Thursday, November 26, 2009

I am Thankful For

Thursday, November 26, 2009
For Thanksgiving years ago my preacher challenged us to come up with a list of 100 things that we are thankful for. Big or small whatever you are thankful for. Well its been a while since I have done a list so I thought I would challenge myself this year. For time's sake I stopped at 50...but of course there is so much more that I am thankful for!

  1. God-I am so thankful for a loving God that died for MY sins and forgives me daily for my sins.
  2. My Parents-I was not born with a silver spoon in my mouth but I had everything I needed and more. Even now that I am out of work they are helping us out and its so wonderful to have parents that make sure you still have everything even at 26!
  3. Kevin-I have a wonderful husband that loves me for me.
  4. Kaylyn-I have a beautiful, healthy daughter and I am so blessed to have her in my life!
  5. My brother Justin-Only 18 months separate us (I am older) and we have grown so close over the years.
  6. Inlaws-I am so thankful for my inlaws. I have wonderful inlaws! We actually get along! They are just as much helpful as my parents are have been so good to keep Kaylyn while we both worked and never charged a dime. They have been so good to all of us!
  7. Grandparents-I am so thankful that both sets of my grandparents are still alive and have been able so far to watch Kaylyn grow up and be apart of her life.
  8. Mary Kay-believes God first, family second and career third...what else can I say?
  9. My Church family-I have a wonderful church family that I am apart of.
  10. Sunday School class- A bunch of people my age that I can have good Christian fun with!
  11. The Internet-there is so much out there! And its at my fingertips & quick!
  12. My laptop-I am so thankful that I can sit anywhere in my house on it! Not just at my desk!
  13. TV-so thankful that when I need a break I can watch so many good shows like Desperate Housewives, Grey's Anatomy, Private Practive, and Law & Order SVU!
  14. My car-I didnt want it in the first place but it's nice to have a car that runs and has a little bit of space!
  15. My home-will be paid off in 5 yrs and I am content with that. It's where Kaylyn has grown up and what she is use to.
  16. The Beach-Its so peaceful there. I love hearing the waves crashing and smelling the salt air.
  17. SEC Football-I love football time! I of course and secretly and Alabama fan (Roll Tide) but my husband is a Miami fan! Either way I am rooting for Alabama tomorrow when they play Auburn!
  18. Neighbors-they are not nosey! We all tend to keep to ourselves while watching out for others...if that makes sense.
  19. Washer & Dryer-thank God I dont have to do my laundry myself.
  20. Dishwasher-I could never hand wash all of our dishes. If I had to I would go simply paper everything!
  21. Sweet Tea-I would literally thirst to death if I didnt have Sweet Tea.
  22. Bottled Water-second best to sweet tea and it carry's so well in a bottle!
  23. Hershey Bar-when I need something sweet a Hershey Bar will hit the spot!
  24. Fall-so thankful for the crisp air and all the leaves changing colors and falling down.
  25. Starbucks-Yes, I said Starbucks. I love their White Chocolate Mocha's and I pay $4.91 for a Venti.
  26. Chick-fil-a-is considered a "fast food" place but I feel that it is one of the more healthier places and I bet I eat at Chick-fil-a at least twice a week. Please note that is why my butt is so big!
  27. Perfume-it makes me smell so yummy! Right now I am loving Mary Kay's Bella Belara perfume. Love it!
  28. Candy Corn-especially around Halloween. It's just a cute little candy that always hits the spot!
  29. Candles-especially the sweet smelling ones. I have a weird craze for candles. I collect cute ones too. I get these from the Candle Place in the mall.
  30. Garden Tubs-I love filling my Garden Tub up to the max! Especially with some good smelling bubble bath. Plus, where I live I dont pay water...its figured in my rent so how awesome is that?
  31. Walmart-Yes my husband is employed by Walmart (he is a supervisor at Sams Club) so pretty much he gets paid and we go and spend it back there. Of course they always have everything and most of the time its with a low price.
  32. Sam's Club-I can buy in bulk there! Everything I can possibly need in bulk is there and of course great prices too!
  33. White Powdered Donuts-just a sweet little taste of something good!
  34. Umemployment-thankfully I still qualify for this and have been receiving it since mid September. Its definetely helped out.
  35. Keyless Entry-I dont have to fumble and try and get my key in the hole...I just press a button and hop right in my car!
  36. MP3 Player-love having music while I walk the track. Wonderful invention!
  37. Refridgerator Magnets-I have alot and if I positon them correctly they will hide the dent from the dishwasher!
  38. FRIENDS-absoulutely the best show ever made! I have seen every show at least 100 times! I wish they would do a reunion show or something like that.
  39. Zrytec-contains my allergies for 24hrs!.
  40. Febreze-makes everything smell so good!
  41. Geico-yup the Pothole commercial. I am so thankful for car insurance!
  42. Foundation-covers up all the redness in my skin and makes it look more like one color and more even complexion!
  43. Roomba-I dont have to manually vacuum! How cool is that? I just set it in the middle of the room and hit the button and it vacuums the room and then return back to its base to charge!
  44. Digital Pictures-so much easier than film...quicker to upload and develop!
  45. Kettle Korn Popcorn-I hate popcorn but love the sweetness of this!
  46. Parking spots that is so far from the door-I am so thankful that I am able to walk no matter the length of the parking lot!
  47. Lists-they keep me sane!
  48. DVR-I can record shows when I am not home! Its quite convenient
  49. Slip on shoes-so easy to put on. Just slip on and go! No untying and smushing your foot down in the shoe!
  50. Gel pens-I am a pen freak and I love gel pens...they just write so neat!
These are my 50 things and now I challenge you to 50!


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