Friday, February 27, 2009


Friday, February 27, 2009 4
Today was pretty much just as bad as yesterday! I didnt sleep well last night at all. I woke up like every 2 hours. Right before I went to bed I had a fever of 102 and through out the night I would wake up sweating...and then of course be really cold. I guess I finally woke up around 8 and Kaylyn got up at 8:20. Kevin left and took her to school. He brought back some McDonald's Hotcakes & Sausage for me. Not exactly on my diet but with the way I was feeling I didnt really care at the moment. I ended up taking about an hour nap and close to 12 Kevin got ready to go into work. Shortly after that the weather started getting really bad so for the most part I watched the weather all day and blog stalked. Around 3 my mom picked up Kaylyn's bag and then went over to my MIL to pick Kaylyn up. She said that she would keep her while I was since especially since Kevin does not get home from work until about 9:30. However, shortly after that the weather got worse so I decided to go down to my parents and wait it out. I am a freak when it comes to bad weather and this mobile home. I really cant stand to be in here when it is storming.

But anyway, most of the day I spent in bed either wathching the weather or reading blogs. I am hoping that tomorrow is much better. I will be taking my some NyQuil again tonight and hopefully I will be able to sleep later tomorrow...especially with since Kaylyn isnt here.

I do feel a little guilty since she isnt here. She has been home from Georgia 2 days and she is spending the night with my parents. I know its because I am sick but I still feel bad. And I think she understands but she still gets me when she tells me "Mom, I am gonna miss you so much when you are gone." Hopefully tomorrow will be better and we can spend some quality time together. Good Night!

Aloha Friday

In Hawaii, Aloha Friday is the day that we take it easy and look forward to the weekend. So I thought that on Fridays I would take it easy on posting, too. Therefore, I’ll ask a simple question for you to answer. Nothing that requires a lengthy response. You can play along too. Just be sure to stop by Kailani's

My question this week is:

Where would be your dream place to live?

I would live here:

On the beach in Mexico!

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Friday Fill-Ins

1. I'm tired, I'm sick, and I look like death warmed over!

2. Why do I have the flu and not getting any better.

3. How does this Child-proof NyQuil cap work, anyway?

4. Every morning, I put my hand on my snooze button SEVERAL times!!!

5. I consider myself lucky because I still have a job and there are many without!

6. One day we’ll see a sold sign in our front yard!

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to staying in bed!, tomorrow my plans include sleeping in & staying in bed and Sunday, I have a birthday party for both my grandparents...lets hope I am well by then!

Make sure you copy & paste onto your blog! Let me know so I can go & read yours!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Thank God for NyQuil

Thursday, February 26, 2009 5
I am loving me some NyQuil. I took my temp a couple of hours ago it and it was up to 102. I have been sweating like crazy. Then I decided to go outside for a little while. It feels so good outside. Anyway because of my fever the hubby got me some NyQuil. Of course it reduces fever and hopefully will help me sleep. Well I took it an hour ago and I feel great. The best I have felt all day. My fever has gone down but I am still a little congested. But I am not aching like I was and my headache is gone too. It is making me sleepy though. So I will be off to bed very soon!

Kevin reminded me that he does take care of me when I am sick. He does but not like I take care of him lol! And I am not sick as much as he is. But I will admit, he has done a good job! Well I am off to watch the 10 o'clock news and then I am off to bed!

Guess what I have??

I will give you a starts with F and ends with LU. Yes I have the flu! I feel so bad. I would never wish this upon anyone! I didnt know you could feel this bad. My back hurts like he#$! My throat even hurts. I havent been able to eat really anything. I am trying to keep my distance from Kaylyn. Kevin told her I got 2 shots today and she freaked out. It was so cute. She was really worried about me. But of course I take them like a champ! I have been in bed since around 12 and it's getting really boring. I have been able to catch up on some of my blog stalking today lol! Plus the doctor recommended no work tomorrow...who am I to argue? Even though it sounds boring and has been most of the day I am looking forward to staying in the bed and doing nothing...well blogging probably.

Please pray that I will get to feeling better because tomorrow Kaylyn and her 2 cousins have to get their pictures made at Portrait Innovations. This is something we have to get done so I really dont want to cancel because it takes forever to get another appt. The 3 of them are the only great grandchildren on my moms side so we thought we would get all their pictures taken together for my grandparents. It was their Birthday Tues. & Wed.

So wish me luck! Of course I will probably be on tomorrow and give you an update!

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Guess what I have??

I will give you a starts with F and ends with LU. Yes I have the flu! I feel so bad. I would never wish this upon anyone! I didnt know you could feel this bad. My back hurts like he#$! My throat even hurts. I havent been able to eat really anything. I am trying to keep my distance from Kaylyn. Kevin told her I got 2 shots today and she freaked out. It was so cute. She was really worried about me. But of course I take them like a champ! I have been in bed since around 12 and it's getting really boring. I have been able to catch up on some of my blog stalking today lol! Plus the doctor recommended no work tomorrow...who am I to argue? Even though it sounds boring and has been most of the day I am looking forward to staying in the bed and doing nothing...well blogging probably.

Please pray that I will get to feeling better because tomorrow Kaylyn and her 2 cousins have to get their pictures made at Portrait Innovations. This is something we have to get done so I really dont want to cancel because it takes forever to get another appt. The 3 of them are the only great grandchildren on my moms side so we thought we would get all their pictures taken together for my grandparents. It was their Birthday Tues. & Wed.

So wish me luck! Of course I will probably be on tomorrow and give you an update!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

B-A-G to the T-A-G

Wednesday, February 25, 2009 4
I was tagged by Danita at The Good, the Bad and the Beautiful. She tagged me earlier today and now I am going to show you all what is in my purse. I am a big bag person...I even had a co-worker ask me one time why I carried a big bag lol! Ever since Kaylyn was born I would carry a diaper bag but there was several times where I threw everything in my purse. Even today I still throw her things in there.

Here is my purse. No it is not real. It is a knock off Coach purse. Kevin bought this for me right before Thanksgiving in Atlanta at a mall. I love it though. It has enough room for all my stuff and then some!

Below is a picture of everything in my purse. I just dumped everything out and put it in a pile so I could take a picture.

Below is everything minus all the paper. I have everything listed below too!

In my purse I have: my wallet, glasses & the case, cell phone, make-up pouch, bottle of water, loose change, 2 inhalers (I am asthmatic), sticky fingers stuff, Tide To Go Pen, 3 presciptions, excedrin migraine, tums, allergy medicine, pony tail holder, flash drive, germ X, 2 necklaces (Kaylyn's), tootsie pop (K's), 4 packs of gum, hair brush, chewy granola bar, and a couple of dollars.

Ok, I will be Bag Tagging the following ladies:
The Fat Girl Smiles

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Dentist

Tuesday, February 24, 2009 5
I have been in pain all day! Excedrin Migraine hasnt been working either. That is all I have. I got to work this morning around 8 and I normally make myself a cup of oatmeal and that is my breakfast. I did that this morning but I wasnt able to eat it. My mouth hurt so bad that I could really eat the very soft oatmeal. Isnt that crazy? So I didnt have breakfast...for lunch me and Kami (co worker) decided on soup & salad from the Olive Garden. I couldnt eat the soup either. I ended up drinking the broth out of it. So by the time my appt at the dentist rolled around I was starving.

