Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Your Not Invited

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

We were over at my parents house over the weekend and they live on a street that has a culdesac at the end of the road. Well Kaylyn, my dad and I were out in the front yard playing. One of the girls down the street was outside playing in her yard. After a while several other girls showed up and I could tell they were having a birthday party. For a while Kaylyn didn't notice all of the activities that was going on down the street (I was relieved) but when she did came the hard part. One of the girls saw her and asked to come to the party...well that would have been fine but it was a birthday party. My dad and I agreed that she didn't need to go because technically she wasn't invited to start with. It was nothing on purpose we just didnt really know them to start with and Kaylyn had only played with the other girl once or twice.

My thoughts were that she wasn't invited which could mean not enough food,cake or cupcakes and/or goody bags. And of course I didn't want to put the birthday girl's mom in a tizzy. She wasn't even out there and I didn't want my kid to "mysteriously" show up. So my dad and I thought it best that Kaylyn not go...well of course Kaylyn thought otherwise. Of course she didnt understand our reasoning and why would she? She is 5! She didnt understand that when I told her she wasnt invited her response was yes the girls told me to come. It just really hurt me to explain it to her because she didnt get it...I really thought she was thinking I was just being mean. I wasnt I just was honestly trying to protect her. I mean what if they did give out goody bags...well she wouldnt get one because there wouldnt have been enough. I didnt want her to feel left out...but at the same time I was hurting her by telling her she couldnt go. I just really hated that...she is over it but it was hard. You hate to see your kids feeling upset.

Have you or your kids ever been in situation like this? What would you have done?

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Crazee Juls

I think you did the right thing. Although it is difficult to understand at 5... it might have made for a sticky situation if there were goody bags...etc.
I know that at my oldest daughter's last birthday, a friend of hers brought a friend of his...and I had only planned for so many, and I had to scramble around hunting for extra stuff so he wouldn't get his feelings hurt. I didn't mind-- just felt embarrassed that there wasn't enough. Does that make sense at all? Anyway, my point is--as parents we do the best we can to protect our kids--and I think you made a smart move. :)
Thank you, by the way, for the sweet things you said on my recent posts. It's a blessig to know that others care.

Aunt of 14

I would have done the same thing you did. Out of respect for the birthday girls mother... I mean if the mother was out there you could have talked to her and casually brought it up and that would have been a different story.

Oh, to be 5. She isn't going to remember this. Being a parent is not easy! But very rewarding.

Sneaky Momma

I would have done the same thing, Alicia. I'm not sure there was anything else you could do in this exact situation. It stinks that your little girl got upset, but I really think you did the right thing. :)


I think you did the right thing. I would have done the same.

Sara @ Domestically Challenged

I hate these things as well. I think you handled it perfectly. Good mom!


Sorry I haven't been by in a while. I have been so busy. I know it is tough making those decisions but I would have done the same.


We had something similar happen over the weekend. There was a party with a HUGE blow up slide thing and the girls wanted to go soooo bad. their friends (the party boy's cousins) asked them to go but.... according to my girlies they missed the *best party of the whole year and it was the worst day ever! By 5pm they forgot all about it. lol

Alicia W.

Oh that just breaks my heart!!!! I think you did the right thing sweetie.

Alicia W.

P.S I just saw you had a twitter.. Me too! I'm now following you. :o)

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