Wednesday, February 25, 2009

B-A-G to the T-A-G

Wednesday, February 25, 2009
I was tagged by Danita at The Good, the Bad and the Beautiful. She tagged me earlier today and now I am going to show you all what is in my purse. I am a big bag person...I even had a co-worker ask me one time why I carried a big bag lol! Ever since Kaylyn was born I would carry a diaper bag but there was several times where I threw everything in my purse. Even today I still throw her things in there.

Here is my purse. No it is not real. It is a knock off Coach purse. Kevin bought this for me right before Thanksgiving in Atlanta at a mall. I love it though. It has enough room for all my stuff and then some!

Below is a picture of everything in my purse. I just dumped everything out and put it in a pile so I could take a picture.

Below is everything minus all the paper. I have everything listed below too!

In my purse I have: my wallet, glasses & the case, cell phone, make-up pouch, bottle of water, loose change, 2 inhalers (I am asthmatic), sticky fingers stuff, Tide To Go Pen, 3 presciptions, excedrin migraine, tums, allergy medicine, pony tail holder, flash drive, germ X, 2 necklaces (Kaylyn's), tootsie pop (K's), 4 packs of gum, hair brush, chewy granola bar, and a couple of dollars.

Ok, I will be Bag Tagging the following ladies:
The Fat Girl Smiles



WOW you do have lots of stuff! Very cool! I bet everyone comes to you when they need something LOL

& i love you bag ;)


Yes you have lots of stuff! NEATO


I love big bags too!!!!!! I do the purse/diaper bag thing too!


LOL...Looks like my bag!

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