Sunday, August 23, 2009

What a week!

Sunday, August 23, 2009
It has been a very busy and somewhat bad week! First of all to catch up on my weekend check out this post on Kaylyn. However, it all really started Wednesday. I went to lunch with an old friend. I actually had a good time. This old friend I dont think I have ever mentioned here on my blog but I will dedicate a post to her one day. Anyway, the lunch was good and we are probably going to do lunch again sometime next week. However, during lunch I got a text from Kevin letting me know that my MIL had to put her dog to sleep that day. This dog "Ginger" is no regular dog. Ginger lived a very long and spoiled life...she was almost 16 years old. However, she has been getting sicker over the last couple of months. Her kidneys havent been functioning correctly over the last couple of weeks so my MIL would take her to the vet on Mon, Wed, & Friday's to pump fluids in her to help her kidneys. For a little while this worked. Ginger would get home and be her own spunky little self. But over the last 2 weeks or so she pretty much went downhill. She pretty much stopped eating, she could barely walk, and she was losing her eyesight & hearing.

So on Wednesday the decision was made to put her to sleep....for good. My MIL is very much an animal person...mainly a dog person. She was so upset and had every right to be. She is very attached to her dogs...she had 4 now we are down to 2. My husband said to leave her alone and within a couple of days she would be fine. Apparently they have had several dogs and when they pass on she gets really upset and needs her time. So we gave her her time. We still havent told Kaylyn...we will but we feel if we do it now then she will want to go over there and well everyone would be that more upset.

So Kaylyn has been over to the inlaws since Tuesday which is a long time since we normally see them at least every other day. However, we have talked to my MIL since but we dont bring up "that" subject for now. So last night we were in the ER with Kaylyn (see this post) and my MIL called me. I answered and I could tell she was upset. She then told me her father (who lives in Georgia, 5 hours away) was found this morning (Saturday) unresponsive and is now in the hopsital. His eyes are open but he isnt responsive. They are not sure if he will make it through the night. So she was getting ready to head out but wanted to talk to Kevin about a few things. So we were actually leaving the ER when she called so I just took Kaylyn home and sent Kevin over to her house to talk to her and see what needed to be done. When he got home he informed me of the other dogs and that she would be leaving first thing this morning and that if he does pass then my FIL would head on down there with one dog and then when we head over there we would take the other dog with us.

So now we are have a waiting game. I havent heard anything this morning...good or bad. Kevin has already let his work know what is going on incase we do have to leave. Kevin of course is really upset and well as I but Kaylyn still really doesnt understand the whole thing. So like I said its a waiting game now. Please say a prayer for Kevin's family.



What a rough week! Hope everything is okay.

Aunt of 14

Yeah, what Ace said. What a rough week!!! Oh boy. When it rains it pours, doesn't it? I will send positive vibes your way and pray for your whole family. I am so glad you posted!! ((HUGS)) and I am also jealous because you probably will get to see Serenity in person!!! That will be SO exciting!

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