Monday, November 30, 2009

Elf Magic

Monday, November 30, 2009 4
Last year we bought an Elf for Kaylyn. It was so much fun! Has anyone else seen these? Basically the Elf is very mischievous and gets into all kinds of "trouble." For instance last year Kaylyn went to bed and when she woke up the next morning she found her Elf sitting in her chair eating popcorn and watching one of Kaylyn's favorite movies. Of course the popcorn was all over the place! So the Elf has a little fun while Kaylyn is sleeping...and her Elf is only here during the Christmas Season.

Kaylyn's Elf is named Oakley and he looks like this. I had planned on getting Oakley out again this year but was going to wait another week or so. However, on our way home this afternoon Kaylyn asked if Santa was going to send her Elf back this year. I said that it was very possible. She said that she missed Oakley and knew it was time for Santa to send him and watch over her. She made me promise to "email" Santa on Monday while she was in school to find out when Oakley would arrive. Obviously I am thinking he will need to arrive soon! dear blogger friends, I need some ideas of how Oakley can show up as well as some things he can get into. Hopefully when Oakley does show up I can post some pictures!

Not Me Monday

Yes, my friends! It's that time again! It's Not Me Monday! So here is what I have NOT been doing the last week! After you my Not Me's dont forget to head over to MckMama's Blog and see what her and everyone else has NOT done lately!

My sweet tooth did NOT kick in and I was NOT looking for something to satisfy it. On the way home from my parents I did NOT stop by Publix and by the ingredients to make a Cherry Pie plus Vanilla Ice Cream. I did NOT make it and eat it around 10pm at night!

We were NOT running low on toilet paper as well as cash so I did NOT tell my hubby to do his "business" at work! A good wife would always have an extra roll some where! And come to find out I did NOT have a roll hidden in my extra bathroom that we never use lol!

I have NOT been tweeting a whole lot more than usual. I love Tweeting but lately had let it fall behind but I did NOT install a new app on my phone so I can Tweet on the go!


Sunday, November 29, 2009

Coming Soon

Sunday, November 29, 2009 0

Because I have 3 blogs and I dont know why (lol!) I will soon be doing away with this one. I am going to try and upload all of my posts on here to my main blog here. However soon my main blog will be getting a new stay tuned for that. So if you follow me here and not here be sure to click here and follow me! Sorry I got carried away with all the here's!

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O Fork Where Art Thou?

For those of you who know about my daughter's eating habits things have not gotten any better. For those who dont, I will fill you in a little. Kaylyn doesnt eat anything a normal 5 year old eats. She eats no vegetables, some fruits (bananas, strawberries, & grapes), canned biscuits, and of course a 6 pc McNugget Happy Meal from McDonald's! I am serious, I have listed pretty much everything she will eat. I can NOT get her to try anything else. Anytime I finally get her to try something as soon as it hits her tounge she throws EVERYTHING that she has congested within the last week back up! Not kidding. It drives me nuts because I know that she isnt getting the vitamins or nutrients she needs. And getting a vitamin down her...yeah right!

On to say that when we do fix biscuits for her which is actually pretty often she likes to eat them with a fork. I have noticed within the last week or so that my forks are disappearing. I couldnt understand where they were going. So yesterday Kevin was getting ready to take out the garbage and he saw something shiny. He opened up the trash some and realized it was one of my forks! Apparently when Kaylyn threw her paper plate away she just through the fork away too. Not just one fork...three forks! Yup three! Kevin got to digging and found two more. No wondering I am missing forks. I bet some of them have already been thrown out for good! I am still missing two from my set.

Needless to say we had to have a talk with Kaylyn to let her know that our forks are not to be thrown away. They are to be put in the sink when she is done with her food. Let's see if this works.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Where is the Tooth Fairy?

Thursday, November 26, 2009 1
Kaylyn lost another tooth on the bottom yesterday. We actually found this one. It was barely hanging on and I pulled it. She didnt even realize I had pulled it. Of course she started crying "in pain" when she saw it was in my hand. She is such the drama queen!

