Monday, August 3, 2009

No Parking Here

Monday, August 3, 2009
I work in a 1-story office complex that has about 6-8 different suites in it. I work in the second to last on the east side of the building. There are 4 upfront parking spots and then about 8 back row parking spots. Well there is this lady that drives this BIG Ford F-150 truck and she always parks right up front in our parking...when I say I parking I mean its given because its right in front of MY office. For the past year it seems that we (me & this lady plus another male coworker of mine) have been fighting over this one spot. We will call her Truck Lady and my Male Coworker ...hmmm....what can we call him? We will call him Tuna! We always give him a hard time because he brings a can of tuna & crackers for lunch pretty much every day.

Anyway back to my story...I normally work 7-4. However, sometimes I stroll in whenever I this morning at 7:38. Good thing I dont punch a time clock and that there isnt anyone usually here at this time. Tuna however has been coming in a little earlier lately...not sure why but whatever. Well this morning when I rolled in on 2 wheels Tuna was already here. He always will give that up front parking space to me whenever he beats me here. However, Truck Lady must have got here early because she had already got my spot!! Believe it or not this is a serious issue to me & Tuna! We just dont understand why Truck Lady who works in the first suite on the west side of the building insists on parking in OUR parking spot! Have we ever confronted! We simply just try to beat her to work everyday!
Well Tuna had enough today...I guess he was upset I didnt get my parking spot and had to walk 5 extra feet to the office lol! He took it upon himself to construct these nifty signs in like 30 mins!

As you can tell...I blurred out my company's name...I would hate for them to know that we construct parking signs during office hours! I think he did a pretty darn good job! He used stuff that was lying around the office!

So when I left for lunch he put them down into the ground in OUR 4 parking spots. I came back and they looked great! Well Tuna had left to go to a site survey and Big Boss Lady was on her way out the door when Truck Lady walked by and Big Boss Lady accidentally scared her when she went out the door. Truck Lady practically fell off the curb. Boss Lady made sure she was ok when Truck Lady realized the signs had been put up. She asked if those signs were up this morning and Boss Lady said no they were put up mid morning. Truck Lady apologized for parking there and then informed us that she had osteoporosis so she tries to park close to the building. Now while I can understand this why doesnt she park in front of HER building 6 suites down? No, I am not being a cold hearted bitch...dont worry the signs are being pulled up today!




I'd leave the signs! I understand she has a health issue, but she can also park in front of her own office. It's okay, I'm heartless sometimes too!

Aunt of 14

Hehehe, I think those signs were a good idea and how do you know that the lady isn't faking? Ah, to be heartless... hmm...


I totally understand!! I have a reserved parking spot at work and if ever anyone "mistakenly" (I have been there 20 years, how could they NOT know that is my park?) parks in it (God forbid) I have the come aparts. My day just doesn't go right if my car is not in its right spot.

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