Monday, August 31, 2009

The Treasure Box

Monday, August 31, 2009

So I mentioned in this post that Kaylyn has a bit of a talking problem. Twice last week I got a note sent home or really just a marking in her folder that she talks to much. So Friday I was in line to pick her up and I spotted her. She looked ok but when she got in the car she just started crying. I knew that meant she got in trouble today at school. She was telling me that she couldnt go in the treasure box. So I told her she didnt deserve to because she didnt listen to Mrs. Lucas (her teacher). The Treasure Box is something earned and that hopefully next week she will remember this incident and behave next week.

However, when I pulled out her folder she had a smiley face for that day. So with that I dont know why she was freaking out. However, after thinking about it I am assuming that if you get a "note" sent home once that week then you lose your chance with the Treasure Box. I am going to tell you that is going to be hard for Kaylyn. I hope she can do it but I know will kill her not to talk. So that leaves me wondering if she will ever get to "pick" something out of the Treasure Box.

Am I bad to think that of my child?

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My sweet nephew ha the same problem...he loved to be the class clown. It was so hard for him to stop talking and playing around...but he eventually did stop...

Aunt of 14

No, its not bad thinking that about your child. You KNOW her. You're being honest and realistic. I sure hope that eventually she'll get to go in the treasure box. You may want to talk to the teacher to find out what the rules are to get to the box and then work with Kaylyn on that.


I could be a chatter box in school too. I got in trouble for it. I once had a horrible third grade teacher though who told me, "Amber, I'm DISGUSTED that you won't stop talking." I mean..geez..harsh much??


I bet that she'll adjust. Hopefully the other kids will be a positive influence and she won't struggle with her talking.

Crazee Juls

Oh the treasure box...
I remember those days.
I agree w/ Lisa--she'll adjust and I bet it won't be long before she'll be bringing home a prize. Sounds like she's full of personality--and as someone who's been in education...sometimes I think teachers need to adapt the rules just a little for different personalities... let kids be who they are, ya know?


I'm sure once she gets the point she will be in that treasure box every week. She probably got it already.

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