Monday, August 31, 2009

Peanut Free Zone

Monday, August 31, 2009 5
Do you know someone that has an allergy to peanuts? I am highly allergic to peanuts but when I was growing up it wasnt that common. I use to think I was the only one. Now a days you have at least 4 or 5 kids per a class room that has an allergy to peanuts. I was one of those kids that had to carry an epipen on me at all times...I am one to ingest a nut and my throat will immediately start closing. Kaylyn however, is allergic but her's isnt as severe as mine. When she eats a nut her mouth within about 10-15 mins will break out in a rash around her mouth & lips. I hate for her to have that but I am glad it isnt as severe as mine.

I was watching the news last night and saw a segment on a mother that came up with an awesome idea. Her daughter is allergic to highly peanuts and she wears a bracelet but wanted it to be known that her child is highly allergic to peanuts. She came up with this awesome tattoo idea...its like a temporary tattoo that goes on but doesnt wash away easily with water. So its stays on a little longer than normal temporary tattoos. How cool is that?


The Treasure Box

So I mentioned in this post that Kaylyn has a bit of a talking problem. Twice last week I got a note sent home or really just a marking in her folder that she talks to much. So Friday I was in line to pick her up and I spotted her. She looked ok but when she got in the car she just started crying. I knew that meant she got in trouble today at school. She was telling me that she couldnt go in the treasure box. So I told her she didnt deserve to because she didnt listen to Mrs. Lucas (her teacher). The Treasure Box is something earned and that hopefully next week she will remember this incident and behave next week.

However, when I pulled out her folder she had a smiley face for that day. So with that I dont know why she was freaking out. However, after thinking about it I am assuming that if you get a "note" sent home once that week then you lose your chance with the Treasure Box. I am going to tell you that is going to be hard for Kaylyn. I hope she can do it but I know will kill her not to talk. So that leaves me wondering if she will ever get to "pick" something out of the Treasure Box.

Am I bad to think that of my child?

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Catching Up

As you can tell I still dont have a schedule. I try to catch up on my blog reading every night but sometimes its every other night. It's been a little hectic lately with Kevin working nights. He loves working nights but I hate it. It seems that even though he "is" home during the day I never see him. He is always sleeping. And I know its hard to work nights because it takes a lot out of you but I hate it when he sleeps all the time...I'm not demanding or anything. He should be done with nights by Tuesday...lets hope so.

Kevin's grandfather is doing pretty well. He scared the whole family especially since the doctor told the family we need to tell him good-bye because he wouldnt make it the next 48 hours. However, it seemed he had some type of infection and with heavy antibiotics he is pretty much better. He has been fever free since Friday and there are talks of him being released from the hospital on Tuesday. Let's hope!

As for me...well I am still enjoying not working! I am doing fairly well with my Mary Kay business too! It seems to be helping out some. I have been volunteering at Kaylyn's school some and meeting other women. Kind of excited about that. I have also been walking alot this past week. When I drop Kaylyn off in the mornings I have been going to the track and walking. It's a fairly decent size track but I dont know the exact length of it. I think 4 times around equals a mile but I am not competely sure. I have been averaging about 12 laps around so in my head I think I am walking about 3 miles a day. My goal is to lose 10 lbs in September. I have way more than 10 to go but I find I work better with smaller goals so that is my goal for September.

So I think I have you all caught up on me for the last week. I hope everyone has a great Monday!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

You have to be quiet!

Thursday, August 27, 2009 1

I was a very shy child...still am a very shy person, until you get to know me that is! So when I say that Kaylyn is the complete opposite I mean it. I never got in trouble at school...I was always terrified to get in trouble. Not seems that she like to talk... alot! I went to have lunch with her on Tuesday and had to tell her at least 5 times "Kaylyn, sit down and eat...stop talking!" That same day I got a note from the teacher saying Kaylyn talks way too much! It seems that she can not be quiet. She has to talk...and I thought it was just me but man that child can talk! So we are tying to get her to understand there is a time to talk and a time to be quiet.

However, yesterday we got another note saying that she talked during circle time and in the hallway. So last night she went to bed early with no tv...I talked to her this morning as I dropped her off and reminded her that she has to keep her mouth shut when the teacher says so! Hopefully today we will have no note! We will wait and see!

