Friday, June 26, 2009

Chocolate Cupcakes

Friday, June 26, 2009

***Side note: For the life of me I dont know where my camera is right now or I would have pics to go along with this.

Last night Kaylyn and I made chocolate cupcakes. She loves making cupcakes and its actually one thing she will eat...though I wont let her eat alot of them. She decided chocolate mix with chocolate icing. To me that sounds like too much chocolate but she was excited so I went along with it. She made it all...I just sat back and instructed her and made sure the kitchen didnt get too dirty. She did very well too. She poored the mix, oil, water and broke the eggs into the batter. I had to pick a few pieces of the egg shells out but nothing major. She then stirred it...well I stirred it because she wasnt actually getting down into the batter. She was only stirring the top.

I put all the cupcake cups into the muffin tin. I gave her a spoon and put batter into one of the muffin slots just to show her how high to fill it. After that I gave it all to her to finish. She filled the rest up and was able to manage to get chocolate everywhere but that is ok. I put them in the oven and set the timer (I am a timer fan because if I get distracted something will me). She went back into the living room and was watching something on Disney. I finished up some work as well as cleaning up the kitchen. After the timer went off she came running in to check them out. I pulled them out so she could she and she was ready to put the icing on them. I told her they would definitely need to cool. After a while of cooling she was ready to ice them. I gave her the icing and she went to town on them. After 5 she lost interest in them and told me I can do the rest. I really think she was more excited over eating one. So I told her she could have one while I finished the others. I finished the rest up and turned around and there was Kaylyn...covered in chocolate. Times like this I really needed my camera. Anywhere chocolate was able to get she had it there.

All in all though we both had a good time making the cupcakes...well she really made then I supervised. But it was some good time together...I think we will have to do this more often. By the way...I have like 24 cupcakes that I will not eat...they didnt seem that appealing to me. I may have to bring some of them to work so she doesnt eat them all.

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Aunt of 14

I love how she "poored" the mix! *giggles* and you know what. I am an old woman and I STILL get my egg shells into the batter SOMEHOW. I hate digging into the egg whites to get the cracked shell piece out because it just runs away from you when you come near!


OH, that sounds like so much fun!! I LOVE baking with the girls :) 'cept I do eat the goodies!

Sara @ Domestically Challenged

just the title of this post was enough to make my stomach growl! Yum.

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