My stomach growled the whole time I was in the dentist chair. They took an xray of my tooth. The dentist came in and told me it was absessed. He could either do a root canal or they could just pull it. I opted for the root canal because I dont want to be missing a tooth. So he said I could wait and do it or go ahead and have it done today. Again I chose today because it was hurting so bad. I couldnt keep this up although I probably could have dropped a few pounds by not eating lol! They numbed me up pretty good...I just hate those shots they have to give you. It really stung! Anyway about 45mins later or so they finished my root canal. I am still pretty numb from it. They gave me an antibiotic and some pain meds for the week. I stopped by Walgreens and had that filled. I have taken my meds so I am getting ready to go to bed.

I did want to fess up tell you that since I was so numb Kevin (its all his fault) ordered some Papa John's Pizza. I have to remind you that I am starving so I ended up having 4 pieces of pizza and 2 cans of Ginger Ale. I really havent eaten all day and that isnt an excuse but I was so hungry. I am not happy with it but I did it and now have to move on.

Anyway, I am getting some feeling back and a little bit of pain so I am heading off to bed. Hope you have a great night!

Blog Makeover

If you didnt know it I have two blogs. This one and one that follows my daughter Kaylyn which just received a makeover! Mandy did it! I just love it. I wish I could be this creative! Mandy is raising money for an MS Ride she will be doing in honor of her mother in TX on May 2nd & 3rd. She was great to work with and I was always able to stay in touch with her. If you are interested in a blog makeover I completely recommend Mandy. For more information go see her site Blogs By Mandy and dont forget to tell her I sent you:)! To see my blog click on my new button below...and feel free to take it!

Kaylyn - You are my sunshine!

I am trying to do a makeover on this blog myself. I am really into learning how to do it so if any of you have any tips or suggestions please send them to me!

Blog Makeover do you like my blog makeover? Mandy did it! I just love it. I wish I could be this creative! Mandy is raising money for an MS Ride she will be doing in honor of her mother in TX on May 2nd & 3rd. She was great to work with and I was always able to stay in touch with her. If you are interested in a blog makeover I completely recommend Mandy. For more information go see her site Blogs By Mandy and dont forget to tell her I sent you:)!

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Monday, February 23, 2009


Monday, February 23, 2009 0
I called Kaylyn tonight to talk to her. She informed me very excitingly that she was coming home tomorrow and that she misses me so much. Of course I am so excited she is coming home too. This is the longest time that we have been apart. I miss her so much too! My house has been so quiet and at the time I dont have to bee that quiet at night or early in the morning. That has been nice. I seem to be much louder when I am trying to be quiet lol!

When I got home tonight I came into feed her fish. Well one didnt make it. He/she lived for almost 3 months which I dont think is bad for a goldfish. Kevin and I discussed replacing it before she realizes it but thought we better not. We are not going to say anything about it and see if she notices it. However, that fish cost me 6 bucks so I want my money back...beleive it or not they have a 90 day guarantee lol! It will be 90days on the 26th. Do you think I am crazy for getting my money back? I doubt I will but it was a thought. We will probably just let her pick out another one that she likes and get it and add it to the tank.

Well I will tell you of all her adventures tomorrow night!


Since I have been home tonight I pretty much have done nothing except blog stalk. I found some more blogs that I am now following. I cooked supper and I am now still looking at blogs while my hubby is beside me watching wrestling...yeah I know. What fun!

Also, in the pic is our new TV. It's 46" Samsung LCD. We got our tax refund on Friday. I wanted a new bedroom suite for our bedroom because ours is old (my parents handed it down to me and they got it right before I was born (so its at least 26 yrs old)) and Kevin wanted a new TV. I guess you can see who won!

I have talked to Kaylyn tonight so I am good. She is so excited that she is coming home tomorrow. She told me she misses me so much. I am also very excited about her coming home too. This is the longest we have ever been apart so it's new to me. Please pray that she will have a safe trip home:)

Now to my toothache. I am one of those people that take's pride in my teeth. I brush at least 3 times a day and flossing too. I wish my teeth were whiter but I am honestly not spending the money to whiten them. Anyway, with all the care I take of my teeth they do NOT appreciate it. I swear I have the worst luck! On the 12th of this month I was eating a sub sandwich and one of my fillings came out. It didnt hurt but of course it was a hole to it packed food (sorry to be gross). Still I have been brushing my teeth every time I eat so hopefully nothing will get stuck in there and decay anymore than it needs to. Well I of course am not that lucky. And let me tell you I am terrified (seriously, that is why I try to take good care of my teeth) of the dentist. Well around Friday (of course before the weekend) I noticed that every time I would eat something my tooth would start hurting. At first it was a little pain/throb but now on Monday it is a constant pain that I can not even apply any pressure to or this horrible pain will shoot all the way up to my brain! It hurts so bad and I do have a high pain tolerance. Needless to say I am eating everything on my left side of my mouth. But I do have a dentist appt tomorrow at 3. As much as I hate to say this but I cant wait. I can take pretty much anything but a toothache is something that kills me. So wish me luck tomorrow:)

ps: Because so many of you have requested a pic of my new hairstyle (the scrunched look on someone that has always had very straight hair) I will post one soon. I am not into taking pics of myself but I will do my best.

Not Me Monday!

Yes, It is that time again! It is Not Me Monday! This was started by MckMama a while back and has become a Monday favorite. This is where I can tell you all the things I did NOT do the past week and can get away with it free of judgment. This is the best therapy! After you read my Not Me's head over to MckMama's and see what her and everyone else did NOT do this week!
  • I am still NOT on my healthy kick and decide to cook some salmon. Only to realize after putting it in the oven that you have to peel one side of it off. Yup, I am a great cook!
  • I did NOT participate in a Spinning class at the gym and NOT like it! I did NOT like it so much that I am NOT going to do it again next week!
  • I did NOT lie to my daughter telling her there was no gymnastics class on Wednesday because there was a field trip and another little girl tell her there was. I did NOT then lie to her again telling her that "unnamed girl" didnt know what she was talking about trying to head off a fit.
  • I am NOT missing my daughter who has been in Georgia since Thursday and wont be home until Tuesday. I did NOT think I would have a good weekend without her only to find out I did NOT miss her that much!
  • I did NOT cheat on my diet Friday & Saturday so bad that I refused to count up my WW points so that I did not know how many points I actually did NOT consume!
  • I was NOT a little excited that MckMama left me a comment last week on my Not Me Monday post even though it was to tell me that she deleted my link because I freaked Mr. Linky out because I didnt add space in my title.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

My Weekend

Sunday, February 22, 2009 1
I ultimately had a good weekend but my diet didnt. I basically fell off the wagon...that is what they say right? Friday wasnt too bad. I had my original oatmeal for breakfast & 6in sub for lunch. I ended up getting off work early (around noon) on Friday. My hubby wanted me to meet him for lunch so I did. I met him and some other buddies at a Mexican restaurant. I had sweet tea and some chips & dip. Not alot but I still had some. The sweet tea too. I havent had sweet tea in a while so I ended up having 2 glasses. Kaylyn is in Georgia (see this post) so Kevin and I went out to eat on Friday night (and actually enjoyed it with out a screaming child). We went to O'Charley's. I had (gasp) a Tangerine Pomegranite Margarita (it was sooo good) along with a bowl of soup, chicken fingers (with Honey Mustard dressing) and fries. I know that all doesnt sound that bad but I didnt even count it because I didnt want to know how much I went over. Then yesterday I had 2 slices of pizza (I was helping my aunt and uncle move) and several diet cokes (which luckily counts as 0 pts). I woke up at 12 (I know, I know...I think I finally caught up on my sleep from the other night) so I didnt have any breakfast (which helped). For supper last night we went to Taco Bell. I had a chicken quesidilla and a mexican pizza with a tea. Once again my downfall...I didnt count it up because I didnt want to know. Today hasnt been that bad. All I have had so far is a BBQ pork sandwich and I am waiting on supper now. I am at my parents and my mom is cooking. We will be having baked chicken, with red, yellow, & green bell peppers, onions, potatoes, and lima beans. Doesnt that sound good?