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Top Ten Thursday

I came across Top Ten Thursday over at Sara's blog. I have seen it before but have never joined in. Today I thought I would. Sara blogged about her Top Ten New Blogs but I think I am going to stay with my Top Ten favorite blogs. These are blogs that whenever I log in I go directly to their blogs to check out what is going on.

  1. Aunt of 14-Nikki, I absolutely adore Nikki. She and I have become really good friends over the last couple of months. I talk to her at least 3-4 times a week via text. Even though she is miles away I have a close bond with her!
  2. Serenity-I just love Serenity. I talk to her weekly too. And hopefully I will get to meet her next month! I am so excited about this I hope this works out for the both of us!
  3. Ace-love me some Ace! She is always there to lift my spirits! Her and I email alot back and forth. She just got a temp job and I am praying for her!
  4. Tinika-did my beautiful blog design. She is the sweetest and so creative!
  5. Jenn(ifer)-recently got a new job so isnt able to blog alot but we stay in touch through myspace:)
  6. Sara-she keeps me laughing.
  7. Erin-I can relate to Erin so much. She has been a great blog friend!
  8. Jill-I love reading her posts! She is such a warm-beautiful person!
  9. Kekibird-is a new blog that I recently started reading but I feel so connected to her. She is so sweet!
  10. Michelle- I can relate to her because up until about 3 wks ago I was a working full time mother.
So that is my top 10...hop over to Sara's blog to see her's as well as many others!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

What a week!

Sunday, August 23, 2009 2
It has been a very busy and somewhat bad week! First of all to catch up on my weekend check out this post on Kaylyn. However, it all really started Wednesday. I went to lunch with an old friend. I actually had a good time. This old friend I dont think I have ever mentioned here on my blog but I will dedicate a post to her one day. Anyway, the lunch was good and we are probably going to do lunch again sometime next week. However, during lunch I got a text from Kevin letting me know that my MIL had to put her dog to sleep that day. This dog "Ginger" is no regular dog. Ginger lived a very long and spoiled life...she was almost 16 years old. However, she has been getting sicker over the last couple of months. Her kidneys havent been functioning correctly over the last couple of weeks so my MIL would take her to the vet on Mon, Wed, & Friday's to pump fluids in her to help her kidneys. For a little while this worked. Ginger would get home and be her own spunky little self. But over the last 2 weeks or so she pretty much went downhill. She pretty much stopped eating, she could barely walk, and she was losing her eyesight & hearing.

So on Wednesday the decision was made to put her to sleep....for good. My MIL is very much an animal person...mainly a dog person. She was so upset and had every right to be. She is very attached to her dogs...she had 4 now we are down to 2. My husband said to leave her alone and within a couple of days she would be fine. Apparently they have had several dogs and when they pass on she gets really upset and needs her time. So we gave her her time. We still havent told Kaylyn...we will but we feel if we do it now then she will want to go over there and well everyone would be that more upset.

So Kaylyn has been over to the inlaws since Tuesday which is a long time since we normally see them at least every other day. However, we have talked to my MIL since but we dont bring up "that" subject for now. So last night we were in the ER with Kaylyn (see this post) and my MIL called me. I answered and I could tell she was upset. She then told me her father (who lives in Georgia, 5 hours away) was found this morning (Saturday) unresponsive and is now in the hopsital. His eyes are open but he isnt responsive. They are not sure if he will make it through the night. So she was getting ready to head out but wanted to talk to Kevin about a few things. So we were actually leaving the ER when she called so I just took Kaylyn home and sent Kevin over to her house to talk to her and see what needed to be done. When he got home he informed me of the other dogs and that she would be leaving first thing this morning and that if he does pass then my FIL would head on down there with one dog and then when we head over there we would take the other dog with us.

So now we are have a waiting game. I havent heard anything this morning...good or bad. Kevin has already let his work know what is going on incase we do have to leave. Kevin of course is really upset and well as I but Kaylyn still really doesnt understand the whole thing. So like I said its a waiting game now. Please say a prayer for Kevin's family.

