Thursday, November 5, 2009

Kaylyn's Report Card

Thursday, November 5, 2009

So Kaylyn got her report card the other day and everything seems good. She got all 2's which is great. 3 is the highest but the teacher said for the first semester no one receives 3's. So Kaylyn's 2's are good. The only thing she got on her report card that we are going to have to work on is her controlling her mouth.

She has done really well lately...she has gone almost 6 weeks without getting a note sent home. The have the red light system as to where when she gets on red a note gets sent home. We are very proud of her that she seems to tottle between green and yellow lol! She seems to really love school and her teacher. I love her teacher too. She seems to really love the kids and works great with them. There are 20 students in her class and 9 other Kindergarten classes in her school. She has homework everynight as well as reading. Her reading skills since the beginning of the school year has come a long way...I am so amazed! I cant wait to start reading chapter books with her!

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Awe. I'm glad she's doing well! I know you are proud.

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