I have come to conclusion...I need to stop being lazy and just face what I have put in my mouth. I need to start counting it up no matter what and hold myself accountable. I feel like I am getting to comfortable with this diet. I have to get back on track including more excerise. I know I can do this. I was having fun with it at first...I just need to keep it up! I still need your encouragement...that is a big part of my success. I hope you all had a good weekend!


I have had a very busy weekend. I dont even think I have told you that Kaylyn is in Georgia. She left with my MIL on Thursday to go visit her parents. They havent seen Kaylyn since 2005 which she was about 18mos old then...she in now five. See how often we go anywhere? Anyway, they were suppose to come home today but my MIL called yesterday and said they have to stay until Tuesday. Which is not a huge problem but I do miss her very much. She called to say that her father had to have a colonoscopy (I cant spell that) and that she really needed to help her mom take him because her mom fell sometime last week. So they are heading home Tuesday morning. While Kevin was on the phone with his mom she informed him that Kaylyn wasnt being that good. I really hate to hear that since they are so far away. I honestly think she is just not use to her surroundings over there and there is family over there that she really doesnt remember so she is free to show her but. She is not good at change so I think that is her problem. Dont get me wrong I know how she is and I know that she doesnt listen. I just really hate that she is doing it while she is over there.

I have talked to her everyday sometimes 2 or 3 times a day. I really do miss her but I know she will be home Tuesday. However, Kevin and I had some good "us" time. We went out to eat on Friday night and bought some movies. On Friday night we watched "What Happens in Vegas" with Aston Kutcher and Cameron Diaz. It was really funny...if you havent seen it and want a good laugh check it out. Last night we had Taco Bell (very romantic lol) and came home and watch "Wanted" with Angelina Jolie. It was pretty good too! The ending was different than I put together but it was good. But I still miss her and I cant wait till she gets home! Please pray that they have a safe trip home!

Friday, February 20, 2009


Friday, February 20, 2009 14
Well, Wednesday we took a field trip to the Birmingham Children's Theatre to see Goldilocks and the 3 Bears. It was ok but nothing like the book. I am assuming they just created a new one based on the book but changed it to fit into today's world. It only lasted 45mins so I was left wondering why I drove 45 mins to see this? But Kaylyn enjoyed it so that there is my answer. Kevin went with me and I do have to give props to my hubby, any time Kaylyn has a party or field trip or anything to do at school he is always there. He will always change his work schedule around to be there. But my point is he is always the ONLY father there. That makes me love him that much more knowing that he is always there for her.

As Kevin and I were sitting there watching the play...there were about 100 kids or so...we both noticed that Kaylyn just cant sit still and all the other kids were. Dont get me wrong she was watching the play very intently but she was either sitting on her bottom or moving and sitting with her legs under her or even trying to stand and watch. There was a couple of times where she would sit in my lap and even another mother's lap. She just cant sit still. Both my mom & MIL thinks that she is ADHD...which is not a problem so is Jason. Of course if she is I really dont think I would medicate her unless it really came to be a big problem in school. She starts kindergarten in the fall so we will wait and see. I am not worried about it but it just caught my attention.


Well, I wasnt able to post last night because our internet connection must have been down. I stole hopped on someone else's network here in my neighborhood but it wasnt strong enough. It was so slow! It worked out well anyway because my shows were on. I watched Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice. Those are my "must see" shows on Thursday nights. After that I hopped in the shower and then went to bed. I still havent really caught up on my sleep...but I have a feeling I will tomorrow!

Kaylyn went to Georgia with my MIL to see her parents. They left yesterday and will not be back until Sunday...maybe Monday. Now dont get me wrong I miss Kaylyn but I guess I do need a break every now & again. So needless to say I will be sleeping in tomorrow! Kevin is off tomorrow too so I guess we both will be sleeping late. After I get up I will be going over to help my aunt & uncle move. I wasnt I think I will just show up and help. My mom will be there and she told me about it. And of course on Sunday I will be going to church. So that is my weekend plans.

Also, I forgot to tell you I got my hair did done. I have always had real long hair and have really only cut it really short twice in my lifetime. Once my mom had it cut short and I got teased that it look like a boys haircut so I think that is why I dont do it often...not to mention that sometimes short hair makes your face fatter looking...and well I dont need any help in that area lol! Then back in 02 I had it cut short way above my shoulders. At the time I knew my hubby but I wasnt with him. I can remember him saying that he liked my hair longer (some guys like long hair). Anway, it was about to the middle of my back and I got about 4-5in cut off of it. Plus my hair has always been straight as a board. Brooke (my hairstylists) said she wanted to try something different. I thought why not as long as it wasnt permanent. She decided to scrunch my hair. It looked really good, Kevin even said he didnt mind it. She gave me some "stuff" to get my hair to do that and told me how to do it every morning and then I was on my way. So I got up this morning and washed my hair and did exactly what she told me and it looks NOTHING like what it did the night before! Why is that? Plus I think I might have put too much of that "stuff" in my hair because it's hard in certain places. Needless to say I had to wear it this way (it doesnt look bad but just not like she had it) because I was already running late. I will be washing it again tonight to get all of this "stuff" out of it.

Well that is some of what I have been doing lately and my weekend plans. What are you doing this weekend?

Friday Fill In!

Hey It's Friday Fill In! I got this off of Danita's Blog. Go check her's out and let us know what you think!

1. Give me comments and I'll return the favor.

2. Whenever I need to work I start blog stalking.

3. I wish it was 5:00 so that I can be heading home!

4. Chicken Fajita's was the last thing I ate that was utterly delicious.

5. To live in this world you gotta be strong.

6. Other than this one, Kristen's Palace is the last blog I commented on.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to setting up our new 46" tv that we should have not bought, tomorrow my plans include sleeping in because Kaylyn is in Georgia this weekend and helping my anunt & uncle move, Sunday, I am going to church because I have the nursery and then just wait for Kaylyn to come home!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Great Friday Giveaway!

Thursday, February 19, 2009 3
Hi Everyone! Please go see Kristen at Kristen's Palace to see this awesome giveaway. (I copied this directly from her page)

Now remember that best friend of mine that gave me the awesome Lia Sophia bracelet to giveaway, well she just happens to be in some of the best marketing internships right now & well guess what! FREE STUFF :) So she is hooking me up & since I love all of my blogging friends, you all can win these!

