Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Stupid Commercials

Tuesday, November 17, 2009
I have seen my share of stupid commercials lately! Here are a few...

How about the one where all you see through out the WHOLE commercial is a set of perky breast! The breast are talking to each other about how firm & toned the butt is now because the cool new Reebok shoes that tones and firms the butt when you walk/run in them! I wont lie...I did get a kick out of it at first because I never thought a commercial that shows perky breasts is actually about a pair of shoes. Maybe I am jealous because my boobs arent perky anymore:)

The pothole commercial...Geico I believe it is. Yup the talking cement...or the pothole. "Aww, did I do that? Well let me get my cellular and call you a wrecker. Oh wait...I cant because I am a pothole!" I think what drives me crazy about that commercial is the voice of the pothole and that it is so whiny!

How about that Charter Cable commercial...the one where the guy is waiting around for the phone call from the girl...it says there is voicemail, 3 way calling and of course call waiting. It just seems no one is that desperate for a phone call! (this may be just an Alabama commercial)

Maybe its because I have been married for almost 7 years and have moved pass the "sweet" stage in our marriage that I cant stand the new Kay Jewelers commercial. Its the one where she is standing there looking out the window while its storming outside. She looks all scared as it thunders outside as she turn to her "loving" husband who has this beautiful diamond necklace that he wraps around her neck. It makes me want to yell 2 things at the tv...1) get a freaking room and 2) shut the darn blinds and you wont see the storm! Yes, I think I can be a cold person at times!

Not to mention all the commercials on the Disney channel because they are all for toys and all I hear out of Kaylyn's mouth is "Can I have that?"

So what commercials do you not like?



I have seen the Reebok commercial a time or two and I DON'T like it. Once was with my boyfriend and I told him to turn his head, lol. As for commercials I don't like...well anything Geico with the cavemen. I just think they are stupid. And I don't like the one about abused animals with Sarah MacLachlan's song "Angel" playing in it, because now I can't listen to that song without thinking about it. Granted the song has never been a happy one, but now if I hear it all I can see is a sad puppy. :(

Sara @ Domestically Challenged

Man, I am so out of it. We don't have a TV, so I am missing all this good stuff!!!


Lmbo! I have gotten two calls from work (my boss and a customer) that says they think of me every time they see the pothole commercial, lol. They say I sound just like the voice. I was like no wonder people make fun of the way I talk! Lmbo!

Aunt of 14

I hate that Reebok commercial too!! It's like, why do you have to show every single curve so close up? I don't want to see THAT.

Geico annoys the heck out of me too. EVERYTHING about it. The cavemen, the little geiko, the little pile of dollar bills with eyes on it. None of it makes any sense!

ben and erin

i haven't seen any of those commercials, but i have a feeling i'd react the same way to the kay commercial!

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