Friday, June 26, 2009

Please Pass the Salt

Friday, June 26, 2009
Yesterday morning I was leaving my house at the butt crack of dawn around 5:45am and as I was locking my door there was this big a$$ slug on my door. I mean this wasnt no regular slug...this was the Mac Daddy of all slugs. It was so long...I was amazed. I even took a picture of him.

Look how big he is...and how long he is. He really grossed me out so I took a picture of him and left. I dont know if I will ever see him again...not that I want to.



He is the mac daddy of slugs!


We have tons of those here! Sooooo nasty. A couple weeks ago one even made it's way into the house! I almost stepped on him in the bathroom and saw the slime trail on the rug where he slipped in under the front door!

Aunt of 14

OOOH those slimey things!!! When they're on the ground, they look like poo.


ooh, I don't think I could have left that on my door. I would have had to fling it off...yuck.

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