Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Saturday Fun

Tuesday, June 30, 2009 7

As you can tell we got a pool...well not us my MIL. Kaylyn of course things its the greatest thing. I myself was wanting something a little bigger (so that I could get into in it) but since I didnt pay for it I am not complaining. Anyways, my MIL bought this pool for Kaylyn for like $49.99 and it comes with a pump. Its actually a decent size if you are the only one in there. She of course stays in it most of the day so we have already gotten our money's worth out of it.

These pics were taken on Saturday (sorry they arent very clear...it was taken by my cell phone). She was in the pool for almost 4 hours and then we had pizza afterwards. I love lazy pool days (even though I didnt get in) during the summer!

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Word(ful) Wednesday

This is what my temperature gage read yesterday on the way home. When I got it it read 116...but then I drove for a while and cooled everything down. It didnt want to seem to come any lower than 100. Oh what hot days we are having down here in Sweet hot as hell Home Alabama!

Boiled Fish Anyone?

We have two fishtanks in our house. I dont have time for dogs or cats so we settled with some fish. We are just never at home so I dont think it would be fair to get an animal and have it penned up or locked inside or out all day with us not home. Maybe later.

Anyway...back to out two fish. One is a Beta fish that we have had since Christmas of 07. Kaylyn named him Homer...to answer your question, No we dont watch the Simpsons. That is a show she isnt allowed to watch. As for the other we have a small tank that had some of those bigger goldfish in there. I think we had five in there. Well now we only have 1. We have been keeping up the tank and feeding the fish daily. The fish had been thriving. Well the light bulb in the tank blew the other night and Kevin decided the fish needed light. I mean we have a lamp in the living room not to mention the window that is "light" during the day. So he found a regular old light bulb that would fit in there and turned it on. Please keep in mind that I didnt know he put the bulb in.

The next morning I went over to the fish tank and turned the bulb off and noticed that I couldnt find the fish. I thought that was strange because anytime someone would walk by the tank he would come right up to the top thinking he was going to be fed. So I took the top off of it and looked down in there and there he was. Floating on his back. I thought that was odd so I went and got the net and "fished" him out of there. I noticed that the water was warmer than usual. I thought it was weird but didnt say anything.

After a few minutes in the living room Kevin came in there too but couldnt see what I was doing since I had my back to him. He asked me if the bulb was still on...I told him no because I turned it off (I didnt know what kind of bulb he put in). So I asked him where he got the bulb because I knew you couldnt just put any old bulb in there. He told me it was a regular old 60 watt bulb and then it all hit. That "new bulb" heated up the water which in turn boiled killed the fish.

I will tell you now...I sure didnt marry my husband for his brains:)

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My Night/Rant

Last night I was in a foul mood. Why, you ask? I dont really know why. Could it be that Kaylyn wouldnt eat anything for dinner so I told her she could go hungry...then to find out when I got out of the shower the not so dear husband had give her one of the chocolate cupcakes. You know I back him up when he says something...why cant he? Then said cupcake ends up falling out of Kaylyn's hands because she is dancing to Dora and ended up icing side down into the carpet. After all that Kaylyn some how ends up with another cupcake (dont ask) and this time she manages to eat 75% of it and the other 25% ends up on the table, her & her hair. Off to the bathtub we go. I wash her & her hair get her out and put on her PJ's. She keeps telling me her foot is hurting...so I look at it. It looks like she had a blister and it popped and was in the process of healing. She insisted that she needed a bandaid so I gave her one. I went into the kitchen to get her Zyrtec & something to drink and by the time I got back in there I see 4 more bandaids wadded up on the bed and no bandaid on her foot. So I grab another one and start putting it on her foot. She went ballistic because she wanted to do it. By then my patience was shot and told her that she had 4 previous attempts to get a bandaid on her foot and it didnt happen. This time Mommy is putting it on there and end of story! She screams and cries (clearly tired and needed to go to bed) and I told her it was time to go to bed. She gave her Daddy kisses good night and heads to her room. It was rather early (I was so tired) so I told her I would leave the TV on for a few minutes so I set the timer for 30 mins. As I leaned down to kiss her goodnight I step in something gooey & sticky. I looked down and there was pink stuff in my carpet...a blob of it at least 6 in long. I could tell you I was seeing red...I asked Kaylyn what it was. She of course said I dont know as she shrugs her shoulders. I asked her again and she gets on the floor and smells it. She said "Oh, that's my toothpaste!" Why is there toothpaste in your room and not in the bathroom where it belongs. She didnt have an answer and I was way beyond my limits so I kissed her good night and I went and got in my bed and went to sleep.

