Thursday, July 2, 2009

MP3 Player

Thursday, July 2, 2009
My sweet kind husband bought me an MP3 player. I love it. So far I have downloaded over 150 songs and I am actually listening to it right now. And singing...hes already regretting getting this for me because we all know that I can NOT sing! But it sure sounds good to me! I am so glad he did because I have been wanting a new other had a tragic accident. My daughter got a hold of it and I havent seen it since LOL! I am all stoked about going to walk now. That way I can listen to some tunes and it will take my mind off how out of shape I am! Hopefully I can go walking tomorrow. I am looking forward to it.

Did I mention that I am off tomorrow? Well I am...short of. I have to go let my boss's dog out. She since she gets paid the big bucks her and her family left for the beach today. So she asked me if I wouldnt mind letting her dog out for her in the mornings on my way to work. I agreed...she only lives like 5 mins from work. But what I failed to realize is how long she would be gone. The rest of this week and next. So I have to let the sweet dog out on the weekends.Well here is my problem, I drive an hour to get to I got to drive an hour to let this dog out and then an hour home...tomorrow, Saturday, Sunday. I am not happy but I will do what I have to...dont worry I am going to hit her up for some days off soon!



Ha! I'd add up the hours it took to go let her dog out, hand it to her and tell her that's how much time you'll be taking off paid in the next couple weeks!

ben and erin

oh that SUCKS that you have to drive all that way just to let the dogs out. you'll definitely deserve some days off!

happy long weekend!

Aunt of 14

Well, at least you know you don't have to stay there for 8 hours and work!!! :)

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