-fil-a but Kaylyn insisted Johnny Rocketts. Off to Johnny Rocketts we went. It was actually pretty busy there. We got our food in a timely manner and of course right in the middle Kaylyn had to go "try" out their bathrooms. I went in there with her and let her do her business. We went to wash our hands and I looked at myself in the mirror and noticed I had NO eye makeup on what so ever! I thought back and realized I was in the middle of putting my makeup on when my neighbor knocked on the door...I never did finish putting it on. I walked out to Kevin and asked him why he hadnt said anything about my makeup. His answer...I thought you had on makeup! Really clever!

After lunch I dropped him back off at work and Kaylyn and I headed to AutoZone. I spent $168 there getting a battery for Kevin's car (not sure if I mentioned his battery died last week and he has been driving his dad's truck until we got paid and could buy the battery), brake pads for Kevin's car and a air filter for mine. I wasnt prepared to spend that but it had to be done. After AutoZone we went and got my oil changed (another $40) and then headed to the house.

Kaylyn was all excited about getting in the pool. She put her suit on and I put my shorts and a t-shirt on. I noticed I really should have shaved my legs but hey! nobody is going to be out there. She got on it and I sat on the porch watching her. I got somewhat board so I went in and got my computer. I am sure I looked like a total redneck playing on the computer while watching my child play in a blow up pool!

Kevin called and asked me to meet him at his parents so he could leave his dad's truck there and just ride home with me since I got his battery. I did that and of course we stayed and talked to them for a little while too. My mom called while we were there saying she still wanted Kaylyn to stay the night with her and my dad and I said that was fine. They were going to go out to dinner first and then come by and pick her up. Not that I am complaining but they didnt get there until 10. They had a late dinner but it was soon as they left we went to bed.

That was my fun-filled Friday...I thought I would break them up since it was a lot to do in ajust one post.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

MP3 Player

Thursday, July 2, 2009 3
My sweet kind husband bought me an MP3 player. I love it. So far I have downloaded over 150 songs and I am actually listening to it right now. And singing...hes already regretting getting this for me because we all know that I can NOT sing! But it sure sounds good to me! I am so glad he did because I have been wanting a new other had a tragic accident. My daughter got a hold of it and I havent seen it since LOL! I am all stoked about going to walk now. That way I can listen to some tunes and it will take my mind off how out of shape I am! Hopefully I can go walking tomorrow. I am looking forward to it.

Did I mention that I am off tomorrow? Well I am...short of. I have to go let my boss's dog out. She since she gets paid the big bucks her and her family left for the beach today. So she asked me if I wouldnt mind letting her dog out for her in the mornings on my way to work. I agreed...she only lives like 5 mins from work. But what I failed to realize is how long she would be gone. The rest of this week and next. So I have to let the sweet dog out on the weekends.Well here is my problem, I drive an hour to get to I got to drive an hour to let this dog out and then an hour home...tomorrow, Saturday, Sunday. I am not happy but I will do what I have to...dont worry I am going to hit her up for some days off soon!

Embarassing Moment

I had an embarrassing moment today at work that I thought you all would get a kick out of too. Well first let me tell you that I answer the phones and am probably the one that uses the phone the most too. To use our phones you have to dial 9 and then the number. I really hate that and this is why...

I picked up the phone to call my mom on her cell which is a 9-5-1 number. So I dialed 9 and then went to hit 9-1-5 but actually hit 9-1-1. Oops! So I hung up really quickly and then waited a minute. Normally if you hang up they call right back to make sure everything is ok and this way I could tell them it was an accident. So I waited a minute and nothing happened so I went ahead and called my mom again and got it right this time. I talked to her for a minute or so and we hung up. I turned to my computer and got on

I noticed someone pulled up but I couldn't tell who it was because the way my desk sits. So I am sitting there and a chunky nice police officer walked in. Right behind him followed a sexy looking bald officer. FYI: It still hadnt hit me why they were there.

Me: "Good Morning, what can I help you with?"

chunky Nice Officer: "Mam, Did someone call 911?"

Me: "Oh shit!" Oh no, that was me, I thought I hung up in time. I am so sorry!"

Sexy Bald Officer: Dont worry Mam, that happens all the time...what number were you dialing?

Me: "Again, I am so sorry {as I winked at the hot sexy bald officer}. It was a 9-1-5 number. I thought that when I hung up so quickly it wouldnt go through and if it did the Police Dept would call back to confirm an emergency."

We talked for a few more minutes and they left. They didnt seem to be too upset about the mistake. But ultimately I was so embarrassed about it...not to mention there were 3 other people in my office that was there when all of this went down.

So what have you done lately that embarrassed the crap out of you?
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