Tuesday, August 11, 2009

New Phone

Tuesday, August 11, 2009
I got a new phone! My old phone was giving me fits where it would freeze up when someone would call and then I would miss the call because it wouldnt let me answer! I ordered this actually last week before I was laid off and completely forgot about it until they called me and said "We have your phone...if you dont pick it up by the 10th we will send it back and refund your money!" I was like I will be there. I got the new Blackberry Curve and it comes in this new Inferno (Orange) color.

I thought it would be neat if they had a pink one but they didnt. This orange is just fine. Orange for Auburn! Or as my husband would like to say Orange for the Miami Hurricanes! Yeah, whatever, I let him beleive what he wants too!

I think I carried over all my contacts but I noticed when I have text a few people I havent gotten a response...so if you have my number text me so that way I know I have the right number (tell me who you are too lol). If you dont have my number send me an email...I love to text!



I love my BB Curve. But I don't like the orange (for Auburn) to much. I have a red one for Alabama.


War Eagle! =)


I want a blackberry SO bad!!! :) I'll have to give u my # chica


War Eagle! Love the orange phone!

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