Monday, November 16, 2009

Sick Update

Monday, November 16, 2009
Well I went to the doctor this morning. I felt awful all night. My fever got as high as 103 and I slept on the couch in a hoodie and pair of jeans with 2 blankets on top of me! For the life of me I could not get warm! Kevin had to be at work this morning at 5am and I really didnt go to sleep until around 3ish so needless to say by the time I had to get up to get Kaylyn ready I felt worse. My appointment was at 10:45 and right as I was pulling in my mom called and asked me to bring her a sausage biscuit. She is the Office Manager where I go to the doctor so its really cool because I dont pay copays! Since I was running a few minutes early I ran to Burger King and picked her up a biscuit.

Anyway, I was finally called back and I gave all my symptoms (fever, sore throat, body aches, stuffy nose) and then they decided to swab my nose. Man I cant stand it when things like that go up my nose! I felt like she was scratching my brain! My eyes started watering and I started sneezing. She said I wasnt showing any flu strains but since I had waiting a couple of days before I came in so it could have been. However, I did also have a double ear infection and sinus drainage. So in the end I got a antibiotic and steroid shot in my rear!

Because of these 2 shots I feel pretty good now! I had all intentions of coming home and taking a nap, but that fell through because I couldnt settle down. The steroid has me all pumped up...come to think of it I should have taken advantage of it and cleaned my house...but I didnt! However, I am very tired so I will probably go to bed early tonight!


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