Heres what your playing for...

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30 dollars free.. this is how you can win..

1. Leave a comment =2 entries
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GOOD LUCK!! I will run this until TUESDAY FEBRUARY 24TH. & to my best friend ever, thank you! Your awesome.

Dont forget to go see Kristen!


Hey Everyone, yes I am still here and have not been sleeping the entire time between this post and the last! I was able to get some sleep! Kevin was kind enough to take complete care of Kaylyn that night and I was in bed by 9 and didnt get back up until 8 the next morning. Not bad since I was so tired. I will post more later but wanted to let you know that I wont be able to weigh in tonight. I know, I am upset too! I went off and left all of my WW stuff at home (membership card & tracker info) so I think I am going to go back to my original Tuesday schedule. Besides this will help me work off some of the McDonald's that I ingested yesterday while on a field trip with Kaylyn. But like I said more on that later tonight!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Wordful Wednesday's!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009 8
I have joined another blog carnival over at Seven Clown Circus. Angie does a Worldful Wednesday because she always has something to say about her posts. I too can not leave with out saying something about my picture so I joined the blog carnival! Head on over to Seven Clown Circus to see more Wordful Wednesday's!

So this picture is of Kaylyn and a Hoover firefighter. They had Fire Safety week last Oct and the fire dept came to talk with the Children. They did their little speech and then got dressed all up in their gear including the air mask that makes air noises when you breath. After that he asked if the any one of the Children would come up and hug him. Most of them were freaked out but Kaylyn looked up at me and asked if she could. I said sure go ahead. She did and was the first to give him a hug in his gear. I was so proud...just because she wasnt scared. After she hugged him the other kids saw that it was fine and they soon followed after her. I am guessing she will be a leader and not a follower!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Sleepy...Very Sleepy

Tuesday, February 17, 2009 5
As you can tell from my title I am very sleepy. I for some reason couldnt sleep last night so I never went to bed. How stupid crazy am I? By the time I was ready to go to bed it was like an hour before I really had to get up so I knew I would never get up IF I laid down. So I have been up since 6:00 yesterday and this 6hr energy drink...well let's just say it doesnt work. I took it about 2 hrs ago and I am literally holding my eyelids open with pencils...I am THAT tired. I am walking around the office trying to wake up and hopefully soon I will have some lunch and that will help!

However, let me tell you about my morning. I ended up taking a shower & washing my hair around 3:45. I really dont think the hubby was too crazy about this but he never said anything. Oh, well...I just cant stand it when he sleeps like a baby and I lay there listening to him snore! I finished drying my hair around 4:20 so I thought "Why dont I go to the gym?" I am up so why not put some of this enegy to good use (I really wish I had it back about now!). So I gathered everything up everything including all of my morning essentials and headed to the gym. I got there right at 5 and was amazed that 5 other idiots exercise happy people were there too. I immediately got on the treadmill because that is in my comfort zone. There was another girl on the treadmill beside me and she asked me if I was here for the spinning class. I said "Oh, no. Not Me!" I have always wanted to do that but have never had the guts to partake. I am a weakling and I am asthmatic (I use this as an excuse way too much) so I never thought I could do it. She kept begging me because they were trying to start a morning spinning class and needed the attendance. I was thinking dont count me in! I would surely fall off and die of a heart asthma attack. She kept telling me more about the class and how it was a beginner class and that the instructor was really cool and that I could go at my own pace (my own pace would be getting on the bike & sitting there!!!). She was starting to get on my nerves but kept begging (she is lucky I didnt deck her because it was 5:10AM!!) me and the mysteriously a part of me wanted to try it. I ended up telling her I would try but if I got off after 5 mins (I didnt think I would honestly last that long) dont be mad. She agreed and set me up a bike right beside hers. I went and got a towel cuz I knew I would be sweating along with my inhaler that would hopefully better save my life if I needed it! I went in there all pumped up and got up on my bike. I started pedaling and pedaling. There was soem upbeat music and yes the instructor was great. I kept pedaling and I could feel it in my legs & thighs. Before I knew it 35 mins had gone by! It was a 45min class but I had to get going because I had to take another shower (I was sweating up a storm!) and be on time for work. My point is that I actually loved the class! Hopefully (Lord willing) I will be back next week. They are going to do one, maybe 2 classes a week but for sure one next week. I cant wait! I am psyched about it! To top it off my asthma did not bother me and I did some good "riding." Thank you God!

I use to be completely be intimidated by spinning. Several people I knew took it and loved it but I have never seen myself as being that active so I never really was "too" intereseted in it. Well, I swallowed my pride and just did it. Definately will do it again! So has anyone else experienced spinning or do you have any ideas of something that would be fun?

ps: I dont know if I will make it to my WW weigh in but I will definately go on Thursday. It really depends on my energy level! Also, I have to go to my parents tonight so they can see Kaylyn. She will be leaving with my MIL to go to Georgia to visit her parents. They will be leaving Thursday and coming back either late Sunday or on Monday. So in other words my parents need to see her before she leaves. How spoiled is she?

Bedroom Bliss

Get your minds out of the gutter! No, I am here to tell you about an awesome give away.

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$30 Gift Card to Target for anything we missed.

And, winner's blog will be our Friday Favorite the first Friday of March!

If you are interested in this give away got on over to SITS and tell them I sent you!

When I grow up

Kaylyn informed me tonight that when she grows up she wants to be a princess and marry a prince and that her name would be Ariel. I tried to explain to her that her name was Kaylyn and unless she legally changed it her name would always be Kaylyn. She didnt quit understand this so I gave up. Besides...why not let her dream what she wants to because I hate it for her when she realizes the truth about the "Real World." Oh, I wish I could keep her young forever and that her naiveness would last forever as well. I am sure that when she does get married that in her mind she will be marrying her prince but I dont think that is what I will be thinking!

So what did you want to be when you grew up?

What I Cant Stand...

Do you know what I cant stand? I cant stand it when people park in handicap spaces that arent handicapped!!! That drives me bonkers! Tonight I have a perfect example. I decided to cook (shocking, I know) so I had to run by Publix to grab a few things. There was a car in front of me that I followed into the parking lot. I am not going to lie...I circle around the parking lot because I am too lazy to walk my fat butt the distance! As I circled for the last time I noticed the car was still in front of me. Nothing big...guess they didnt want to walk either. Boy was I right. After circling the parking lot 3 times they just pulled on into a handicap spot. I looked at their tag on the back of the car and it was a normal tag. As I drove on by I noticed the driver hang a handicap thingy on the mirror. As I drove down the next isle in front of their car a woman and a teenager got out of the car. They both were in perfect condition and walked right on into Publix. So with this I am assuming they do have someone in their family that is handicapped but they werent with them tonight at Publix. I dont agree that they should use this hangy thing ( I cant think of the word) just because they dont want to walk the extra distance. That is wrong to me. What if some handicapped person needed to park there but they got the last spot so now the handicapped person has to park out in East Budda next to me and walk the long distance. That again to me isnt right! I cant stand it when people take advantage of things and people! I really wanted to ram her car with mine but I held it together and didnt. Knowing in the end I would end of paying for it. Yes...I admit it. I have Road Rage.

Oh by the way that is a handicap parking decal...I just thought of it. Yes, it takes me a minute!