Sick Again

One week into school and Kaylyn is sick. She came home from school on Thursday and she looked really tired so that alarmed me. When we got home I looked her over and could tell in her eyes she wasnt feeling well. I asked her about it and she said that she wanted to lay down for a little while. I knew then she was sick because she never lays down for any reason! I felt her head and sure enough she had a fever. I got the thermometer out to confirm this. Yup, a low grade fever. Within an hour or so she developed a cough.

I knew with the fever she shouldnt go to school the next day so I sent her teacher a quick email to let her know that Kaylyn would be out on Friday. She coughed all Friday night. We gave her two different cough syrups through out the night and nothing seemed to help. She woke up around 5:30am coughing so much that she threw up all over herself and her bed. Kevin and I got it all cleaned up including her and settled her down and she went right back to sleep. Bless her heart she was so tired. I knew I wasnt going into the weekend like this so I set my alarm for 8 and made sure I called and got her an appt with the doctor.

They only had an 9:30 & 2:00 appt so we took the 2 since she was still sleeping and seemed to have stop coughing for a bit. She got up around 10 and we just laid around the living room watching Wall-E for most of the morning. We met Kevin for lunch since he had to work and once again I knew she was sick when she passed up McDonald's. She would eat McDonald's 3 times a day if I would let her!

At the doctors office he checked her over pretty good and then ordered a finger prick. After her labs came back he diagnosed her with Microplasma aka Walking Pneumonia. This is twice this year she has had that...which makes me wonder once you get it are you more succeptable of getting it again? He prescribed her an antibiotic and sent us on the way.

She was great Friday night execpt for the low grade fever. She pretty much slept through the night. However, Saturday afternoon I noticed her struggling to catch her breath so I was a little alarmed. I called the nurse and told her what was going on. I am asthmatic myself so I could tell she was wheezing and I told all of this to the nurse. She told me to go ahead and give her 2 puffs of my inhaler and head on to the seems she would need a breathing treatment or two. So I did this and off we went to the ER. I called Kevin and he met me at ER. Once there she was fine...I'm not kidding you either! She was literally bouncing off the walls. I knew then that the steroid in the inhaler was "working" and making her very hyper. We got called back and the doctor there looked her over and said she was fine. She was moving air 100% and she was no longer wheezing. He said that if this happens again give her the inhaler and if she isnt better in 30 mins or so then come back to the ER.

Last night she was fine throughout the night as well. Then today she has that cough but seems to be breathing just fine. Hopefully the worse has passed and she will be fine by tomorrow.

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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Who wears short shorts...

Wednesday, August 19, 2009 6
Let me start off by saying that I love to watch the Today Show on NBC. I dont get to watch it all because its like 4 hrs long every day but I get my "fix" watching a few segments here and there.

I was sitting on the couch doing some blog hopping while watching The Today Show and I heard something about Michelle Obama wearing shorts. So I just tuned in for that and was shocked to see all the controversy about Michelle Obama wearing shorts on a vacation. I mean really? She was at the Grand Canyon wear it was like 140 degrees...did you really expect her in some type of formal gown? Personally I dont care about what she wears...its her fashion. But the news is having a field day with this including a website that I cant remember did a poll on if she should wear them. Get a life is my response! Cant we find something else to report on!

You wear those shorts Michelle Obama!


First Day of School

These pics were taken last Thursday August 13, 2009. Kaylyn started kindergarten in Mrs. Lucas' class at Creek View Elementary! She had a very exciting day and loved it! I am so excited she is excited about school!

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I am around...and round lol!

Thanks for all the inquires about my where abouts. I didnt realize how much I was on the computer at work compared to being at home. I really hardly get on the computer at home long enough to post anything. I still have not even posted about Kaylyn's first day of school! Bad mom! I just have been so busy trying to keep the house up and doing odds and ends here and there that I havent had much time to get on here.

I am trying to get some type of routine/schedule down because it takes me that much longer to get caught up with everyone elses blogs lol! I hope you all can bear with me to get caught up on all of your blogs:)

With all this free time on my hands I am starting to exercise a little more. Instead of going back to bed after dropping Kaylyn off to school like I want to do I have been going to the park and walking. I am walking for at least 45mins and hopefully can build up from there. Not only am I determined to lose some weight but to get in a little bit better shape than what I am in. I am working on adding the 30 Day Shred in with my walking. I enjoyed the one day I did of it but it did kick my butt! But I am up for a challenge!