Well last night we were all up really late (midnight) playing the Wii and Kaylyn fell asleep in the recliner. So Kevin took her to bed and that was that. It wasnt until Kaylyn woke me up this morning and informed me the Tooth Fairy hadnt come did I realize I had forgot about her tooth. So I strategically explained to her that since the tooth wasnt under her pillow the Tooth Fairy didnt know to come. So I promised her tonight we would remember and put it there so she can have a visit from the Tooth Fairy.

So here I am at 11:15 waiting on her to fall asleep so I can go and be the Tooth Fairy. I am excited because this is the first time I get to be the Tooth Fairy. Her first tooth she wasnt at home with me so my MIL got to do it. But her first tooth she must have swallowed or something because we never found it. This one I will keep for her baby book. I am going to try and get a pic of her up soon because its so funny because she has this huge gap on the bottom. I am so glad they have already taken school pictures!

I am Thankful For

For Thanksgiving years ago my preacher challenged us to come up with a list of 100 things that we are thankful for. Big or small whatever you are thankful for. Well its been a while since I have done a list so I thought I would challenge myself this year. For time's sake I stopped at 50...but of course there is so much more that I am thankful for!

  1. God-I am so thankful for a loving God that died for MY sins and forgives me daily for my sins.
  2. My Parents-I was not born with a silver spoon in my mouth but I had everything I needed and more. Even now that I am out of work they are helping us out and its so wonderful to have parents that make sure you still have everything even at 26!
  3. Kevin-I have a wonderful husband that loves me for me.
  4. Kaylyn-I have a beautiful, healthy daughter and I am so blessed to have her in my life!
  5. My brother Justin-Only 18 months separate us (I am older) and we have grown so close over the years.
  6. Inlaws-I am so thankful for my inlaws. I have wonderful inlaws! We actually get along! They are just as much helpful as my parents are have been so good to keep Kaylyn while we both worked and never charged a dime. They have been so good to all of us!
  7. Grandparents-I am so thankful that both sets of my grandparents are still alive and have been able so far to watch Kaylyn grow up and be apart of her life.
  8. Mary Kay-believes God first, family second and career third...what else can I say?
  9. My Church family-I have a wonderful church family that I am apart of.
  10. Sunday School class- A bunch of people my age that I can have good Christian fun with!
  11. The Internet-there is so much out there! And its at my fingertips & quick!
  12. My laptop-I am so thankful that I can sit anywhere in my house on it! Not just at my desk!
  13. TV-so thankful that when I need a break I can watch so many good shows like Desperate Housewives, Grey's Anatomy, Private Practive, and Law & Order SVU!
  14. My car-I didnt want it in the first place but it's nice to have a car that runs and has a little bit of space!
  15. My home-will be paid off in 5 yrs and I am content with that. It's where Kaylyn has grown up and what she is use to.
  16. The Beach-Its so peaceful there. I love hearing the waves crashing and smelling the salt air.
  17. SEC Football-I love football time! I of course and secretly and Alabama fan (Roll Tide) but my husband is a Miami fan! Either way I am rooting for Alabama tomorrow when they play Auburn!
  18. Neighbors-they are not nosey! We all tend to keep to ourselves while watching out for others...if that makes sense.
  19. Washer & Dryer-thank God I dont have to do my laundry myself.
  20. Dishwasher-I could never hand wash all of our dishes. If I had to I would go simply paper everything!
  21. Sweet Tea-I would literally thirst to death if I didnt have Sweet Tea.
  22. Bottled Water-second best to sweet tea and it carry's so well in a bottle!
  23. Hershey Bar-when I need something sweet a Hershey Bar will hit the spot!
  24. Fall-so thankful for the crisp air and all the leaves changing colors and falling down.
  25. Starbucks-Yes, I said Starbucks. I love their White Chocolate Mocha's and I pay $4.91 for a Venti.
  26. Chick-fil-a-is considered a "fast food" place but I feel that it is one of the more healthier places and I bet I eat at Chick-fil-a at least twice a week. Please note that is why my butt is so big!
  27. Perfume-it makes me smell so yummy! Right now I am loving Mary Kay's Bella Belara perfume. Love it!
  28. Candy Corn-especially around Halloween. It's just a cute little candy that always hits the spot!
  29. Candles-especially the sweet smelling ones. I have a weird craze for candles. I collect cute ones too. I get these from the Candle Place in the mall.
  30. Garden Tubs-I love filling my Garden Tub up to the max! Especially with some good smelling bubble bath. Plus, where I live I dont pay water...its figured in my rent so how awesome is that?
  31. Walmart-Yes my husband is employed by Walmart (he is a supervisor at Sams Club) so pretty much he gets paid and we go and spend it back there. Of course they always have everything and most of the time its with a low price.
  32. Sam's Club-I can buy in bulk there! Everything I can possibly need in bulk is there and of course great prices too!
  33. White Powdered Donuts-just a sweet little taste of something good!
  34. Umemployment-thankfully I still qualify for this and have been receiving it since mid September. Its definetely helped out.
  35. Keyless Entry-I dont have to fumble and try and get my key in the hole...I just press a button and hop right in my car!
  36. MP3 Player-love having music while I walk the track. Wonderful invention!
  37. Refridgerator Magnets-I have alot and if I positon them correctly they will hide the dent from the dishwasher!
  38. FRIENDS-absoulutely the best show ever made! I have seen every show at least 100 times! I wish they would do a reunion show or something like that.
  39. Zrytec-contains my allergies for 24hrs!.
  40. Febreze-makes everything smell so good!
  41. Geico-yup the Pothole commercial. I am so thankful for car insurance!
  42. Foundation-covers up all the redness in my skin and makes it look more like one color and more even complexion!
  43. Roomba-I dont have to manually vacuum! How cool is that? I just set it in the middle of the room and hit the button and it vacuums the room and then return back to its base to charge!
  44. Digital Pictures-so much easier than film...quicker to upload and develop!
  45. Kettle Korn Popcorn-I hate popcorn but love the sweetness of this!
  46. Parking spots that is so far from the door-I am so thankful that I am able to walk no matter the length of the parking lot!
  47. Lists-they keep me sane!
  48. DVR-I can record shows when I am not home! Its quite convenient
  49. Slip on shoes-so easy to put on. Just slip on and go! No untying and smushing your foot down in the shoe!
  50. Gel pens-I am a pen freak and I love gel pens...they just write so neat!
These are my 50 things and now I challenge you to 50!