So what can you not stand?

Monday, February 16, 2009

Not Me Monday!

Monday, February 16, 2009 4

Yes, it's that time again! Not Me Monday is a wonderful blog carnival that MckMama started! It is the best therapy there is and it's completely free!! This is where I will tell you all things that I did NOT do this past week. After you read mine hop on over to MckMama's blog and see what her and everyone else did NOT do this week!

  • I did NOT have to take my daughter back to the doctor's office again for the 3rd time in the last 6 weeks only for her to be NOT diagnosed with walking pneumonia again! They did NOT prescribe 10 days of antibiotics for her again!
  • I did NOT keep my daughter out of school on Friday because they were only going to be in school for 2.5 hrs because they had a teachers conference in the afternoon.
  • I did NOT leave Kaylyn with my parents on Valentine's night just so that the hubby and I could enjoy dinner & a movie in the peace & quiet!
  • On Sunday I did NOT sleep in instead of going to church. I am NOT that bad of a Christian. I am NOT just tired!
  • I did NOT take half a day off on Friday afternoon and use the excuse that Kaylyn was sick just so that I could go home early only to NOT enjoy the rest of my Birthday with my family!
  • For my Birthday my parent's did NOT take all of us to a great Catfish place on Friday night! My dinner was NOT free because it was my birthday!

Not Me Monday!

Yes, it's that time again! Not Me Monday is a wonderful blog carnival that MckMama started! It is the best therapy there is and it's completely free!! This is where I will tell you all things that I did NOT do this past week. After you read mine hop on over to MckMama's blog and see what her and everyone else did NOT do this week!

  • I did NOT go and weigh in this week at WW and I did NOT find out that I have lost 3.4 lbs this week! NOT me!
  • I was NOT me that cheated on my diet over the weekend and had Birthday cake which was 7pts and if that wasnt enough I added 3 more pts for vanilla ice cream!
  • Not speaking of my diet I have NOT had only water to drink over the last week! I am NOT learning to like water!
  • Other than my "cheat" over the weekend I am NOT liking this WW diet and I am NOT getting use to the whole point thing!
  • It was NOT me that turned 26 on Friday the 13th!
  • It was also NOT m loving husband who got me a birthday cake that said "Happy 25th Birthday Alicia!" We have been married almost 6yrs, he surely does NOT know how old I am!
  • It was NOT me that got pretty mad at a lady that was suppose to come look at my house between 5 & 6 on Tuesday. It was NOT me that got even madder when she showed up at 8 that night! But, it might NOT turn out well because I do NOT think she is ready to buy it. Please pray she do NOT want it and that all the financing does NOT go well!!!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

All About My Adorable, Sweet, Loving Husband

Saturday, February 14, 2009 0
I saw this online and thought I would fill it out on my hubby! Feel free to copy and do the same with yours! Happy Valentine's Day!

1. Where did you meet? We met at work. We worked for Sam's Club, we were both supervisors.

2. How long did you date before you got married? 3 months...what can I was love at first sight lol!

3. How long have you been married? Will be 6 years in May

4. What does he do that surprises you? He is spontaneously sweet & romantic. I never know when to expect it.

5. What is your favorite feature of his? his smile!

6. What is your favorite quality of his? His personality

7. Does he have a nickname for you? Baby, Honey or Dear

8. What is his favorite color? green & orange

9. What is his favorite food? BBQ Ribs

10. What is his favorite sport? Football

11. When and where was your first kiss? Dont remember the exact date but we went on a date to a Mexican restaurant.

12. What is your favorite thing to do as a couple? Enjoy each other's company

13. Do you have any children? yes, 1 daughter...and maybe another one in the future

14. Does he have a hidden talent? He is great with electronics.

15. How old is he? 35

16. Who said I love you first? He did.

17. What’s his favorite type of music? any...he listens to mostly anything

18. What do you admire most about him? His outlook on life...he is very easy going.

19. Do you think he will read this? No, I doubt it

20. He’s sitting in front of the TV: watching wrestling or something that Kaylyn wants to watch

21. You’re out to eat. What kind of dressing does he get on his salad? Honey Mustard

22. What is one food he doesn’t like? any green vegetable!

23. You go out to the bar. What does he order? If we were to go to the bar he would order a Bud Light or Bud Light Lime

24. Where did he go to high school? McArthur High School

25. What size shoe does he wear? 9

26. If he was to collect anything, what would it be? He collects different shot glasses

27. What is his favorite type of sandwich? ham & cheese on white bread

28. What would the Husband eat every day if he could? wings & beer

29. What is his favorite cereal? fruit loops

30. What would he never wear? anything that is pink

31. What is his favorite sports team? Miami Hurricaines

32. Who is his best friend? Rod & Craig...he works with them

33. What is something you do that he wishes you wouldn’t do? Get stressed very easily

34. How many states has he lived in? 2...Florida (grew up there) & Alabama (now)

35. What is his heritage? Jewish

36. You bake him a cake for his birthday; what kind is it? yellow cake mix with chocolate icing

37. Did he play sports in high school? soccer

38. What could he spend hours doing? playing golf or games on the computer

Friday, February 13, 2009

Jason's Birthday

Friday, February 13, 2009 1
Here are a few pictures that I was able to get when we were singing to Jason. He is 15 now so being in my pictures are not high on his list of "Fun things to do!"

Doesn't he look so happy to be in my picture?

Kaylyn's tongue turned blue!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Valentine's Party

Thursday, February 12, 2009 1
Today Kaylyn had her Valentine Party at school. I took my really long lunch break to go to her party. It was kind of fun. They had an arts & craft project, then they had some cupcakes & cookies, and lastly they handed out their Valentine's to their classmates. This is there project. They made a mail truck with their names on it so they could stick all of their Valentine's in. Didn't it turn out cute?

This is her mail truck.

She ate a chocolate cupcake along with a chocolate cookie. Too much chocolate!

There was a cute red sparkly heart on her cupcake. Not edible though!

Surprisingly she sat patiently while waiting to pass out her Valentine's.

Still waiting. There are 17 other 4 yr olds!

All in all we all had a pretty good time. I think she had a good time sharing all her Valentine's with her friends. She even sent a Valentin to herself. It was so cute!

After school Kevin took her back to the doctor. She still has that cough that we can not seem to get rid off. I feel bad for her. Well the doctor diagnosed her with Walking Pneumonia. Great! She really hasnt shown any signs of it other than the cough. They prescribed her 10days of antibiotics so hopefully that will knock it own out. As a precaution we are keeping her home from school tomorrow. When she gets really excited or over exerted she starts coughing which is was we are trying to nip. Besides they only have school for a couple of hours tomorrow anyway. They have a teacher's conference in the afternoon so they are getting out early. She just wont be going. Kevin is off tomorrow so he will stay home with her and since tomorrow is my birthday I will hopefully only be working half a day and I can come home and spend the rest of the day with them. Please say a prayer for Kaylyn...that she can knock the stuff out and she gets completely better this time! I hope everyone has a wonderful Valentine's Day!

Weigh In

So I had my weigh in tonight. I wasnt able to stay for the meeting and I am actually kind of upset that I missed the meeting. I really wanted to attend but Kaylyn is sick again. Kevin took her to the doctors today and she was diagnosed with walking pneumonia. I really enjoyed the meeting so I was really looking forward to it.