Hope everyone is having a great week!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

My Weekend

Sunday, August 16, 2009 6
I actually had an ok weekend. Kaylyn started school on Thursday and she loves it. I just hope that lasts lol! For Saturday we had a birthday party for my cousin that turned 1 this week. But before the Birthday party we went to breakfast with my parents at Waffle House. I was excited because Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day even though I skip it alot! I know...breakfast is the most important meal...but I never have time.

Well I have mentioned before Kaylyn is a very picky eater. So Waffle House was not even a choice for her. However, I am determined to get her eating right whether she LIKES it or NOT! So the second we drove up to Waffle House she starts whining and crying. She wants McDonald's...well I wasnt about to give in. So I took her in there and yes everybody looked at us because she was still crying (not too loud but loud enough). I ignored her. The waitress came up we all ordered and then asked her what she wanted and she cried louder. So I told the waitress nothing for her. She had a drink and that was all she wanted. She was still wimpering and whining some but I continued to ignore her and talked with my parents. Soon our food arrived and Kaylyn announced she would try a waffle. So we ordered one. She didnt touch it! Then she wanted a biscuit...she didnt touch it either. I was beyond furious with her and her eating habits.

By the time we left she seemed to have calmed down. In my head I contemplated on taking her to the Birthday party. There would be other kids there but I knew she wouldnt eat anything there either. In the end we went. I was right...there was pizza that she didnt want. She was the only kid not eating...and I admit it drove me crazy. Why wont my child eat? Its not like I am shoving vegetables down her I just want her to eat something normal like Mac & Cheese or Pizza!

Now I will admit this is all my husbands fault because when she was a toddler anything that she didnt like she would gag until it came back up. So in the end we gave up on trying to get her to eat other things. To this day when she tries something she will pitch this big fit until she literally makes herself sick and throws everything back up. We got tired of cleaning it up so we stopped making her try things.

Anyway, she did eat some cake but that was it. Then when the party was over I went to the inside jungle gym that the kids were playing at and told her it was time to leave. She didnt want to hear none of that she was STILL playing. The third time I asked her to come down and she refused so I climbed my fat a$$ up in there and literally drug her out by one of her legs. She then refused to put her shoes on so I handed her shoes to my mom (who thankfully was with me to witness this!) and I picked her up and carried her kicking and screaming to the car!

I was so mad by the time I got in the car that I refused to say anything because I didnt want to say anything I was going to regret. Kaylyn for the most part is an only child who is spoiled beyond her means. It seems that my MIL, my father and me are the only ones that ever discipline her. But when it comes do my FIL, my husband and my mother she gets away with everything. It has come to where I have put my foot down this weekend when it comes to Kaylyn. I love my daughter more than anything but the time has come where she has been de-throned! I AM now the Queen and what I say GOES!

She didnt like this too much but I dont care. I always said that I would not have a child that acts that way and look what I got! So my plan for the upcoming weeks is that I am going to be much firmer with her than what she is use to, she will be staying at home with me because when she is my parents or Kevin's parents she rules the roost there. Plus she will be eating new things...I hate to be a biatch when it comes to this but this is what my dad use to do to us and it worked so I am now implementing it in my house...whether Kevin likes it or not! I will serve 1 meal at night and if she doesnt eat it she will go to bed hungry! Hopefully this help some of her eating habits...

So tell me do you have picky eaters? What do you do to get around their pickiness?

***Sorry this post was intended for my weekend but as you can see it changed. All in all though my weekend wasnt too bad!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

New Phone

Tuesday, August 11, 2009 4
I got a new phone! My old phone was giving me fits where it would freeze up when someone would call and then I would miss the call because it wouldnt let me answer! I ordered this actually last week before I was laid off and completely forgot about it until they called me and said "We have your phone...if you dont pick it up by the 10th we will send it back and refund your money!" I was like I will be there. I got the new Blackberry Curve and it comes in this new Inferno (Orange) color.

