Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The Icing on the Cake

Wednesday, August 5, 2009
So I get to work this morning at 6:50...I made it on before I actually had to be there at 7! So I do my normal duties that I have to do every morning and the Boss Lady walks in around 7:15. I am thinking she is here early because unless its something important she normally doesnt roll into around 9. So she and I were chit chatting about our Mary Kay meeting because after all she is the one who talked me into joining Mary Kay. She wasnt able to attend last night but I was there.

Then she layed it on me. She said "Well, we have to talk. She continued on that she received a phone call last night from Corporate and it seems that because of the freaking economy they are eliminating my position! They are giving me 2 weeks severance pay and as of Friday I will be out of a job!

She told me that they didnt want her to tell me until Friday but she wanted to go ahead so that I will get an extra 3 days to look for a new job. She would tell Corporate that my last day is Friday and I would be paid for Wednesday thru Friday of this week plus 2 more weeks.

So after I dried my tears up (they were coming too) I packed all my stuff of in a box and left. I just couldnt help but cry...I have never experienced this before. I know that every day thousands of people are being laid off but its never happened to me before! Boss Lady was upset too. She did not want to be the person to deliver this news plus over the last 18 months me and her have become really close but it was her job. I have no hard feelings towards her or anyone else in my office. Its not their fault. Besides Boss Lady and I will still see each other at our Mary Kay stuff.

So this is how my morning has started! Well I am off to search for a job! Wish me luck!



I'm sorry Alicia - that sucks... keep your chin up. One great site (that pulls postings from a ton of other posting sites) is - check it out... good luck!

Aunt of 14

It is always a huge shock. I would have cried my eyes out if I were in your shoes. You have a good attitude though, because you aren't blaming Boss Lady. You were mature enough to know it was hard on her too. But dang, I am so sorry it had to happen!! ((HUGS)) I wish I could offer you a job on the spot!


Good luck friend! You can do it!


Bless your heart! I could just cry for you! The husband has been laid off twice during these great economic woes, so I kind of sort of know how you feel. And yes, it sucks.

However, God ggenerally doesn't close one door without opening another, so who knows what kind of awesomeness you are walking into! Keep your chin up!


((((Alicia)))) My friend I am so sorry but as Tinika said God won't close one door without another one opening! Makes me feel bad...I was carrying on about butt floss and you were losing your job...I love you to pieces and I know you will do excellent! :)


I'm very sorry that you lost your job. I agree with all the other comments - there will be another opportunity for you!


Oh geez. I am so sorry to hear that. Here's to hoping you find a new job quickly.


I'm so sorry, Alicia. =/


Left you something on my blog this am :)

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