I am stalling you...can you tell? I lost 3.4lbs over the last week. I am very happy with weight loss. Especially since I cheated some over the weekend. So I think if I really stick with my points I might be able to do a little better next week. However, tomorrow is my birthday and I will be taken out to eat twice this weekend (my parents & in-laws)so I hope that I can be strong enough to stay within my points. On my way home I was sitting in traffic and I read my 2nd book that they gave me tonight when I weighed in. It's about exercise. Depending on how much exercise you do you can gain a certain amt of food points. Meaning if I exercise moderately for 30-45mins I can earn up to 1-2pts that I can add back to my daily count. So that's good news! Well thanks for all of your encouragement! I will keep you posted!

Candy Hearts

I love sweets and espescially around Valentine's Day. My favorite are the Candy Hearts. I have always liked them even as a child. I think because they always put them out right after Christmas and since my birthday is a day before Valentine's Day I know that when they put these out my birthday is coming up. I know I am mental! Anyways, these are my favorites but I think I am going to pass on them this year. I havent had any because personally I will buy several bags and just eat them at all hours of the day. I know that is SO healthy lol! But this year I have put my foot down and I am not eating them. I know you are thinking I can have them as long as I count them. I can do that, but in my mind I am afraid if I do eat these it will really trigger my sweet tooth and I wont be able to stop. So I am just not going to have any. Maybe next year when I have (hopefully) lost all some of my weight I can "reward" myself as long as I go easy on it.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Lemonade Award!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009 4
Danita over at The Good, the Bad, and the Beautiful gave me a the "Lemonade Award!" How awesome! This is the first blog award I have received! I am so happy! Thank you Danita! Go check out her Blog!

1. Put the logo on your blog or post. (Right click on the logo and save to your own computer.)

2. Nominate at least 10 blogs which show great attitude and/or gratitude!

3. Link to your nominees within your post.

4. Let them know that they have received this award by commenting on their blog.

5. Share the love and link to this post with the person from whom you received your award.

I nominate the following:
The Fat Girl Smiles
Wife and Mom of 3 boys
Adventure in Raising Boys
Grace Like Rain


Which ever you want to call it. I actually came home and cooked tonight (gasp)! I know its shocking. I dont ever cook...really ever. So I have really been watching my points and lately I have been using most of my points during the day and when it comes to night time I dont have a lot left. So sometimes I have been going over by a couple of points at night. But today I really did good. I had an oatmeal for breakfast (3pts), for Lunch I had a Turkey sub sandwhich from Jersey Mike's (4pts+ 3pts for Cheese (darn)), for a snack I had an oatmeal bar (4pts). So that is 14pts all together which gave me 16pts to work with for supper. However, I went really healthy and I had a 6oz Tilapia Fish Fillet, a cup of carrots & brussels sprouts. That is all I had. No bread...I love bread and that would be my weakness. But the Tilapia was 4 pts, Carrots 2pts, & Brussel Sprouts 2pts. The vegetables were originally 0pts but of course I had to add a little butter so I pushed it up some to make myself safe. So with all of those added up that is 22pts so I still have 8pts to go!! Which I probably wont even use them. Hopefully that will take the place of some of the extra points I have used throughout the week.

Since I was so proud that I actually cooked I took a picture of it! I know...I am crazy but I will probably use as proof when my mom says that I dont cook lol! Forgive my fine China!! We use paper plates all the time pretty much no matter what. Less for me to actually clean up ha ha! So what do you think of my supper?

Wordful Wednesday

I have joined another blog carnival over at Seven Clown Circus. Angie does a Worldful Wednesday because she always has something to say about her posts. Like my last week's post I do too! Head on over to Seven Clown Circus to see more Wordful Wednesday's!

This picture I found when I was uploading pictures. It seems that Kaylyn like to take pictures of herself along with other things around the house. I thought it was funny because she actually got a good shot of herself. Some of the others were very very close closeups of her nose and eyes. It was too funny!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Fishing for Nothing

Tuesday, February 10, 2009 0
When Kaylyn goes to my parent's house they really dont have alot for her to do except play outside or watch tv. Well fishing has become Kaylyn's favorite thing to do. But I must tell you there is no lake, pond, or any body of water for her to fish in. My dad started this little thing where he tied a ring around around at the end of the fishing pole and she gets to throw it at in the yard and reels it back in. He has a big cement wall that divides his house and the neighbors so she loves to sit on it and "fish." Here are some pics that I got the other night. It was kind of dark so I hope they show well.


Ok, I think I have told you that my house is up for sale. Well we had 3 people look at it yesterday and another person coming tonight. The reason I am telling you this is because tonight is suppose to be my weigh in at WW. Unfortantely I will not be able to make it. But I will be going to the Thursday meeting so I can weigh in and attend the meeting. I am still really excited about this. I dont think I have lost much but as long as I lose something that will be enough for me to continue on. I have done excellent on the water thing. I have had all water since Thursday. On Thursday I had sweet tea...but like I said in a previous post I have to "count" the tea so I am not drinking it because that adds up! And Thank God I think my body is getting use to me consuming the water because I am not having to go as often. I was going so much it was driving me crazy!! I will update you later on! Thanks for all the support you have been showing!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Not Me Monday!

Monday, February 9, 2009 5

Yes, it's that time again. It's Not Me Monday! This tradition was started by MckMama as a way to get some things that you did NOT do off of your chest. It the fun's completely free. So hop on over to MckMama's Blog and see what she and everyone else did NOT do this week!

I was Not so depressed over my weight that I did NOT join Weight Watchers this week! I am NOT pumped about it and do NOT hope that it is the right diet for me!

I did NOT let Kaylyn fall asleep watching Madagascar 2 and I did NOT just put her in her PJ's because I was afraid that if she woke up she wouldnt go back to sleep!

My stepson did NOT get suspended from school because he was skipping school with some other kids in the school bathroom and then uploaded video's of them goofing off on You Tube. See this post for more info. I then did NOT suggest that if he skips again to take it off campus! Really, I did NOT say that!

It was NOT me that slept in the entire weekend and didnt do any house cleaning at all. What kind of wife am I?

Well that's all I have this week! Dont forget to hop on over to MckMama's Blog to see what everyone else has been up to!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

This Weekend

Sunday, February 8, 2009 5
I am finding it much easier to diet at work than on the weekend. I guess because at work I dont have all the food there to chose from. I did really well on Saturday and didnt go over my points. I had water all day too which I am very proud of myself for. Today however, went down hill. I really wasnt able to keep up with my points and I am sure I went over. I am still working on looking up the points. Surprisingly, I am not that discouraged. I know that tomorrow is another day and I can start over. I just really have to hold myself to it.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Mardi Gras Give Away!

Friday, February 6, 2009 0

Bumpkin on a Swing is hosting a sweet (literally) contest for Mardi Gras. She is giving a way a King's Cake. If you havent had one you are missing out!! Only if you have real one...not a walmart brand or one like that. She is giving away a REAL one!! Hop on over to her blog and see what all the fuss is about!!!