Monday, November 23, 2009

Christmas Card Exchange

Monday, November 23, 2009 2
So how would you like to get a Christmas card from me? Well I would love to send you one! I have friends and family that I always send to and this year I wanted to include my great & wonderful bloggy friends. I love yall so much that you are pretty much family to me! Anytime something happens (good or bad) I always cant wait to post it and get your responses. So if you want me to mail you a Christmas card email me your address at!

I havent yet decided whether I am doing a picture Christmas card or I will just buy some. I normally do picture Christmas cards since I do have so much family out of town. But I will definiately send you one if you want me to!


Not Me Monday

Yup! It's that time again! It's Not Me Monday! So here is what I have NOT been doing the last week! After you my Not Me's dont forget to head over to MckMama's Blog and see what her and everyone else has NOT done lately!

I was NOT sick all last weekend with a double ear infection plus a sinus infection! I did NOT have a fever of 103 during the night that I shivered so much that my body was NOT aching! I was NOT so cold that night that I slept in a hoodie and a pair of jeans along with 2 blankets! I was NOT that cold!

It was NOT me who decided to go and get my hair washed & cut because I was NOT sick all weekend and hadnt washed it in over 3 days! I would NOT pay someone to wash & cut my hair just because I didnt want to wash my hair myself! I am NOT that lazy!

