Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Word(ful) Wednesday

Tuesday, June 30, 2009
This is what my temperature gage read yesterday on the way home. When I got it it read 116...but then I drove for a while and cooled everything down. It didnt want to seem to come any lower than 100. Oh what hot days we are having down here in Sweet hot as hell Home Alabama!



My temperature thing in my car does that too...and oh my goodness has it been HOT around here! I don't check my mail but once every three days cause its too hot to go outside. Well that, and the fact that it is a good mile hike up to my mail box.


Ew. Luckily we had a cooler front come through Sunday I think. We've actually been able to breathe outside without suffocating this week (so far). 89 degrees has never felt so cool!

Aunt of 14

hardy-Har-Har to you midwest-easterners! It has been perfectly nice out here in Seattle. *knock on wood* I have probably jinxed it now, but thats allright. We had a record 30 days straight of NO RAIN. I know thats no biggie to you guys but to me it's too much! I need the coolness!

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