Friday, February 20, 2009


Friday, February 20, 2009
Well, I wasnt able to post last night because our internet connection must have been down. I stole hopped on someone else's network here in my neighborhood but it wasnt strong enough. It was so slow! It worked out well anyway because my shows were on. I watched Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice. Those are my "must see" shows on Thursday nights. After that I hopped in the shower and then went to bed. I still havent really caught up on my sleep...but I have a feeling I will tomorrow!

Kaylyn went to Georgia with my MIL to see her parents. They left yesterday and will not be back until Sunday...maybe Monday. Now dont get me wrong I miss Kaylyn but I guess I do need a break every now & again. So needless to say I will be sleeping in tomorrow! Kevin is off tomorrow too so I guess we both will be sleeping late. After I get up I will be going over to help my aunt & uncle move. I wasnt I think I will just show up and help. My mom will be there and she told me about it. And of course on Sunday I will be going to church. So that is my weekend plans.

Also, I forgot to tell you I got my hair did done. I have always had real long hair and have really only cut it really short twice in my lifetime. Once my mom had it cut short and I got teased that it look like a boys haircut so I think that is why I dont do it often...not to mention that sometimes short hair makes your face fatter looking...and well I dont need any help in that area lol! Then back in 02 I had it cut short way above my shoulders. At the time I knew my hubby but I wasnt with him. I can remember him saying that he liked my hair longer (some guys like long hair). Anway, it was about to the middle of my back and I got about 4-5in cut off of it. Plus my hair has always been straight as a board. Brooke (my hairstylists) said she wanted to try something different. I thought why not as long as it wasnt permanent. She decided to scrunch my hair. It looked really good, Kevin even said he didnt mind it. She gave me some "stuff" to get my hair to do that and told me how to do it every morning and then I was on my way. So I got up this morning and washed my hair and did exactly what she told me and it looks NOTHING like what it did the night before! Why is that? Plus I think I might have put too much of that "stuff" in my hair because it's hard in certain places. Needless to say I had to wear it this way (it doesnt look bad but just not like she had it) because I was already running late. I will be washing it again tonight to get all of this "stuff" out of it.

Well that is some of what I have been doing lately and my weekend plans. What are you doing this weekend?



oooh pics pics!!!


That is one of the great mysteries of this life...(or of MY life at least...) why can I NEVER fix my hair the way my hair dresser does it when I am using the same products (which I spend a fortune for)and doing it like she shows me every single time she fixes it? Ha! Guess I'll never know...Conseguently my hair spends most days up in a pony tail because I get so sick of messing with it! Enjoy your weekend...


Oops meant, consequently...I really can spell most typing is another story :)


You'll have to post a picture of your new hair do! :)

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