Friday, February 20, 2009


Friday, February 20, 2009
Well, Wednesday we took a field trip to the Birmingham Children's Theatre to see Goldilocks and the 3 Bears. It was ok but nothing like the book. I am assuming they just created a new one based on the book but changed it to fit into today's world. It only lasted 45mins so I was left wondering why I drove 45 mins to see this? But Kaylyn enjoyed it so that there is my answer. Kevin went with me and I do have to give props to my hubby, any time Kaylyn has a party or field trip or anything to do at school he is always there. He will always change his work schedule around to be there. But my point is he is always the ONLY father there. That makes me love him that much more knowing that he is always there for her.

As Kevin and I were sitting there watching the play...there were about 100 kids or so...we both noticed that Kaylyn just cant sit still and all the other kids were. Dont get me wrong she was watching the play very intently but she was either sitting on her bottom or moving and sitting with her legs under her or even trying to stand and watch. There was a couple of times where she would sit in my lap and even another mother's lap. She just cant sit still. Both my mom & MIL thinks that she is ADHD...which is not a problem so is Jason. Of course if she is I really dont think I would medicate her unless it really came to be a big problem in school. She starts kindergarten in the fall so we will wait and see. I am not worried about it but it just caught my attention.



I would not jump on eveluating her just yet, mine can't sitt still either. I put her in pre-school when she was 3. It took a while, but now she responds better to the classroom rules and things she has to do. It took about a year, although, she does have a phenominal teacher this year that could have made a difference. I think ADD and ADHD are overdiagnosed nowadays anyway.


sounds like you are pretty well tuned in to your kid there. YOU will know what to do...just follow your instinct!

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My daughter will also start school in the fall. She does not sit very still either. Give her time, I think this is typical of a child that age.

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I have a daughter who is a wigglewart, too. I don't think it's ADHD, but I'm keeping my eye on her as she gets ready for school.
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you have a very beautiful daughter! I just stopped by from SITS and wanted to welcome you.


That's great you exposed her to some theater. I think the more kids get to experience and see, the more well rounded they are.

I have a very active 7 yr old, who I was worried about possibly having ADHD, but once school started...he was active still, but he could really sit and concentrate when he needed to, and that was all that mattered.

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i would say her behavoir is very typicla of a child her age. She likes to move. My daughter loves to move and dance.
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My daughter hasn't stopped moving for the last three years! I think I would be worried if she WASN'T in constant motion!

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I just keep hitting all of the right blogs tonight! First, your family is HOTT! All of you! Second, my hubs says I watch too much Oprah because I am always talking about my sons behavior. I have tried to explain that I am the Mom and I have this "feeling", but he doesn't buy it. My point...jsut today I was going to post a video of my son. I watched it a dozen times. Then I watched another video a dozen times. When I came back to my son, I watched and thought to myself "why can't he sit still?" Basically, it was such a simple video of me getting him to say hi to his Dada, but I had motion sickness because he never stopped moving! And it's not just that video, it's other things. Mommy instinct always prevails! Let life take its course. I agree with not medicating. But that's because I don't like taking anything myself. Sooo, I guess take that with a grain of salt.

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If she does have ADHD, it may not effect her much till she's in 2nd or 3rd grade. At least that's how it was with my son. Homeschooling him for K, 1, and 5 have done wonders for him. He's in 6th now.

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