Kaylyn did NOT have a school carnival last Friday and have to bring a baked good for the carnival. I did NOT try to be Betty Crocker and cook up something good! We did NOT make Rice Krispy Treats and they did NOT turn out so good that I did NOT end up making another batch the next morning for the carnival because we did NOT eat so many of the first batch.

Well that is it for me this week! Please tell me what you did NOT do this past week?


Wednesday, November 18, 2009

A Letter From the School

Wednesday, November 18, 2009 4
Yesterday I received a letter in the mail from Kaylyn's school.

To the parents of Kaylyn...

Our records indicate that Kaylyn has accumulated at least (8) eight absences to school as of today's date. The purpose of this letter is to inform you of those dates and to remind you that your child's attendance in school is very important for academic success.

Our school is here to provide the best education possible for your child, and your assistance is needed. We hope this courtesy notice and student attendance profile will help you keep better track of the number of days Kaylyn has been absent from school. The Shelby County Board of Education Code of Conduct and Attendance Manual addresses absences in this way:

"Absences beyond 12 must be documented with a doctor's or court excuse or permission of the principal. Any student enrolled in K-5, who accumulates more than 12 absences during the year, is subject to being retained in the same grade the succeeding year. Attendance regulations state that a child must be in attendance a minimum of 168 days in order to receive credit. If such is the case the parent/guardian and the attendance officer shall be notified in writing in the event of retention."

We know that you are concerned about your child's success, and we are here to assist you in every way. Should you have further questions concerning attendance, please contact me at XXX-XXX-XXXX.

I was actually kind of mad when I received this letter! For starters Kaylyn has been sick EVERY single day that she was out with 1 exception. She has a Doctor's note for every single day she was out except for that 1. Are the rules not going to bend this year because of the swine flu? I mean half the school was out for a solid week? Here are the dates and reasons why she was out:

8/21-cough & fever, had to go to the doctor (doctors note provided)
9/08-out of town for Kevin's grandfather, we thought he was dying and wanted to see him before he did. Thankfully he is fine now but it was a close call. (unexcused apparently)
9/25 & 9/28 Swine flu over the weekend with very high fever. Went to the doctors (note provided)
10/16-walking pneumonia (micro plasma)-doctors note
10/20 & 10/21 -still has fever from walking pneumonia-went to the dr again (another copay!) and provided a doctor's note
11/9-walking pneumonia again (I know!) and because of her lungs being so week because she keeps getting walking pneumonia she has developed asthma...I forgot to tell yall that! (doctors note provided)

So my child has been sick... I know this is just a warning but still bothers me! I feel in some way that I have let Kaylyn down and I know that is crazy but I cant help it. She was never this sick in preschool! She was actually sick 1 (yes one time) out of 3 years in preschool! She has salmonella poison (thanks to McDonald's) and that isnt even something you can "catch!" Is it just my child that has been this sick?


Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Stupid Commercials

Tuesday, November 17, 2009 5
I have seen my share of stupid commercials lately! Here are a few...

How about the one where all you see through out the WHOLE commercial is a set of perky breast! The breast are talking to each other about how firm & toned the butt is now because the cool new Reebok shoes that tones and firms the butt when you walk/run in them! I wont lie...I did get a kick out of it at first because I never thought a commercial that shows perky breasts is actually about a pair of shoes. Maybe I am jealous because my boobs arent perky anymore:)

The pothole commercial...Geico I believe it is. Yup the talking cement...or the pothole. "Aww, did I do that? Well let me get my cellular and call you a wrecker. Oh wait...I cant because I am a pothole!" I think what drives me crazy about that commercial is the voice of the pothole and that it is so whiny!

