Wednesday, November 18, 2009

A Letter From the School

Wednesday, November 18, 2009
Yesterday I received a letter in the mail from Kaylyn's school.

To the parents of Kaylyn...

Our records indicate that Kaylyn has accumulated at least (8) eight absences to school as of today's date. The purpose of this letter is to inform you of those dates and to remind you that your child's attendance in school is very important for academic success.

Our school is here to provide the best education possible for your child, and your assistance is needed. We hope this courtesy notice and student attendance profile will help you keep better track of the number of days Kaylyn has been absent from school. The Shelby County Board of Education Code of Conduct and Attendance Manual addresses absences in this way:

"Absences beyond 12 must be documented with a doctor's or court excuse or permission of the principal. Any student enrolled in K-5, who accumulates more than 12 absences during the year, is subject to being retained in the same grade the succeeding year. Attendance regulations state that a child must be in attendance a minimum of 168 days in order to receive credit. If such is the case the parent/guardian and the attendance officer shall be notified in writing in the event of retention."

We know that you are concerned about your child's success, and we are here to assist you in every way. Should you have further questions concerning attendance, please contact me at XXX-XXX-XXXX.

I was actually kind of mad when I received this letter! For starters Kaylyn has been sick EVERY single day that she was out with 1 exception. She has a Doctor's note for every single day she was out except for that 1. Are the rules not going to bend this year because of the swine flu? I mean half the school was out for a solid week? Here are the dates and reasons why she was out:

8/21-cough & fever, had to go to the doctor (doctors note provided)
9/08-out of town for Kevin's grandfather, we thought he was dying and wanted to see him before he did. Thankfully he is fine now but it was a close call. (unexcused apparently)
9/25 & 9/28 Swine flu over the weekend with very high fever. Went to the doctors (note provided)
10/16-walking pneumonia (micro plasma)-doctors note
10/20 & 10/21 -still has fever from walking pneumonia-went to the dr again (another copay!) and provided a doctor's note
11/9-walking pneumonia again (I know!) and because of her lungs being so week because she keeps getting walking pneumonia she has developed asthma...I forgot to tell yall that! (doctors note provided)

So my child has been sick... I know this is just a warning but still bothers me! I feel in some way that I have let Kaylyn down and I know that is crazy but I cant help it. She was never this sick in preschool! She was actually sick 1 (yes one time) out of 3 years in preschool! She has salmonella poison (thanks to McDonald's) and that isnt even something you can "catch!" Is it just my child that has been this sick?



Aunt of 14

I would feel kind of insulted too, if I got that letter. Make sure you have copies of each and every dr's note you gave them-- it is possible they may have gotten lost along the way from the teacher's hands. If you don't have copies, the Dr's office will. Bring them to the PRINCIPAL along with the letter you got in the mail. Ask the Principal to clarify what the heck the letter meant. Maybe the principal didn't get all the information. Don't give it to anyone else except the principal herself/himself.



I have to LOL because I received a letter like this from Tiggers school - The little guy had the swine flu, a Dr.s note and they still sent me a letter telling me he had been out to much and if he missed more then such and such, I would have to go to court to explain why I wasn't keeping him in school! Jerkfaces :)

Sara @ Domestically Challenged

I a teacher I knw that we have to do this by the state and county law. For every parent like you who has a valid excuse for their child's absenses, there is another who is just too lazy to send their child to school, or lets the child stay home for no reason. It is sad that we have to lump them all together.

Laura and the family

I feel for you. I'm often in CATCH 22 because I am both working mom of two sons and a teacher.

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