Saturday, November 14, 2009

You Name It

Saturday, November 14, 2009
I have decided to let you help me rename my blog! Like I said in this post I am not creative by no means but I do want something cute and fun. Sara left me a comment about my interest or more like what I not interested in. Since Sara already took Domestically Challenged (too cute) I will have to find something else lol!

So I guess to help you out I will try and tell you somethings about me. I am NOT a all. I cook simple things like Mac & Cheese, hamburgers, pizza. We do not eat that healthy around here (which IS my fault) but Kaylyn nor Kevin eat healthy. Only me. I could live off vegetables but neither one of them will even look at one. I am currently a stay at home mom that sells Mary Kay. I love Mary Kay...I have met so many interesting women. If it was up to me I would stay home and do this forever, however my customer base is still small so right now I am barely making ends meet. I am hunting a job...but have really had no success. Keep praying for me...either I find a job or my customer base grows (lol)!

I have a wonderful husband that works a full time job and still has time to clean the house. I try to but lately I have been so busy with Kaylyn and Mary Kay that the house had stayed a mess lately. Today alone he begged me to leave the house so he could clean and watch football in peace. I didnt leave but I did retreat to our bedroom and took a nap and when I came back out the house was clean! Yes, I did feel a little guilty. It is one of my priorities to get better at this.

I volunteer alot at Kaylyn's school but for some reason none of the other mothers do. I find that odd but they dont. I would think your child's first year in school that the parents would want to take part in everything. So I have had the pleasure of stapling, cutting, & laminating alot of stuff for Kaylyn's class.

I am a football fanatic! I love football season. I am secretly an Alabama fan but my husband is from Miami and because Alabama beat Miami way back in 92 he cant stand Alabama. So I cheer to myself and cheer against the opponent (whoever that might be) out loud. I was raised a die hard Alabama fan and Kevin thinks he has changed me but he hasnt lol!

I like to read....right now I am reading The Blind Side. I love it so far. I just cant understand how a child just 6 years ago was basically "left behind." How was he not made to go to school and when he did go how did he get from grade to grade not knowing anything? It just breaks my heart. I have to finish the book because the movie comes out this week!

I was a tomboy growing up. There were no girls that lived by me...I was the only one. So I played with my 2 best "boy" friends. Richard and Chris. Chris died almost 4 years ago(Novemeber 28, 2005)...he was a firefighter and was respodning to a call and a big 18-wheeler truck didnt see him coming and I am assuming Chris thought he was going to stop but Chris went on through a redlight and was hit by the 18-wheeler. He died pretty much on impact...he was only 26. Richard was my age so we literally grew up together...we were in all the same classes, the band, and of course drama club. We stay in touch together through FB because now he lives in Alaska. I contribute all of my tomyboyish ways to them...I never wore a bow in my hair. I always had a my hair in a ponytail and you would NOT catch me in a dress! I would climb trees, play outside and jeans and a t-shirt were just fine with me! Even to this day...but I do have to dress up when I have a Mary Kay party.

Those are some little things about me...I really dont know what all to tell you. This was pretty much rambling on! So my blog! If you cant name my blog tell me why you named yours with what you did...Ace for example....why is yours If You Think Round is Funny?



I had a terrible time coming up with a name so I'm not going to give you any advice at all!

Mine is from a movie. We LOVE movies, we watch movies all the time, we quote movies... you get the picture. My title is from the 1987 Nicholas Cage movie "Raising Arizona". It was just a line in the movie that has been quoted for years by Superman's family.

ben and erin

when i sold mary kay i HATED dressing up too! haha.


I'm not good at naming so i can't help you there, but let me know when you get it figured out and i will do you another header!

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Multi-Tasking Mama?

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