How about that Charter Cable commercial...the one where the guy is waiting around for the phone call from the says there is voicemail, 3 way calling and of course call waiting. It just seems no one is that desperate for a phone call! (this may be just an Alabama commercial)

Maybe its because I have been married for almost 7 years and have moved pass the "sweet" stage in our marriage that I cant stand the new Kay Jewelers commercial. Its the one where she is standing there looking out the window while its storming outside. She looks all scared as it thunders outside as she turn to her "loving" husband who has this beautiful diamond necklace that he wraps around her neck. It makes me want to yell 2 things at the tv...1) get a freaking room and 2) shut the darn blinds and you wont see the storm! Yes, I think I can be a cold person at times!

Not to mention all the commercials on the Disney channel because they are all for toys and all I hear out of Kaylyn's mouth is "Can I have that?"

So what commercials do you not like?

Today's Randomness

Since I was deathly ill over the weekend I havent washed my hair since Friday...yes I have bathed though! I just simply didnt feel like washing & drying, its a hard job because its so thick! So I woke up today and knew that I had to wash it bad that I called up my hair dresser Brooke and asked her to fit me in other words she washed it and cut for me! Dont judge me!

Because I was so tired last night I went to bed early and I also talked Kevin into taking Kaylyn to school this morning so I could sleep in. However, it seems that Kevin isnt capable of making Kaylyn's lunch by himself so I ended up doing it. The one morning I wanted to sleep in and I couldnt go back to sleep. Needless to say I ended up getting up and actually got some things done. I did 4 loads of laundry and did some organizing in my office. It actually felt kind of good getting up and getting some things done. Maybe I need to do this more often:)

Kaylyn came home from school today singing a new wanna hear it? It goes like this..."Alabama Tennessee, Auburn is a big fat B!" What do you think the "B" stands for? Yeah me too! So great to know that she is learning so much at school!

Kaylyn has a winter carnival this weekend and the boys have to bring a half a case of drinks and the girls have to bring a baked good. That's a little sexist dont you think? The boys get off so easy lol! So I am tired of baking cakes and cupcakes so I thought I would make rice krispy treats for the carnival. So after I picked her up and we went to Publix and got a few things. I came home and made them and let me say...I will be making them again tomorrow because they came out really well and they taste great! Let's say that we had to taste them and there are now not enough for her carnival. What? I had to make sure they tasted ok!


Monday, November 16, 2009

Sick Update

Monday, November 16, 2009 0
Well I went to the doctor this morning. I felt awful all night. My fever got as high as 103 and I slept on the couch in a hoodie and pair of jeans with 2 blankets on top of me! For the life of me I could not get warm! Kevin had to be at work this morning at 5am and I really didnt go to sleep until around 3ish so needless to say by the time I had to get up to get Kaylyn ready I felt worse. My appointment was at 10:45 and right as I was pulling in my mom called and asked me to bring her a sausage biscuit. She is the Office Manager where I go to the doctor so its really cool because I dont pay copays! Since I was running a few minutes early I ran to Burger King and picked her up a biscuit.

Anyway, I was finally called back and I gave all my symptoms (fever, sore throat, body aches, stuffy nose) and then they decided to swab my nose. Man I cant stand it when things like that go up my nose! I felt like she was scratching my brain! My eyes started watering and I started sneezing. She said I wasnt showing any flu strains but since I had waiting a couple of days before I came in so it could have been. However, I did also have a double ear infection and sinus drainage. So in the end I got a antibiotic and steroid shot in my rear!

Because of these 2 shots I feel pretty good now! I had all intentions of coming home and taking a nap, but that fell through because I couldnt settle down. The steroid has me all pumped up...come to think of it I should have taken advantage of it and cleaned my house...but I didnt! However, I am very tired so I will probably go to bed early tonight!

Not Me Monday

Ok I havent participated in Not Me Monday in quite awhile so I thought I would surprise you!

  • I have NOT been staying up till like 2 in the morning watching tv and playing around on the computer!
  • I have NOT lost 15 lbs in the last 2 months! I have NOT been watching what I eat and trying to exercise alot more.
  • I am NOT hunting a job! Please do NOT pray for a job to come along for me!
  • I am NOT looking forward to the Holidays! It's NOT my most favorite time of the year!
  • Friends is NOT my favorite show and I do NOT watch it and Ellen everyday!
There are some of the things I have NOT been doing this past week! Hop on over to MckMama's blog and see what her and everyone else is doing!

