Sunday, August 23, 2009

Sick Again

Sunday, August 23, 2009

One week into school and Kaylyn is sick. She came home from school on Thursday and she looked really tired so that alarmed me. When we got home I looked her over and could tell in her eyes she wasnt feeling well. I asked her about it and she said that she wanted to lay down for a little while. I knew then she was sick because she never lays down for any reason! I felt her head and sure enough she had a fever. I got the thermometer out to confirm this. Yup, a low grade fever. Within an hour or so she developed a cough.

I knew with the fever she shouldnt go to school the next day so I sent her teacher a quick email to let her know that Kaylyn would be out on Friday. She coughed all Friday night. We gave her two different cough syrups through out the night and nothing seemed to help. She woke up around 5:30am coughing so much that she threw up all over herself and her bed. Kevin and I got it all cleaned up including her and settled her down and she went right back to sleep. Bless her heart she was so tired. I knew I wasnt going into the weekend like this so I set my alarm for 8 and made sure I called and got her an appt with the doctor.

They only had an 9:30 & 2:00 appt so we took the 2 since she was still sleeping and seemed to have stop coughing for a bit. She got up around 10 and we just laid around the living room watching Wall-E for most of the morning. We met Kevin for lunch since he had to work and once again I knew she was sick when she passed up McDonald's. She would eat McDonald's 3 times a day if I would let her!

At the doctors office he checked her over pretty good and then ordered a finger prick. After her labs came back he diagnosed her with Microplasma aka Walking Pneumonia. This is twice this year she has had that...which makes me wonder once you get it are you more succeptable of getting it again? He prescribed her an antibiotic and sent us on the way.

She was great Friday night execpt for the low grade fever. She pretty much slept through the night. However, Saturday afternoon I noticed her struggling to catch her breath so I was a little alarmed. I called the nurse and told her what was going on. I am asthmatic myself so I could tell she was wheezing and I told all of this to the nurse. She told me to go ahead and give her 2 puffs of my inhaler and head on to the seems she would need a breathing treatment or two. So I did this and off we went to the ER. I called Kevin and he met me at ER. Once there she was fine...I'm not kidding you either! She was literally bouncing off the walls. I knew then that the steroid in the inhaler was "working" and making her very hyper. We got called back and the doctor there looked her over and said she was fine. She was moving air 100% and she was no longer wheezing. He said that if this happens again give her the inhaler and if she isnt better in 30 mins or so then come back to the ER.

Last night she was fine throughout the night as well. Then today she has that cough but seems to be breathing just fine. Hopefully the worse has passed and she will be fine by tomorrow.

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Aunt of 14

You're such a good mother!!! I am glad Kaylyn is going to be OK... now how are YOU?!


That stinks! I hope that she continues to improve! (((hugs)))


Poor little girl!

Hope she's feeling better.



Oh my, you sure had a good scare. Glad to hear she is better. Poor baby!

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