Monday, August 3, 2009

Operation Fat Buster

Monday, August 3, 2009
I joined Operation Fat Buster with Michelle.I know I can do it...I just have to make my mind up! Typically, I am so tired of looking into the mirror and seeing what I see. My number 1 problem right now is time and stress. Time...I never have any "Me" time so that I can exercise. I always feel like I am running 90 to nothing and am really getting no where. I have to make time for exercise...but where in my busy schedule? Somewhere...if I want it bad enough I will make time for it! Stress...well this is a biggie. I have got some much going on that the first time something doesnt go right I go right to food. I have a bad "Comfort Food" problem. My "comfort food" is anything sweet. I try not to buy anything sweet but it doesnt work...maybe I need to keep it just in moderation??

So my plan exercise and eating better. The eating better is going to be hard. Because my husband and daughter are very picky eaters I never cook unless its something easy. It's never vegetables...neither one eats much vegetables. So basically I have accomodated them and it has really affected my weight AND health. I want to make it a point/goal to have one-two vegetables for dinner every night. I am working on cutting out soda's. I have actually been drinking alot of water lately...I hate water but with those Crystal Light powders are really good and I think are like on 5 calories!

So here is my plan...this week I am going to start with watching what I eat. Then next week I am going to incoporate some exercise into the mix. I have several things going on this week that I am not guranteed any extra time...hopefully but not guranteed.

I am going to start laying it all out on my blog! I think this is the only way to be help accountable. Bless my husbands heart but he is so tired of "I am going on a diet" routine. He is there to support me but I think he has heard it so much that doesnt beleive it anymore. So its all coming out on the blog...I will be putting up one of those weight trackers, hopefully some pictures, and blogging about my weight, goals and of course my everyday life.

I have to do something or I am going to end up a diabetic and its not the route I want to go right now. So here I go!



Aunt of 14

You can do it when you put your mind to it! I have basically the same problem-- stress and time... and privacy. I refuse to exercise in front of just anybody. Even my mom. But I know if I put my own mind to it, I could do it. I've done it before. I am rooting for you all the way!!! :) ((HUGS))


I'm right there with ya! I think I've decided it's impossible to exercise while the kids are out of school. And even when they're back in, there are blogs to be read, posts to be written and before I know it, I've wasted my "exercise time" on the computer. All that and this terrible disease called laziness.


Good luck! I know it's hard, but you have the right idea; start with one thing and then work your way up.


You go girl! I know you can do it!


You can do it my friend...
Just don't do it the way I did LMAO -
Yes I finally made a funny woot-woot...

You can see I am doing better today :)

Your foot pictures - Scared me until I read the story and I am glad your foot is better -

Can't be having my friend go around missing body parts!

ben and erin

good for you! you can definitely do it!

the other day i was actually wondering if you had given up or something because you hadn't blogged about it lately! good luck. and thanks for letting us encourage you along the way!


Hey, I hear you 100%! It is hard to get motivated and STAY there! I know that you can do it... exercise is a great way not to mention healthy way to releive stress!! Baby steps are a great way to start! Slowly adding more healthful things will help you keep up over a longer period... and before you know it, it will just be another part of your life!! I know you can do it Alicia!

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