Happy Monday!


Sunday, November 15, 2009

Sick Again

Sunday, November 15, 2009 4
A little over a week ago I got over a sinus infection....actually here is where I posted about it. Well guess what! I am sick again. And I feel its worse this time! I feel awful! This time I have a fever and I am freezing. The heat is on and I am under a huge quilt on the couch as we speak (well...type). I know its another sinus infection! I am going back to the doctor tomorrow and I know they will give me a steroid shot and then I will be able to take on the world! I know this sounds awful but I would much rather a steroid shot than a weeks worth of antibiotics or oral steroids. Literally about an hour or so after the shot I start to feel so much better. I can breathe and I don't feel so darn congested! Pray for a shot for me lol!

As you can tell I am a frequent sinus infection getter (look I am dosed up on Nyquil so I don't have great grammar!). In 2007 I had 6 sinus infections in 8 weeks. My doctor thought it would be a good idea to have my tonsils and adenoids removed...then she got the bright idea that while I was "under" that I would go ahead and have sinus surgery. This took place on Dec 26th 2007...yup one day after Christmas. It worked out best that way because of the way the Holidays fell I only had to take 6 days of vacation because I got paid for the Holidays. Plus since it was the end of the year and I had already met my "major medical" deductible so I wanted to take advantage of that too! So 10 thousand dollars later (ok, I didn't pay that but my insurance did) I am still having sinus infections just about as much. So it was a waste in my opinion. However, I would like it noted that I was able to actually breathe for about a week through my nose after the surgery...however, it only lasted a week. Is it weird to tell you that I literally can not breathe through my nose? I never have been able to...well except for that one week.

I am serious, I sleep with my mouth open (yes, I do have a tendency to drool). If I close it for too long I literally freak out because I cant breathe. I don't like anything over my mask, nothing! Look we have already discovered that I am weird so don't judge!

So for now I am huddled up on the couch and I do believe I will be here all night. I cant seem to breathe when I am laying down so I am camping out on the couch. I have a fever and a very sore throat. I would be willing to bet that I have sneezed over a thousand times this weekend and I guess the drainage is what is making my throat sore. I have sucked on over 20 chloraseptic throat lozenges and my throat is still not that numb. My nose has this constant feeling of being stopped up and when I blow it my ears pop so bad and it hurts! Besides I am trying not to blow it too hard because I am worried about peeing in my pants. Yup, I am in sad shape. You would think I am like 80 or something...not 26!

So wish me luck sleeping on this couch and at the doctors office! I will try and post an update tomorrow! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Track Attack

Saturday, November 14, 2009 2

At Kaylyn's school yesterday they had what they call Track Attack. It is a fundraiser for the school...the money goes directly to the school. Because of the economy the schools budget was cut and of course they are doing tons of fundraisers this year.

They have a track out by the school and the kids get to walk/run around it for a certain length of time...I am thinking an hour but I am honestly not sure. They want each kid to get sponsors to sponsor them a certain amount of money for each lap they went around. Well Kaylyn I didnt get any sponsors but she was able to obtain some donations. My parents gave $100, my MIL gave $20 and I gave $ in my opinion she did pretty good! However, it was discussed that we didnt think she could make it around the track that many times so that is why we made a flat donation. Well it turns out she went around the track 20 times! The track is a 1/4 of a mile so in all she went 5 miles! She shocked me! I didnt think she would make it around 5 times lol! Needless to say I am very proud of her...I wish I could have done that! You would have to call the ambulance at about the second lap or so to come revive me!

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You Name It

I have decided to let you help me rename my blog! Like I said in this post I am not creative by no means but I do want something cute and fun. Sara left me a comment about my interest or more like what I not interested in. Since Sara already took Domestically Challenged (too cute) I will have to find something else lol!

