Sunday, August 16, 2009

My Weekend

Sunday, August 16, 2009
I actually had an ok weekend. Kaylyn started school on Thursday and she loves it. I just hope that lasts lol! For Saturday we had a birthday party for my cousin that turned 1 this week. But before the Birthday party we went to breakfast with my parents at Waffle House. I was excited because Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day even though I skip it alot! I know...breakfast is the most important meal...but I never have time.

Well I have mentioned before Kaylyn is a very picky eater. So Waffle House was not even a choice for her. However, I am determined to get her eating right whether she LIKES it or NOT! So the second we drove up to Waffle House she starts whining and crying. She wants McDonald's...well I wasnt about to give in. So I took her in there and yes everybody looked at us because she was still crying (not too loud but loud enough). I ignored her. The waitress came up we all ordered and then asked her what she wanted and she cried louder. So I told the waitress nothing for her. She had a drink and that was all she wanted. She was still wimpering and whining some but I continued to ignore her and talked with my parents. Soon our food arrived and Kaylyn announced she would try a waffle. So we ordered one. She didnt touch it! Then she wanted a biscuit...she didnt touch it either. I was beyond furious with her and her eating habits.

By the time we left she seemed to have calmed down. In my head I contemplated on taking her to the Birthday party. There would be other kids there but I knew she wouldnt eat anything there either. In the end we went. I was right...there was pizza that she didnt want. She was the only kid not eating...and I admit it drove me crazy. Why wont my child eat? Its not like I am shoving vegetables down her I just want her to eat something normal like Mac & Cheese or Pizza!

Now I will admit this is all my husbands fault because when she was a toddler anything that she didnt like she would gag until it came back up. So in the end we gave up on trying to get her to eat other things. To this day when she tries something she will pitch this big fit until she literally makes herself sick and throws everything back up. We got tired of cleaning it up so we stopped making her try things.

Anyway, she did eat some cake but that was it. Then when the party was over I went to the inside jungle gym that the kids were playing at and told her it was time to leave. She didnt want to hear none of that she was STILL playing. The third time I asked her to come down and she refused so I climbed my fat a$$ up in there and literally drug her out by one of her legs. She then refused to put her shoes on so I handed her shoes to my mom (who thankfully was with me to witness this!) and I picked her up and carried her kicking and screaming to the car!

I was so mad by the time I got in the car that I refused to say anything because I didnt want to say anything I was going to regret. Kaylyn for the most part is an only child who is spoiled beyond her means. It seems that my MIL, my father and me are the only ones that ever discipline her. But when it comes do my FIL, my husband and my mother she gets away with everything. It has come to where I have put my foot down this weekend when it comes to Kaylyn. I love my daughter more than anything but the time has come where she has been de-throned! I AM now the Queen and what I say GOES!

She didnt like this too much but I dont care. I always said that I would not have a child that acts that way and look what I got! So my plan for the upcoming weeks is that I am going to be much firmer with her than what she is use to, she will be staying at home with me because when she is my parents or Kevin's parents she rules the roost there. Plus she will be eating new things...I hate to be a biatch when it comes to this but this is what my dad use to do to us and it worked so I am now implementing it in my house...whether Kevin likes it or not! I will serve 1 meal at night and if she doesnt eat it she will go to bed hungry! Hopefully this help some of her eating habits...

So tell me do you have picky eaters? What do you do to get around their pickiness?

***Sorry this post was intended for my weekend but as you can see it changed. All in all though my weekend wasnt too bad!



We did the same thing for way too long with food. All our kids wanted to eat were hot dogs. Now they hate them because they ate them so much. Usually when I make something new I have them try at least one bite. And everyone has different tastes so if I know I made something they absolutely don't like (as long as they've tried it once) I'll give them something else. But there have been times when they go to bed without eating and without a snack!

Aunt of 14

AW, that sounds so difficult to handle! I am glad you have a strong firm voice about it though because that is what she neends! I hope she eats better this week!


Oh my Lord, yes. My children are both very picky eaters. But they are getting so much better. Heres what I did:

I cook dinner, and I assign days on which each child gets to pick whats for dinner. I will cook what they want, plus some 'extra' things for them to try. I don't make them eat it, just try it. If they don't like it, fine. But they will try it again. The doctor tells me that if I make them try it enough their taste buds will aquire a taste for it. (whatever 'it' happens to be). They are like Kaylyn- they throw up things they don't like. I almost think they make it happen, but I can't sure on that.

So far, girl one now eats taco rings and mashed potatoes. Girl two eats sour cream. So we are prgressing even if it is a very slow process.

I also make them eat the ting spoon full of whatever it is they have to try for the night before they can have seconds of what they rtequested. For instance: if I cook steak per their request, I fix them a plate with some stake, baked potatoes, and whatever else we have. They like the steak but thats it, so before they can have more, they have to eat all the potatoes on their plate. Oh and they are not alowed to eat after dinner.

I figure once they go to bed hungry a few times they will start eating, lol.

Good luck!


hey alicia!
we moved to San Diego...

Good luck with the food thing! I know it is hard, but like my mom always said kids wont starve! Feed her what you want her to eat and she will eat when shes hungry!


Hey, how are ya? Miss having you around!

ben and erin

wow... poor mama.

sounds like kaylyn knows who she can play. can you talk to everyone and get them on the same page as you? that would be so much easier for her. because i would imagine that it would be confusing to a 5 year old if mom won't let you do one thing but dad will...

i don't have picky eaters. although samantha doesn't like peas. but i can't complain about that can i?! ryan will have fits about certain foods, but it's just because he wants something different like chips. but that's the LAST thing he gets if he eats the rest of his lunch! and yes... i have put him down for his nap without lunch and to bed without dinner.

good luck girl... nip it while she's young or you'll be helpless when she's 15!

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