I thought it would be neat if they had a pink one but they didnt. This orange is just fine. Orange for Auburn! Or as my husband would like to say Orange for the Miami Hurricanes! Yeah, whatever, I let him beleive what he wants too!

I think I carried over all my contacts but I noticed when I have text a few people I havent gotten a if you have my number text me so that way I know I have the right number (tell me who you are too lol). If you dont have my number send me an email...I love to text!

Monday, August 10, 2009

An Update on Me

Monday, August 10, 2009 5
So I have been in hiding a little huh? Well actually since I havent been working I havent been on the computer much! Isnt that crazy? I have been commenting on some peoples blogs but I havent posted anything in a couple of days.

Kevin and I had a very long discussion. It has been brought to my attention (some of you have pointed it out too) that I have been hoping and praying for a while now to be a stay at home mom...and I have! However, I didnt think it would happen this fast. I was unprepared for it...however, this soon. I knew God listened when I prayed but I really thought it would be another year or so before we were financially stable for me to stay home. Well we still arent financially stable but it looks like I will be staying least for now. I will continue to pray for God's will in this.

Anyway...Kevin and I decided that I would stay home for a while and see how things worked out. I will be selling Mary Kay full time (see my MK blog here and MK website here) and be available to take & pick Kaylyn up at school. If this doesnt work then I will go and find a job.

I am excited about the new turn in my life...I wasnt expecting it but I am here and will embrace it to the fullest!

Friday, August 7, 2009

Aloha Friday

Friday, August 7, 2009 14

"In Hawaii, Aloha Friday is the day that we take it easy and look forward to the weekend. So I thought that on Fridays I would take it easy on posting, too. Therefore, I’ll ask a simple question for you to answer. Nothing that requires a lengthy response."

So head over to her site, An Island Life and answer her question but while you are here you might as well answer mine:

Do you text? If so are you anal about spelling in your text?

The reason I ask is that I have a phone with a QWERTY keyboard and since I can spell anything out I have gotten really anal about spelling everything correctly. I always proof read my text to make sure they are spelled right even if I am in a hurry. I know it really doesnt matter but I cant stand it when I send something that isnt correct lol!


Thursday, August 6, 2009

I am doing fine...

Thursday, August 6, 2009 3
Today has been a pretty weird day. I woke up at 7:20 this morning and shot straight up. I had this awful feeling of being late! Then after a moment I remembered...I was laid off yesterday. I laid back down and went back to sleep. Around 9:15 my phone was work. I ignored it and let voicemail pickup. They left a message...I thought what could they possibly want? I mean I no longer work there? So after lying there for about 45mins I finally got up and checked my voicemail. It was Ed...he is the Installation Manager. He left me a long message saying he was checking in on me to see how I was doing and that he was upset this was happening and that he didnt get a chance to say "Good-bye." I kinda got a little teary eyed when he said the "Good-bye" part, besides him and I were pretty close. He was older than me and has a son close to my age but he always looked out for me. There were several times where he would fill my car up with gas on the company's his credit card and write it off to mileage.

So I called up to work because I didnt want it to look like I was ignoring him. Thankfully he answered so I talked to him for a few mins. He made me promise if there was anything I needed I would let him know...he is just a great guy in general. Then I asked to talk to Boss Lady. She came on the phone and she was still upset from yesterday. She told me how lonely it was there with out me and so very quiet. But we have a really close relationship and it carries over to Mary Kay so its not like we will never see each other again.

But all in all I am doing fine. I still have this sinking feeling that I should be at work. I assume it will go away with time. Kevin and I discussed it last night...we knew this was coming but we didnt realize it would happen so soon. I thought it would least hold out until the new year. Guess not!

I think right now I want to enjoy being home with Kaylyn. I have never been a stay at home Mom so this is all new to me lol! School starts next Wednesday so we will get a week together and then I will get to be the one who takes and picks her up from school. Personally I am glad of that because that way she can tell me right when I pick her up how her day was and not have to wait until 6 when I normally get home and probably have forgotten everything by then.

I truly believe that things happen for a reason and that this is one door closing and another opening. I am excited about my "full time" career with Mary Kay now and I am eager to venture down this road. I cant wait to find out what in store for me!