I had had a long day at work (Mondays normally are) and a headache that was killing me. I know I shouldnt have left it there but I feel that if I would have started to clean it up I would have became increasingly mad so I just left it for tonight.

Not to mention this...something my brainiac husband did. This happened yesterday morning.

Sorry...I had to get somethings off my chest. Thanks for reading listening:)

Friday, June 26, 2009

Please Pass the Salt

Friday, June 26, 2009 4
Yesterday morning I was leaving my house at the butt crack of dawn around 5:45am and as I was locking my door there was this big a$$ slug on my door. I mean this wasnt no regular slug...this was the Mac Daddy of all slugs. It was so long...I was amazed. I even took a picture of him.

Look how big he is...and how long he is. He really grossed me out so I took a picture of him and left. I dont know if I will ever see him again...not that I want to.

Chocolate Cupcakes

***Side note: For the life of me I dont know where my camera is right now or I would have pics to go along with this.

Last night Kaylyn and I made chocolate cupcakes. She loves making cupcakes and its actually one thing she will eat...though I wont let her eat alot of them. She decided chocolate mix with chocolate icing. To me that sounds like too much chocolate but she was excited so I went along with it. She made it all...I just sat back and instructed her and made sure the kitchen didnt get too dirty. She did very well too. She poored the mix, oil, water and broke the eggs into the batter. I had to pick a few pieces of the egg shells out but nothing major. She then stirred it...well I stirred it because she wasnt actually getting down into the batter. She was only stirring the top.

I put all the cupcake cups into the muffin tin. I gave her a spoon and put batter into one of the muffin slots just to show her how high to fill it. After that I gave it all to her to finish. She filled the rest up and was able to manage to get chocolate everywhere but that is ok. I put them in the oven and set the timer (I am a timer fan because if I get distracted something will burn...trust me). She went back into the living room and was watching something on Disney. I finished up some work as well as cleaning up the kitchen. After the timer went off she came running in to check them out. I pulled them out so she could she and she was ready to put the icing on them. I told her they would definitely need to cool. After a while of cooling she was ready to ice them. I gave her the icing and she went to town on them. After 5 she lost interest in them and told me I can do the rest. I really think she was more excited over eating one. So I told her she could have one while I finished the others. I finished the rest up and turned around and there was Kaylyn...covered in chocolate. Times like this I really needed my camera. Anywhere chocolate was able to get she had it there.

All in all though we both had a good time making the cupcakes...well she really made then I supervised. But it was some good time together...I think we will have to do this more often. By the way...I have like 24 cupcakes that I will not eat...they didnt seem that appealing to me. I may have to bring some of them to work so she doesnt eat them all.

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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Mirror Mirror on the Wall

Tuesday, June 23, 2009 4
This is the Mirror that I want!! Can you please tell me where I can find one? I have been looking at Walmart but no such luck!

Sorry if its a little distorted but I had to cut & paste from an email...

Thursday, June 18, 2009

ABC's of Me!

Thursday, June 18, 2009 4
Ace got on to me (she can be bossy that way sometimes, Love you Ace!)the other day saying I dont post much anymore so since she has writer's block and posted this post today I thought I would do it too! I am trying to make an honest effort to post more but I have been so busy lately. After you read my Random ABC's about me head over to Ace's to see hers!

• Are you available? No.
• What is your age? 26.
• What annoys you? People that are full of themselves.

• Do you know anyone named Billy? Not at all.
• When is your birthday? February 13th.
• Who is your best friend? Kevin, my hubby.

• What's your favorite candy? Starbursts.
• Crush? On my hubby!
• When was the last time you cried? last Thursday.

• Do you daydream? Sometimes. Nothing like Aunt Nikki though! I agree with Ace on this one!
• What's your favorite kind of dog? a lazy dog one! Dont really have a favorite kind.
• What day of the week is it? Thursday.

• How do you like your eggs? Fried over easy.
• Have you ever been in the emergency room? For me its been a while...for Kaylyn a couple of months maybe.
• Ever pet an elephant? No, never got that close to one.

