Thursday, November 5, 2009


Thursday, November 5, 2009
Yes, I am sick. I dont have anything good like the flu but I do have a very wimpy sinus infection! Lately when someone is sick it's just given the have the flu so I am a little embarrassed to just have a sinus infection that is kicking my butt. I feel awful! I got up at 6 and got Kaylyn off to school and Kevin was already at work so when I got home from taking Kaylyn to school I laid back down. I didnt get up until 11 this morning! I got up ran to the bank and stopped by Chick Fil A and got me some lunch on the way home. Then I have been pretty much parked on this couch ever since. Kevin got home around 12:30 and he volunteered to go and pick Kaylyn up from school even though he has to be back at work tonight at 8:30. I am very thankful for that because sitting in the carpool line right about now is not something I want to be doing.

I am hoping that tomorrow I will feel better. I started on antibiotics yesterday so I am hoping this will be the "worse" day because I have so much to do. Even though I am enjoying this very lazy day in the back of my mind I have a list a mile long of things that need to be done. Including a white t-shirt for Kaylyn that she needs by tomorrow for school that I have know about for over a week and of course always waits till the last minute. Thankfully my mom said she would pick one up for me on her way home from work and drop it by my house tonight. Thank God for my mom! I guess you are never too old to "want" your mom. Even though Kevin is somewhat sympathetic of me being sick I can always count on sympathy from my mom! How sad am I?

Well Ellen is getting ready to come on tv so I am off to watch her. I hope everyone is having a wonderful week!



Aw, everybody's getting sick! Hope you feel better soon!

Aunt of 14

AW Alicia! Get better soon!

A sinus infection can sometimes be worse than the flu. It hurts so bad. I am so glad you are on antibiotics though, that will help a lot! I took my first dose of antibiotics yesterday and I am already feeling a lot better. Not enough but the body chills? gone. Yay.

Get healthy, woman!

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