So I guess to help you out I will try and tell you somethings about me. I am NOT a all. I cook simple things like Mac & Cheese, hamburgers, pizza. We do not eat that healthy around here (which IS my fault) but Kaylyn nor Kevin eat healthy. Only me. I could live off vegetables but neither one of them will even look at one. I am currently a stay at home mom that sells Mary Kay. I love Mary Kay...I have met so many interesting women. If it was up to me I would stay home and do this forever, however my customer base is still small so right now I am barely making ends meet. I am hunting a job...but have really had no success. Keep praying for me...either I find a job or my customer base grows (lol)!

I have a wonderful husband that works a full time job and still has time to clean the house. I try to but lately I have been so busy with Kaylyn and Mary Kay that the house had stayed a mess lately. Today alone he begged me to leave the house so he could clean and watch football in peace. I didnt leave but I did retreat to our bedroom and took a nap and when I came back out the house was clean! Yes, I did feel a little guilty. It is one of my priorities to get better at this.

I volunteer alot at Kaylyn's school but for some reason none of the other mothers do. I find that odd but they dont. I would think your child's first year in school that the parents would want to take part in everything. So I have had the pleasure of stapling, cutting, & laminating alot of stuff for Kaylyn's class.

I am a football fanatic! I love football season. I am secretly an Alabama fan but my husband is from Miami and because Alabama beat Miami way back in 92 he cant stand Alabama. So I cheer to myself and cheer against the opponent (whoever that might be) out loud. I was raised a die hard Alabama fan and Kevin thinks he has changed me but he hasnt lol!

I like to read....right now I am reading The Blind Side. I love it so far. I just cant understand how a child just 6 years ago was basically "left behind." How was he not made to go to school and when he did go how did he get from grade to grade not knowing anything? It just breaks my heart. I have to finish the book because the movie comes out this week!

I was a tomboy growing up. There were no girls that lived by me...I was the only one. So I played with my 2 best "boy" friends. Richard and Chris. Chris died almost 4 years ago(Novemeber 28, 2005)...he was a firefighter and was respodning to a call and a big 18-wheeler truck didnt see him coming and I am assuming Chris thought he was going to stop but Chris went on through a redlight and was hit by the 18-wheeler. He died pretty much on impact...he was only 26. Richard was my age so we literally grew up together...we were in all the same classes, the band, and of course drama club. We stay in touch together through FB because now he lives in Alaska. I contribute all of my tomyboyish ways to them...I never wore a bow in my hair. I always had a my hair in a ponytail and you would NOT catch me in a dress! I would climb trees, play outside and jeans and a t-shirt were just fine with me! Even to this day...but I do have to dress up when I have a Mary Kay party.

Those are some little things about me...I really dont know what all to tell you. This was pretty much rambling on! So my blog! If you cant name my blog tell me why you named yours with what you did...Ace for example....why is yours If You Think Round is Funny?

Friday, November 13, 2009

Changing It Up!

Friday, November 13, 2009 3
My blog title reads "My 2009 Weight Loss Journey" as well as my url. Since 2009 is almost up I am wanting to change things around. No I havent given up on my weight loss (actually I have lost 70 more to go!) but I dont want the year thing. I am very picky that way and wasnt thinking it through when I came up with this blog.

Here is where YOU come into play. I am NOT very creative at all. So I want you to help me come up with a new URL because I am going to rename my blog! Something cute and sassy! Plus if I rename my blog I am going to have to get a new makeover as well...any tips on who to use?

If I turn this into a contest will that be more fun?

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Kaylyn's Report Card

Thursday, November 5, 2009 1

So Kaylyn got her report card the other day and everything seems good. She got all 2's which is great. 3 is the highest but the teacher said for the first semester no one receives 3's. So Kaylyn's 2's are good. The only thing she got on her report card that we are going to have to work on is her controlling her mouth.