• Do you use fly swatters? No, anything that I can grab.
• Have you ever used a foghorn? Nope.
• Is there a fan in your room? No.

• Do you chew gum? Not too often.
• Do you like gummy candies? Only if they are sour!
• Do you like gory movies? Depends on who is in the movie.

• How are you? Good...but I could use a few more hours of sleep!
• What's your height? 5'1" (incredibly short)
• What color is your hair? Dark Brown

• What's your favorite ice cream? Chocolate & Vanilla...I know I am so plain!
• Have you ever ice skated? A couple of times...it was fun but my butt didnt think so.
• Ever been in an igloo? No.

• What's your favorite Jelly Bean? Dont care for them.
• Have you ever heard a really hilarious joke? Yes, but couldnt tell you now.
• Do you wear jewelry? Watch & wedding ring.

• Who do you want to kill? Nobody
• Have you ever flown a kite? Yes.
• Do you think kangaroos are cute? Yes at a distance.

• Are you laid back? For the most part
• Lions or Tigers? Neither.
• Do you like black licorice? Gross!

• Favorite movie as a kid? Now & Then.
• Ever shopped at Moosejaw? Huh? Never heard of it!
• Favorite store at the mall? JCPenny's.

• Do you have a nickname? No
• What's your favorite number? Dont really have one.
• Do you prefer night or day? Night.

• What's your one wish? Financial Stability.
• Are you an only child? No, 1 younger brother.
• Do you like the color orange? Depends on my mood.

• What are you most paranoid about? The safety of my children and finances. Agreed with Ace on this.
• Piercings? Ears now.
• Do you know anyone named Penelope? Use to...but she went by Penny

• Are you quick to judge people? yes and I dont mean to
• Do you like Quaker Oats? as long as it comes with cinnamon & sugar
• Know anyone that makes quilts? Yes.

• Do you think you're always right? Most of the time.
• Do you watch reality TV? Only American Idol and Big Brother
• Reason to cry? Stress.

• Do you prefer sun or rain? Sun, but do enjoy some rain here & there.
• Do you like snow? I can do without it!
• What's your favorite season? Autumn

• What time is it? 8:20 am
• What time did you wake up? 5:00am

• Can you ride a unicycle? Not my thing.
• Do you know anyone with a uni brow? No I dont think so
• Uncles do you have? yes, not counting them though

• What’s the worst vegetable? I pretty much eat them all.
• Did you ever watch Veggie Tales? Yes, any time I am looking for my hairbursh I think of the Veggie Tales song "Where is my Hairbrush!"
• Ever considered being vegan? It's a thought...I could do with out meat...I am a veggie person.

• What's your worst habit? Eating when I am bored.
• Do you like water rides? Love them!
• Ever been inside a windmill? Nope.

• Have you ever had an x-ray? Yes, but cant remember the last one.
• Ever used a Xerox machine? Everyday.

• Do you like the color yellow? It's ok.
• What year were you born in? 1983
• Do you yell when you're angry? Yes, I am quick to yell.

• Do you believe in the zodiac? Nope
• What's your zodiac sign? Aquarius
• When was the last time you went to the zoo? April 08

You're turn!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Some Ramblings

Wednesday, June 17, 2009 2
I was driving home today and there was this chick in front of me driving a Honda. We were in stop and go traffic and its only normal to look straight ahead. I noticed that she was brusing her hair. Ok...her hair needed brushing. I can understand that...but she brushed it for 45mins straight!!! Leave your hair alone!!! IT looks fine from back here!!!

Tonight Kevin and I have the house to our self. Kaylyn is staying with my MIL tonight since Kevin has to be at work at 5am and I leave the house at 6 am. It makes it easier that way we dont have to get Kaylyn up that early and she and my inlaws get to sleep in. I thought maybe we could go out for a quick bite to eat and then go to bed early. My idea was quickly crushed because I it seems that the College World Series or something like that is on and that seems to be Kevin's concern tonight. Oh well...I can blog and play on the internet and not have to worry about showing Kevin attention...that is worth it in itself. Because I love you gals!!!

One more thing Kaylyn has her 5 yr check up tomorrow so I can get her immunization form. It's time to register her for Kindergarten and she has 2 shots left. Oh that makes me think...I need to go find her Birth Certificate...well I am off to do that.

I hope you all have a great night!