I hope everyone is having a wonderful Thursday!


Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The Icing on the Cake

Wednesday, August 5, 2009 9
So I get to work this morning at 6:50...I made it on before I actually had to be there at 7! So I do my normal duties that I have to do every morning and the Boss Lady walks in around 7:15. I am thinking she is here early because unless its something important she normally doesnt roll into around 9. So she and I were chit chatting about our Mary Kay meeting because after all she is the one who talked me into joining Mary Kay. She wasnt able to attend last night but I was there.

Then she layed it on me. She said "Well, we have to talk. She continued on that she received a phone call last night from Corporate and it seems that because of the freaking economy they are eliminating my position! They are giving me 2 weeks severance pay and as of Friday I will be out of a job!

She told me that they didnt want her to tell me until Friday but she wanted to go ahead so that I will get an extra 3 days to look for a new job. She would tell Corporate that my last day is Friday and I would be paid for Wednesday thru Friday of this week plus 2 more weeks.

So after I dried my tears up (they were coming too) I packed all my stuff of in a box and left. I just couldnt help but cry...I have never experienced this before. I know that every day thousands of people are being laid off but its never happened to me before! Boss Lady was upset too. She did not want to be the person to deliver this news plus over the last 18 months me and her have become really close but it was her job. I have no hard feelings towards her or anyone else in my office. Its not their fault. Besides Boss Lady and I will still see each other at our Mary Kay stuff.

So this is how my morning has started! Well I am off to search for a job! Wish me luck!

Wordful Wednesday's!

We made cupcakes on Saturday. Actually Kaylyn made them...I helped her put the ingridients in the bowl but she pretty much did the rest. They turned out good too! Strawberry Cupcakes!

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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

I am Shredded!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009 5
I jumped on The 30-Day Shred bandwagon! I really feel like jumping back off it though but I know it would hurt LOL! Literally, my thighs are killing me. This morning I practically fell down the stairs because my legs didn't know if they wanted to bend in pain or stay straight with pain! I was only able to endure about 12 mins of the first level. I know that it will take me some time to get myself into a normal routine because right now I am just not use to it! Honestly doing the warm up exercises winded me but I stuck through! I will not mention that I wanted to knock her out because she was too dang perky! Not to mention Jillian and the two other girls look great! That is enough to depress you in itself! Especially when they are doing the ab exercises and the focus on the "beginner" girl and her abs...I wanted to smack the TV! Hell, I got a freaken keg for abs!

I am going to do it again tonight and see how far I can get through it. But first on the way home I am going to have to go by Walmart or something and invest in a heavy duty sports bra because I almost knocked my own self out when I was doing those darn jumping jacks that Jillian just LOVED doing! I really enjoyed it except for the excruciating pain in my legs...but hopefully that will pass! My body is in total shock! I went to pee earlier and stayed there for a few mins because my knee was I know what Ace was talking about!


Monday, August 3, 2009

No Parking Here

Monday, August 3, 2009 3
I work in a 1-story office complex that has about 6-8 different suites in it. I work in the second to last on the east side of the building. There are 4 upfront parking spots and then about 8 back row parking spots. Well there is this lady that drives this BIG Ford F-150 truck and she always parks right up front in our parking...when I say I parking I mean its given because its right in front of MY office. For the past year it seems that we (me & this lady plus another male coworker of mine) have been fighting over this one spot. We will call her Truck Lady and my Male Coworker ...hmmm....what can we call him? We will call him Tuna! We always give him a hard time because he brings a can of tuna & crackers for lunch pretty much every day.

Anyway back to my story...I normally work 7-4. However, sometimes I stroll in whenever I this morning at 7:38. Good thing I dont punch a time clock and that there isnt anyone usually here at this time. Tuna however has been coming in a little earlier lately...not sure why but whatever. Well this morning when I rolled in on 2 wheels Tuna was already here. He always will give that up front parking space to me whenever he beats me here. However, Truck Lady must have got here early because she had already got my spot!! Believe it or not this is a serious issue to me & Tuna! We just dont understand why Truck Lady who works in the first suite on the west side of the building insists on parking in OUR parking spot! Have we ever confronted! We simply just try to beat her to work everyday!
Well Tuna had enough today...I guess he was upset I didnt get my parking spot and had to walk 5 extra feet to the office lol! He took it upon himself to construct these nifty signs in like 30 mins!