She has done really well lately...she has gone almost 6 weeks without getting a note sent home. The have the red light system as to where when she gets on red a note gets sent home. We are very proud of her that she seems to tottle between green and yellow lol! She seems to really love school and her teacher. I love her teacher too. She seems to really love the kids and works great with them. There are 20 students in her class and 9 other Kindergarten classes in her school. She has homework everynight as well as reading. Her reading skills since the beginning of the school year has come a long way...I am so amazed! I cant wait to start reading chapter books with her!

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Yes, I am sick. I dont have anything good like the flu but I do have a very wimpy sinus infection! Lately when someone is sick it's just given the have the flu so I am a little embarrassed to just have a sinus infection that is kicking my butt. I feel awful! I got up at 6 and got Kaylyn off to school and Kevin was already at work so when I got home from taking Kaylyn to school I laid back down. I didnt get up until 11 this morning! I got up ran to the bank and stopped by Chick Fil A and got me some lunch on the way home. Then I have been pretty much parked on this couch ever since. Kevin got home around 12:30 and he volunteered to go and pick Kaylyn up from school even though he has to be back at work tonight at 8:30. I am very thankful for that because sitting in the carpool line right about now is not something I want to be doing.

I am hoping that tomorrow I will feel better. I started on antibiotics yesterday so I am hoping this will be the "worse" day because I have so much to do. Even though I am enjoying this very lazy day in the back of my mind I have a list a mile long of things that need to be done. Including a white t-shirt for Kaylyn that she needs by tomorrow for school that I have know about for over a week and of course always waits till the last minute. Thankfully my mom said she would pick one up for me on her way home from work and drop it by my house tonight. Thank God for my mom! I guess you are never too old to "want" your mom. Even though Kevin is somewhat sympathetic of me being sick I can always count on sympathy from my mom! How sad am I?

Well Ellen is getting ready to come on tv so I am off to watch her. I hope everyone is having a wonderful week!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Weekend Fun

Tuesday, November 3, 2009 3
I hope everyone had a wonderful Halloween weekend! We did. Kaylyn spent the night with my parents on Friday night so I got to sleep in...I really needed that! Kevin had to be at work on Saturday at 5am so I was all by myself. I have to say that I enjoyed it. I got up around 10:30 put an MK order in and got dressed and headed towards Kevin's work.

Kevin is a huge Miami Hurricanes fan and has some friends here in Alabama that are too. They hosts alot of game day partys and one happen to be on Halloween this year. So I met Kevin at work and we headed to the party. The game started at 2:30 and for the 1st 2 quarters we watched the Hurricanes play like crap. Really! We had hamburgers and hotdogs grilled out and they were pretty good. Around 4:30 I left to go get Kaylyn dressed for Trick or Treating.

Kaylyn was Ariel the Mermaid this year. We took some pictures (which I have yet to upload, sorry) and then I headed to my grandmother's so they could see her too. My grandparents on my mom's side have 4 grandchildren and 3 great-grandchildren. All of the great-grandchildren are 5 & younger. Kaylyn was the first. Anyways my grandmother always goes overboard with them and bought Kaylyn a princess pail (to Trick or Treat with) and in it was a whole bag of Hershey Kisses (yes a whole bag and JUST what Kaylyn needed!) a bag of Goldfish and some other small goody's. We only stayed there for a few mins because then I had to head to Kevin's parents so they could see her in her costume and we would Trick or Treat in their neighborhood.

Kevin met me at his parents and we headed out. Let me tell you that Halloween isnt what it use to be. There use to be tons of people out and this year well not alot. I think in all we might of hit about 20-30 houses and after that Kaylyn got bored & cold and wanted to come home. I was fine with that because in all honestly Kaylyn doesnt eat candy so really what is the point of Trick or Treating? So in all we were back in the house by 8 on Halloween night! I didnt mind it though...I had had enough fun for one day.

Then Kaylyn begged to spend the night with my MIL and in the end I agreed. I did feel a little guilty thought because tecnically she stayed the whole weekend somewhere else other than home. But she had fun and I am glad that she is able to stay with her grandparents with no problems.
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