Your Not Invited

We were over at my parents house over the weekend and they live on a street that has a culdesac at the end of the road. Well Kaylyn, my dad and I were out in the front yard playing. One of the girls down the street was outside playing in her yard. After a while several other girls showed up and I could tell they were having a birthday party. For a while Kaylyn didn't notice all of the activities that was going on down the street (I was relieved) but when she did came the hard part. One of the girls saw her and asked to come to the party...well that would have been fine but it was a birthday party. My dad and I agreed that she didn't need to go because technically she wasn't invited to start with. It was nothing on purpose we just didnt really know them to start with and Kaylyn had only played with the other girl once or twice.

My thoughts were that she wasn't invited which could mean not enough food,cake or cupcakes and/or goody bags. And of course I didn't want to put the birthday girl's mom in a tizzy. She wasn't even out there and I didn't want my kid to "mysteriously" show up. So my dad and I thought it best that Kaylyn not go...well of course Kaylyn thought otherwise. Of course she didnt understand our reasoning and why would she? She is 5! She didnt understand that when I told her she wasnt invited her response was yes the girls told me to come. It just really hurt me to explain it to her because she didnt get it...I really thought she was thinking I was just being mean. I wasnt I just was honestly trying to protect her. I mean what if they did give out goody bags...well she wouldnt get one because there wouldnt have been enough. I didnt want her to feel left out...but at the same time I was hurting her by telling her she couldnt go. I just really hated that...she is over it but it was hard. You hate to see your kids feeling upset.

Have you or your kids ever been in situation like this? What would you have done?

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A Letter to Sprint

Dear Ms. Sprint Lady,

Thank you for being such a pleasant voice on the other end of the phone. Thank you for speaking plain English and me not having to strain to understand what the $3ll you were saying. Thank you for my wait time of under 2 mins and you actually picked up with in seconds. Thank you for understanding that I have been having such a hard time lately and extending my shut off day to Friday which conveniently is the day I was planning on paying you anyway! Thanks you for understanding that I live on my cell phone and that I dont have a home phone and if something were to happen I would have no connection with the outside world (yes I know all cell phones will dial 911 in case of emergency but I did play stupid) and would have to run to a neighbors house that I dont like and ask for a phone. Yes, Ms. Sprint Lady you made my day! You, Ms Sprint Lady get the best Customer Service award of the day!

With much appreciation,

A customer that never pays her bill on time

Friday, June 12, 2009

A Test

Friday, June 12, 2009 6

I know I have posted about money problems before but I cant find that post so I cant link back to it. Sorry! But as most people are living we are living paycheck to paycheck. Yes, its because of the economy. We just have so much going out and not enough coming in. I have been completely stressed about it. That too is another reason I started selling Mary Kay...for the extra money. My stress level has been massive lately because we just dont have the money to pay some of the bills. I have cut everything that I can...we no longer have a phone line at our house we use our cell phones. We dont even have the internet (at least that we actually pay for). So yes, I have been stressed out.

However, I am very independent and strong willed. I hate to ask for help on anything. When I pray, I pray for the little things, I just have never really included God in on our financial problems. Well we are hitting rock bottom and I finally gave it over. I prayed the other night to for Him to take my stress...I gave it all to Him. I am not going to worry myself sick about this...I mean I am honestly doing the best that we can and its not like I sit on my butt everyday and not work. Afterwards I prayed I felt immediate relief...it was amazing. It literally felt like someone lifted something off my shoulder. I dont know why I have to be so stubborn and think that I can do everything myself when I know I cant.

So yesterday I knew that Kevin got paid so I checked my balance in the bank so I could start paying my bills. Well I know what Kevin normally gets paid and I was shocked to see that there was hardly anything in the bank. It showed that his normal amt was deposited but my available balance was way off. So I gave the bank a call. They infomed me that a garnishment had been put on our banking acct for a past medical bill and they froze our checking account. So basically his check was in the bank but they froze my account. I have no access to the money at all. Our debit cards were even cancelled! Like I said we live paycheck to paycheck so we dont even have savings right now. So we have no money to fall back on. The thing that gets me is this is court ordered...but Kevin and I knew nothing about it getting this far. I will tell you we knew about the bill and we had paid on it just not all of it. However, when all of this started going on with the economy and gas being $4 a gallon we had to stop paying this bill. We thought it more important to pay our necessary bills (house, car, gas & food). So I am sure you can imagine my reaction when I found all of this. I was in my car driving down the road on the phone with the bank. I just cried and cried. Crying is my way of letting off steam. I dont do it often but when I do look out! While I was getting my crying done it immediately came to me that I "handed" this over to God. So I prayed and prayed (eyes open since I was driving lol) on what I needed to do. God told me there was nothing I could be do...it has already been done. He told me he would provide for us and I truely beleived that...how I didnt know but I knew He would.

