Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Tuesday, July 7, 2009
Work today really stunk! The morning was fine. I actually watched most of the MJ Memorial Service in our conference room on the big screen. That was no problem. But my manager isn't here. She is at the beach...she is the one who's dog I am letting out every morning. Which I know that everyone deserves a vacation but I don't believe little peons people like me should be left behind to pick up the slack when your out.

We have a $600 thousand job out that we are waiting to find out if we won it. Well that is all good and great but I am a glorified receptionist Office Administrator that has nothing to do with what goes in and out here. Yes, I do wear many hats around here but none of them is a Sales Person. Therefore when someone calls me about a proposal that went out I know nothing about it. Dont ask me about it because I know nothing!

However, today I was asked. Being since I was pretty much the only one with a brain in the office today I answered the phone and had to deal with it. Dealing with things that I dont do on a daily basis puts too much pressure on me especially when I have to crunch numbers that I have never crunched before. Of course they didnt come out the way I wanted them to but I did what I could and told the client hopefully I would have a better answer for her by morning. Now lets just hope I do!



Sorry you had a rough day, hopefully tomorrow will be MUCH better =)


Sounds like one of my days. Do you think it's an Alabama thing?


Yuck. Sometimes I complain too much about being with my kids all day every day but I need to remember that here, I'M THE BOSS! That makes it the best job ever!


something for you on my blog!

Aunt of 14

Don't you hate it when you have to deal with something you know nothing about? I know the feeling!!! I get that all the time around here at work... but it is A job so I'll just do my best like you did!

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