Monday, August 31, 2009

Catching Up

Monday, August 31, 2009
As you can tell I still dont have a schedule. I try to catch up on my blog reading every night but sometimes its every other night. It's been a little hectic lately with Kevin working nights. He loves working nights but I hate it. It seems that even though he "is" home during the day I never see him. He is always sleeping. And I know its hard to work nights because it takes a lot out of you but I hate it when he sleeps all the time...I'm not demanding or anything. He should be done with nights by Tuesday...lets hope so.

Kevin's grandfather is doing pretty well. He scared the whole family especially since the doctor told the family we need to tell him good-bye because he wouldnt make it the next 48 hours. However, it seemed he had some type of infection and with heavy antibiotics he is pretty much better. He has been fever free since Friday and there are talks of him being released from the hospital on Tuesday. Let's hope!

As for me...well I am still enjoying not working! I am doing fairly well with my Mary Kay business too! It seems to be helping out some. I have been volunteering at Kaylyn's school some and meeting other women. Kind of excited about that. I have also been walking alot this past week. When I drop Kaylyn off in the mornings I have been going to the track and walking. It's a fairly decent size track but I dont know the exact length of it. I think 4 times around equals a mile but I am not competely sure. I have been averaging about 12 laps around so in my head I think I am walking about 3 miles a day. My goal is to lose 10 lbs in September. I have way more than 10 to go but I find I work better with smaller goals so that is my goal for September.

So I think I have you all caught up on me for the last week. I hope everyone has a great Monday!



Good for you for walking so much! It doesn't matter how many times I tried to start walking, I'd lose motivation by like the 3rd day! Keep it up!

Aunt of 14

12 miles around the track?! That is impressive!!! Good for you. I hope everything is going well with you otherwise... I know its hard with Kevin sleeping all day and working all night but doesn't the graveyard shift usually pay more? That would be a plus... it sounds like you are doing good!

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