Sunday, November 29, 2009

O Fork Where Art Thou?

Sunday, November 29, 2009
For those of you who know about my daughter's eating habits things have not gotten any better. For those who dont, I will fill you in a little. Kaylyn doesnt eat anything a normal 5 year old eats. She eats no vegetables, some fruits (bananas, strawberries, & grapes), canned biscuits, and of course a 6 pc McNugget Happy Meal from McDonald's! I am serious, I have listed pretty much everything she will eat. I can NOT get her to try anything else. Anytime I finally get her to try something as soon as it hits her tounge she throws EVERYTHING that she has congested within the last week back up! Not kidding. It drives me nuts because I know that she isnt getting the vitamins or nutrients she needs. And getting a vitamin down her...yeah right!

On to say that when we do fix biscuits for her which is actually pretty often she likes to eat them with a fork. I have noticed within the last week or so that my forks are disappearing. I couldnt understand where they were going. So yesterday Kevin was getting ready to take out the garbage and he saw something shiny. He opened up the trash some and realized it was one of my forks! Apparently when Kaylyn threw her paper plate away she just through the fork away too. Not just one fork...three forks! Yup three! Kevin got to digging and found two more. No wondering I am missing forks. I bet some of them have already been thrown out for good! I am still missing two from my set.

Needless to say we had to have a talk with Kaylyn to let her know that our forks are not to be thrown away. They are to be put in the sink when she is done with her food. Let's see if this works.


Aunt of 14

Oh, kids can be the pickiest eaters!! I don't have any advice here, except to say that when she gets hungry, she will eat.

I am glad you had a good Thanksgiving! :)

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