February 6

So my day went really well. I am still going strong on WW. I wasnt able to go to the gym tonight because I had to get home to watch the kiddos. I plan on going tomorrow when Kevin gets home from work. I want to go at least 2 more times this week...well before Tuesday. I am really excited to go weigh in. I am not expecting anything major. I would be really happy if I lost 1-2 lbs. This is my 3rd day on this diet and honestly by now normally I would be burnt out. Please pray that I keep this excitement & willpower to keep going!

As I said before I have 30pts a day. I did go over 2 pts today and I really feel bad about that but it's not enough to detur me. I still have 30 flex points that I can use without the week and that is where I pulled the extra 2 pts from. Did you know that 10 baby carrots equals 0pts? I found that out Wednesday night and I have been having that as my nightly snack for O pts!!! Also, I did have sweet tea today which was 3 pts and then water throughout the day. Yesterday I had water all day and I really felt better. I know that is stupid but when I had the tea its added 3 more pts to my daily count and I just didnt like that. So I really think I am going to just stick with water.

I wanted to thank everyone for all of the encouraging words. I feel so much better having you on my side!!!


I think I posted previously that I would tell ya'll about Jason. Jason is my almost (next week in fact) 15yr old step-son. He lives in Atlanta with his mom. We use to drive over (about 2 1/2 hrs) ever other weekend but with gas so high we started going over once a month. This is how its been pretty much ever since. We always have Jason on all Holidays (his mom doesnt have any family close to where she lives so she wants him to be with our big family for Holidays) and then usually the whole summer. That might change this summer since technically he is old enough to stay by himself. Jason is the typical teenager...the hair so long that it covers his eyes, the dark clothing and of course keeps to hisself. Well Kaylyn just loves him. She adores him in fact. She was so excited this morning when Kevin told her he wouldnt be picking her up from school today because he had to go get Jason. After she got home from school she called Kevin several times to see how much longer it would be before they got home. It was soo cute. Then when he did get there she talked ninety to nothing. Jason asked us does she talk this much all the time? We told him when she was excited and clearly she was. So all night Jason & Kaylyn have been playing the Wii & Playstation 2.

Now let me tell you what my brilliant 15yr old son did! We found out that Jason got suspended from school last day for 1 whole day. Why you ask? Well it turns out that he skipped the school bathroom!!! Not only did he skip in the school bathroom with some other well disciplined kids but they made some stupid videos and uploaded them to You Tube!!! Yup that's my kid! I mean at least when I skipped school I did it off campus and never recorded it!!! So anyway that's what is happening with us tonight. What's going on with you tonight?

Flabby Friday

Join Christa @ Quintooples for encouragement in the quest to be fit!
It's time for Flabby Friday! Go join Christa who started the Flabby Friday. Go to her site and give her some love...she has been sick all week. I just wanted to give a quick update on me this week. I joined Weight Watcher's on Tuesday and have been pumped ever since. I have stayed at my daily allowed points too! I have been somewhat hungry but I am sure that is just my body adjusting to me not shoveling in the food lol! I also managed (so far) to go to the gym once this week. I plan on going this weekend too and of couse on Monday. Tuesday will be my weigh in day so I will skip the gym on Tuesday's because of the time issue.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Hanky Panky

Wednesday, February 4, 2009 0
Erin at Blue-Eyed Bride is hosting an awesome giveaway for Valentine's Day! She will be giving away a Hanky Panky giftset from Nordstrom. It's 2 pairs of Hanky Panky Panties that come in a heart shape leopard print box. Go see Erin for more details!

Hanky Panky

Erin at Blue-Eyed Bride is hosting an awesome giveaway for Valentine's Day! She will be giving away a Hanky Panky giftset from Nordstrom. It's 2 pairs of Hanky Panky Panties that come in a heart shape leopard print box. Go see Erin for more details!

February 4

So far I have started off the morning great. I am still pumped so I really want to stick with this. I understand that this is a lifestyle change and not just a diet. I am willing to do this and give it my all!

I forgot to mention last night (why I dont know) that I have lost 3.5 pounds on my own so I am hoping that is a good sign. I am allowed 30pts for the day and of course I have those weekly extra points but I plan on not using them unless I have to. I dont want to get in the mindset of "Oh, I can eat this because I have extra points." Hopefully I will push them out of my mind if possible. I also plan on going to the gym on my way home. I am really trying to start this off right and if I can make it a habit it will be better for me in the end. Kaylyn is staying with my inlaws tonight because of our work schedule so that gives me a night to myself and I want to go to the I am going!

Packet of Oatmeal 3pts
Bottle of Water 0pts

27pts to go!

***Update 1***

For Lunch I had a Jersery Mike's sub. It was a turkey & swiss on wheat bread. It was 5pts. I also had some Baked Lays BBQ Chips which are 3pts along with a Sweet Tea 3pts. Total that was 11pts so I now have 15pts for supper and a snack.

***Update 2***
Fo supper...well I didnt go as healthy as I wanted but I did go to the gym! Yay me! I spent 45 mins there doing the treadmill and some weights. That in itself is a big accomplishment for me! Anyway...back to supper. I ended up having a McDonalds 6pc McNugget Happy Meal. It was all within my points and I havent gone over! The McNuggets were 6pts, the small fry was 5pts, the BBQ sauce was 1 pt. Now that is 12pts so I still have 3 to go. Now the McDonald's wasnt that filling but I still have 3 pts so I had a granola bar that is exactly 3 pts. So I have stopped for the night. I feel pretty good about it. I intended on something healthier but by the time I got out of the gym it was late and I still had to run by Publix anyway so I picked up some groceries and of course had to be home to watch American Idol. Kevin picked up the McDonald's so I settled tonight but tomorrow should better be different! Oh and I had water with my meal and not sweet tea. I have had 3 bottles of water and 1 20oz sweet tea. That isnt too bad!

My day

Man, have I had a bad day! I am still doing good on the WW (I still have 15pts to go for tonight) but in general my day has stunk! It's one of those where nothing goes right and you really just want to start over again...or at least get it over with! Work today has just been off. I am the only one in the office today (and look I am blogging lol!) but several things have happened and of course I am having to deal with them. Not a problem but I am just tired of being the one that it falls back on. I keep thinking about just wanting to go home...because that is what I really want to do. So part of me wants to skip the gym and just go home. The other part of me wants to go to the gym and work off some of this frustration and then go by the grocery store on the way home. That my friends is what I am going to do!

Wordless Wednesday!

Here is my Worldless Wednesday post...I dont know why I label it wordless because I always post on it lol! This is Kaylyn at the beach last May. I love this picture for some reason...she looks so tall to just have turned 4! I have this as my desktop background on my work computer.

It's so cold!

I live in the South but it normally doesnt get this cold! I got in my car this morning to come to work and it was 14 degrees! I cant honestly remember the last time it was this cold! Now MckMama lives in the frozen tundra so I am sure she is use to it...but I am not! I cant wait for Spring! Being this cold makes it so much harder to do things...get groceries or go anywhere for that matter. You dont want to get out in least I dont. I would have rather slept in this morning!

So how cold is it where you are at?