I got myself back together and headed back to work...I felt better but still was thinking about what I was going to do. I could as my parents for money...but I would rather die because my dad would give me a 2 hour lecture on paying my bills and saving my money. I didnt want to hear that but in the end it was an option. Asking Kevin's parents was out of the question. Now that his mom has retired they are on a very tight budget and from what I am understanding lives somewhat like us. I could sell some Mary Kay...I could but it would have to be a lot to get us what we needed...still an option though. I am selling it but havent been able to fully concentrate on it because of VBS this week. I thought and prayed on that all day. I kept getting the answer of "Not to worry, God will provide." So I was content with that at least for a little while.

To add to it Kaylyn was sick with a high fever yesterday so I had to leave work early and take her to the doctor. I will post about that later on. On the way home my MIL called to see if I was going to stop by to get Kaylyn's stuff. I told her I would. She also told me she was going to give me a little bit of money. She told me that Kevin had asked her for about $75 so that we could at least get some gas and basically nothing a few things from the grocery store. So I went by and got everything for Kaylyn and she handed me a folded up check. I stuck it in my pocket and told her thank you and Kaylyn and I left. Later last night as I was getting my things ready for today I sat down and was going to make out the deposit slip (I have another acct open at another bank for my MK business so I was going to use so I could use the debit card to get gas & groceries ...I seem to spend cash faster than anything) so I could run by and deposit it the next day (today). I never looked at the check when it was given to me so when I did I was amazed at the amt. Kevin asked for about $75 for the what nots that I previoulsy mentioned...well the amt of the check was for more than Kevin's payroll check. I thought to myself and I went to Kevin and asked how much did you ask for. He told me the $75 and asked why. I showed him the check and he went and got his phone and we called his mom. We told her there was no way we could accept that much and especially since they didnt have it to give. She told us not to worry about it that they had gotten a really good tax return and that amt should help us stay on our feet (& it will). We thanked her and hung up. I sat down and started thinking...in the back of my mind I just kept hearing "He will provide, He will provide." I knew that in my mind at least this was a test of my faith. I admit it was hard & rocky but we will get through it and I have only God to thank for that!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Web Cams

Wednesday, June 10, 2009 4
Do you have a web cam? Have you used it? I want to hear all about it. I have one but have never used it (no one to talk to I guess). But I have this neat idea that I will disclose after I hear about your thoughts on web cams. I hear there was a website that you can go to and you the camera but again I know nothing about it. Please share your thoughts with me!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Big Chicks

Sunday, June 7, 2009 9
In this post I told you of Kaylyn's new pets which stay at my parents house. Well they were about a week or two old then and I figure almost 8 weeks now. My dad had them in a pet carrier but they have gotten so big that he had to make them a chicken coop. Check out how big they have gotten!

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VBS Carnival

This week is VBS at our church and they always have a carnival to kick off the week. Other than it being so HOT it was really great. Here are some pics that I snapped. All of are Kaylyn getting her face painted...she had a butterfly on her face.

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Friday, June 5, 2009

Mommy Confessions

Friday, June 5, 2009 3

Victoria over at Life Starring Ellie and Eve started a new Mommy Confession! I think it's awesome. This will give you a chance to confess something and not be judged! I am all about that. Hop on over to Victoria's site and see other Mommy Confessions!Victoria over at Life Starring Ellie and Eve started a new Mommy Confession! I think it's awesome. This will give you a chance to confess something and not be judged! I am all about that. Hop on over to Victoria's site and see other Mommy Confessions!

My confession of the week...On the weekends whenever I put Kaylyn to bed I will let her watch a movie and while "trying" to fall asleep to it I put the sleep timer on for 90 mins. Now I know her she will stay up and watch a good part of the movie before konking out. This allows her to stay up later and in hopes of her sleeping later on the weekend. Does it work? For the most part yes. Just last Saturday she slept until 11:15...and so did I!
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