Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Boiled Fish Anyone?

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

We have two fishtanks in our house. I dont have time for dogs or cats so we settled with some fish. We are just never at home so I dont think it would be fair to get an animal and have it penned up or locked inside or out all day with us not home. Maybe later.

Anyway...back to out two fish. One is a Beta fish that we have had since Christmas of 07. Kaylyn named him Homer...to answer your question, No we dont watch the Simpsons. That is a show she isnt allowed to watch. As for the other we have a small tank that had some of those bigger goldfish in there. I think we had five in there. Well now we only have 1. We have been keeping up the tank and feeding the fish daily. The fish had been thriving. Well the light bulb in the tank blew the other night and Kevin decided the fish needed light. I mean we have a lamp in the living room not to mention the window that is "light" during the day. So he found a regular old light bulb that would fit in there and turned it on. Please keep in mind that I didnt know he put the bulb in.

The next morning I went over to the fish tank and turned the bulb off and noticed that I couldnt find the fish. I thought that was strange because anytime someone would walk by the tank he would come right up to the top thinking he was going to be fed. So I took the top off of it and looked down in there and there he was. Floating on his back. I thought that was odd so I went and got the net and "fished" him out of there. I noticed that the water was warmer than usual. I thought it was weird but didnt say anything.

After a few minutes in the living room Kevin came in there too but couldnt see what I was doing since I had my back to him. He asked me if the bulb was still on...I told him no because I turned it off (I didnt know what kind of bulb he put in). So I asked him where he got the bulb because I knew you couldnt just put any old bulb in there. He told me it was a regular old 60 watt bulb and then it all hit. That "new bulb" heated up the water which in turn boiled killed the fish.

I will tell you now...I sure didnt marry my husband for his brains:)

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That is awful... but pretty funny.
We have a Beta named Bee (LuLu named him)
and three hermit crabs - Sparkles, Shine, and Glitter (all named by LadyBug)
Oh, and Buddy the dog. All easy to care for. The dog doesn't even bother to get up to eat.
And I like it that way.

Aunt of 14

*guffaw* I am sorry.... I am so sorry for your loss... but that was funny! You said you had at least 5 fish, and now you have only 1. What happened to the other 3? Were they cooked too?

Alicia W.

OH NO! That so sounds like something my hubbs would do. Poor lil fishies. :(


LOL Oh my gosh! Poor fish!

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