As you can tell...I blurred out my company's name...I would hate for them to know that we construct parking signs during office hours! I think he did a pretty darn good job! He used stuff that was lying around the office!

So when I left for lunch he put them down into the ground in OUR 4 parking spots. I came back and they looked great! Well Tuna had left to go to a site survey and Big Boss Lady was on her way out the door when Truck Lady walked by and Big Boss Lady accidentally scared her when she went out the door. Truck Lady practically fell off the curb. Boss Lady made sure she was ok when Truck Lady realized the signs had been put up. She asked if those signs were up this morning and Boss Lady said no they were put up mid morning. Truck Lady apologized for parking there and then informed us that she had osteoporosis so she tries to park close to the building. Now while I can understand this why doesnt she park in front of HER building 6 suites down? No, I am not being a cold hearted bitch...dont worry the signs are being pulled up today!


Operation Fat Buster

I joined Operation Fat Buster with Michelle.I know I can do it...I just have to make my mind up! Typically, I am so tired of looking into the mirror and seeing what I see. My number 1 problem right now is time and stress. Time...I never have any "Me" time so that I can exercise. I always feel like I am running 90 to nothing and am really getting no where. I have to make time for exercise...but where in my busy schedule? Somewhere...if I want it bad enough I will make time for it! Stress...well this is a biggie. I have got some much going on that the first time something doesnt go right I go right to food. I have a bad "Comfort Food" problem. My "comfort food" is anything sweet. I try not to buy anything sweet but it doesnt work...maybe I need to keep it just in moderation??

So my plan exercise and eating better. The eating better is going to be hard. Because my husband and daughter are very picky eaters I never cook unless its something easy. It's never vegetables...neither one eats much vegetables. So basically I have accomodated them and it has really affected my weight AND health. I want to make it a point/goal to have one-two vegetables for dinner every night. I am working on cutting out soda's. I have actually been drinking alot of water lately...I hate water but with those Crystal Light powders are really good and I think are like on 5 calories!

So here is my plan...this week I am going to start with watching what I eat. Then next week I am going to incoporate some exercise into the mix. I have several things going on this week that I am not guranteed any extra time...hopefully but not guranteed.

I am going to start laying it all out on my blog! I think this is the only way to be help accountable. Bless my husbands heart but he is so tired of "I am going on a diet" routine. He is there to support me but I think he has heard it so much that doesnt beleive it anymore. So its all coming out on the blog...I will be putting up one of those weight trackers, hopefully some pictures, and blogging about my weight, goals and of course my everyday life.

I have to do something or I am going to end up a diabetic and its not the route I want to go right now. So here I go!


Saturday, August 1, 2009

Saturday Cell Phone Mosaic

Saturday, August 1, 2009 3
Ace does a Saturday Cell Phone Mosaic and I thought I would join in this week. Why not go all out! So last Saturday I noticed that my toe was killing me. When I got home I took my socks and shoes off and noticed my toe was a little red. After a couple of days it was killing me and it looked like I had an ingrown toenail. So I decided to go to the dr and get it removed. I am not a fan of this but it was hurting and it was infected so I figured I needed to get it taken care of. Besides I like having 5 toes!

I use to have cute feet and then once I got pregnant I got fat feet! Anyway, I got there and the Dr sprayed some cold stuff on my toe and gave me a 2 shots in the toe. It hurt so bad! Then I took a look at my foot and man did that shot make my toes swell! It got numb pretty quickly. I wanted to scare Nikki so I sent her a pic of my foot lol! Thank you Nikki for keeping me company through all of this! I was there for about 45 mins but the procedure literally took about 5 mins to do. Now my toe is fine...still hurts a little but fine. I have to soak it two times a day and put some special drops on it for 5 days.

Today Kevin had to work this afternoon so besides trying to clean out my office Kaylyn and I made some cupcakes. We had was a mess though!

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!

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