Tuesday, June 30, 2009

My Night/Rant

Tuesday, June 30, 2009
Last night I was in a foul mood. Why, you ask? I dont really know why. Could it be that Kaylyn wouldnt eat anything for dinner so I told her she could go hungry...then to find out when I got out of the shower the not so dear husband had give her one of the chocolate cupcakes. You know I back him up when he says something...why cant he? Then said cupcake ends up falling out of Kaylyn's hands because she is dancing to Dora and ended up icing side down into the carpet. After all that Kaylyn some how ends up with another cupcake (dont ask) and this time she manages to eat 75% of it and the other 25% ends up on the table, her & her hair. Off to the bathtub we go. I wash her & her hair get her out and put on her PJ's. She keeps telling me her foot is hurting...so I look at it. It looks like she had a blister and it popped and was in the process of healing. She insisted that she needed a bandaid so I gave her one. I went into the kitchen to get her Zyrtec & something to drink and by the time I got back in there I see 4 more bandaids wadded up on the bed and no bandaid on her foot. So I grab another one and start putting it on her foot. She went ballistic because she wanted to do it. By then my patience was shot and told her that she had 4 previous attempts to get a bandaid on her foot and it didnt happen. This time Mommy is putting it on there and end of story! She screams and cries (clearly tired and needed to go to bed) and I told her it was time to go to bed. She gave her Daddy kisses good night and heads to her room. It was rather early (I was so tired) so I told her I would leave the TV on for a few minutes so I set the timer for 30 mins. As I leaned down to kiss her goodnight I step in something gooey & sticky. I looked down and there was pink stuff in my carpet...a blob of it at least 6 in long. I could tell you I was seeing red...I asked Kaylyn what it was. She of course said I dont know as she shrugs her shoulders. I asked her again and she gets on the floor and smells it. She said "Oh, that's my toothpaste!" Why is there toothpaste in your room and not in the bathroom where it belongs. She didnt have an answer and I was way beyond my limits so I kissed her good night and I went and got in my bed and went to sleep.

I had had a long day at work (Mondays normally are) and a headache that was killing me. I know I shouldnt have left it there but I feel that if I would have started to clean it up I would have became increasingly mad so I just left it for tonight.

Not to mention this...something my brainiac husband did. This happened yesterday morning.

Sorry...I had to get somethings off my chest. Thanks for reading listening:)


Aunt of 14

Definitely sounds like you've had it up to your eyeballs! I think you're tired... I hope you get the break you deserve soon! :)


Oh, I hate days like that! Good for you for keeping your cool though. I would've been yelling so loud the neighbors could hear.


Lmbo! Toothpaste in the floor, classic!

I would have left it too!

I hope tomorrow, well actually today is better for you.

Oh and if it makes you feel any better, I had company come by last night and said company found a hotdog in my living room floor. The girls had decided the puppy was hungry, and there really is no telling how long it had been there. I suppose somebody should really be watching them, well my kids.

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