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

No She Didnt

Tuesday, February 3, 2009 0
After Kaylyn gets out of school my inlaws normally pick her up. That is what happened today. I called and checked on her because as most of you know she has been sick. I havent really posted much about my family other than my immediate family. I have wonderful inlaws. Alot of people cant say that but I truely can. I love my inlaws and I talk to my mother in law at least once a day! So anyway...I called to check on Kaylyn. When Abbie (mother in law) answered I could hear Kaylyn in the back ground screaming & crying. My first instict of course was that she was hurt. Abbie assured me she wasnt. She was in trouble...and was vocally protesting it. Barry (father in law) & Abbie have all the newest, coolest gaming systems because Barry plays and so does Jason (dont let me forget and I will explain who & the situation is with Jason) when he is in town. Well Kaylyn has been playing them as well. In her room they have the Playstation 3 & 2, V-Motion (awesome learning tool), and a Sega. Kaylyn mostly plays the PS3 there as well as Jason. Becuase Jason is a 15yr old boy he has alot of Teen & M(not that I agree with it) rated games. Well today Kaylyn wanted to play one. Barry told her no because she wasnt old enough. He then tried to explain the whole teenager age thing (she needs to be a teenager before she can play these games), which to where she insisted she was a teenager. Clearly she is 5yrs old! Anyway she kept arguing with him about it and ended up turing around and calling him a "IDIOT!" My 5yr old just called her grandfather an idiot!! I couldnt beleive it. I dont know where she heard that from because honestly (seriously) I (WE) dont say that. So of course she was put in time out (I would have spanked her) and I called in the middle of it. So that is why she was crying so loudly. Plus she thought I would take up for her! She cried so much harder when I got on to her over the phone! Bless her heart! I told her you cant say those kinds of things! Needless to say when I did get home tonight she was very sorry and has apologized at least ten times. She did not get her extra play time tonight (she wasnt happy, but I think she understood why) and when she got out of the bathtub she went right to bed. I just can not believe she said that!

So what has your child said?

My Last Supper

Since I did joined WW tonight and I officially start my "diet" I had my last supper tonight! Kevin had to work the 1pm-9pm shift so after I got out of my WW meeting (I think around 6:45pm) I was close to Kevin's work so I called him to see if he had taken his supper lunch. He hadn't so I thought we could grab a quick bite to eat since I didnt have Kaylyn with me. He only gets 30 mins so he wanted to go to Chick-fil-a. I agreed and thought might as well enjoy this...not that I cant have it on my diet but it would probably take a big point deduction from my daily points. I had the #1 combo Chick-fil-a sandwich on a wheat bun and of course a sweet tea. I havent yet figured the points up but like I said...I am not on the diet tonight! So all in all I enjoyed my "last supper" with Kevin at Chick-fil-a.

I joined Weight Watchers!

I did it! I went to a WW meeting and joined. It was awesome! I am really pumped! Its $39.95 a month (I really dont have that extra money) but it's gotta be worth it. I still will not publish my weight but I will post about how much I lose (Lord willing) and my daily points. So I will officially start tomorrow but I do not really have any groceries so the first week might be a little tough.

One of the interesting things I learned is that now WW is allowing more types of drinks. Meaning that I dont only have to drink water. Water is no points but I cant still have other drinks (like tea) that counts as fluids for the days. I still have to "count"the tea but I can still drink it and count it as a fluid. That is good news for me because I hate drinking water. However, though I think what I am going to do is still drink the water all day but I will still enjoy one sweet tea a day. Water is still the best for you! So that is what I am going to try and do.

My Blog

I have two blogs...this one and one for Kaylyn. The one for Kaylyn is mainly all about her. I want to be able to look back at some of the milestones and "what not's" so that is why I am blogging about her. Well I have decided I need an outlet too!!! This blog was mainly about my weight journey but I am going to make it my outlet too. It will still have all of my daily intakes, shoveling of food in my face journals and my progress but it will also be my little outlet too. I hope that is ok with everyone lol!

I need an outlet...I never see my hubby. He works alot of nights and on the weekends when I am home during the day he is sleeping because he worked the night before or has to work that night.

Monday, February 2, 2009

February 2

Monday, February 2, 2009 2
Today hasnt been all that bad but tonight might be...more on that in a minute.

For breakfast I had a cup of oatmeal with a bottled water.
For snack I had a granola bar (100 calories)
For lunch I had a grilled chicken with wild rice, side salad, hummus dip with pita bread.

But as for tonight. My dad got rained out today at work....he works outside so if it rains he doesnt have to work. So he went home and put on a pot of potato soup. I absolutely love potato soup...especially with cornbread. Yes, I am southern!!! Plus my dad is an awesome cook so I am soooo looking forward to supper.

Kevin worked all night last night and didnt get any sleep before he went in yesterday (because of the Super Bowl) so I told him me and Kaylyn would go to my parents for a little so he could sleep in the peace & quiet. It is NOT quiet when Kaylyn is there. So that is where I will be tonight...I am sure I will post about it when I get home:)

Not Me Monday!

I have joined a blog carnival over at MckMama's Blog. This is free therapy. Here we get to tell things that NEVER happened over the past week. To read more Not Me! moments go see MckMama's blog.

It was definately Not Me! that was bitten by some unknown spider and my leg hurt so bad! I thought it was maybe an infected hair follicle but when is turned bright red and began to spread over my large left leg I knew something was wrong. I ended up squeezing it ( I know that is gross and I am not into that but I thought it would ease some of the pain) and releasing some of the pressure on it. It Did Not feel somewhat better. The I didnt end up going to the Dr's office only to NOT to get a steroid shot in the butt & a prescription for an antibiotic. But none of this happened so there was no pain!

Speaking of said steroid shot...It was Not Me that was up basically the whole night because of this shot! I did not blog stalk people because there were so many links on the Mr Linky at MckMama's Blog Not Me Monday post!

It was also Not Me! that came to conclusion that I did need to go to the doctor about said Spider Bite and was in such a hurry to get going I DID NOT only shave the one leg that indeed had the bite on it. How pitiful is that???

It was Not Me! that got the bright idea of going to the car wash on Saturday and when I got there I realized apprarently I wasnt the only one who had that idea! There were literally like 20 cars in line for the car wash and vacuums. It also wasnt me that kept driving because I am not a patient person. So I ended up going back home...what a waste of gas.

So tell me...what did you Not do this week?

Sunday, February 1, 2009

The Weekend

Sunday, February 1, 2009 2
This weekend I didnt do so hot. I guess because I was home all this weekend that I just thought I could eat. Well that needs to change. Also you know the super bowl was tonight and my parents had a lot to eat. They had wings, spinach dip, 7 layer dip, rotel dip, and some other stuff. And for dessert they had a chocolate banana pie. Why do people eat so much watching footbal? I didnt overeat but I could have eaten less. I really have been praying lately about dieting. I truely beleive God has a sense of humor too! I am a huge sweet person. I would rather something sweet than anything. Well lately anything sweet that I have been eating has just tasted awful (hense where I think God's sense of humor is coming in). I am hoping that He is taking my sweet toothe away from me. At least for a little while. When I had a piece of that Chocolate Banana Pie it was nasty. I normally like it too. I did not finish it. In my opionion this is good!

However, tomorrow starts a new week. I am going to get back up on the horse and keep going. I cant give up and I wont. Tuesday I plan on going and joining Weight Watchers. I cant wait for that!! I will post on that on Tuesday.

But for some good news The Fat Girl Smiling who I am so proud of has lost some weight! Go see how much and give her some love!!!
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