Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Dentist

Tuesday, February 24, 2009
I have been in pain all day! Excedrin Migraine hasnt been working either. That is all I have. I got to work this morning around 8 and I normally make myself a cup of oatmeal and that is my breakfast. I did that this morning but I wasnt able to eat it. My mouth hurt so bad that I could really eat the very soft oatmeal. Isnt that crazy? So I didnt have breakfast...for lunch me and Kami (co worker) decided on soup & salad from the Olive Garden. I couldnt eat the soup either. I ended up drinking the broth out of it. So by the time my appt at the dentist rolled around I was starving.

My stomach growled the whole time I was in the dentist chair. They took an xray of my tooth. The dentist came in and told me it was absessed. He could either do a root canal or they could just pull it. I opted for the root canal because I dont want to be missing a tooth. So he said I could wait and do it or go ahead and have it done today. Again I chose today because it was hurting so bad. I couldnt keep this up although I probably could have dropped a few pounds by not eating lol! They numbed me up pretty good...I just hate those shots they have to give you. It really stung! Anyway about 45mins later or so they finished my root canal. I am still pretty numb from it. They gave me an antibiotic and some pain meds for the week. I stopped by Walgreens and had that filled. I have taken my meds so I am getting ready to go to bed.

I did want to fess up tell you that since I was so numb Kevin (its all his fault) ordered some Papa John's Pizza. I have to remind you that I am starving so I ended up having 4 pieces of pizza and 2 cans of Ginger Ale. I really havent eaten all day and that isnt an excuse but I was so hungry. I am not happy with it but I did it and now have to move on.

Anyway, I am getting some feeling back and a little bit of pain so I am heading off to bed. Hope you have a great night!



Ouchie! I'm glad you had it taken care of before it got worse. I hope you start feeling a lot better soon. :)

Josh and Tiff:

I had a feeling your tooth was absessed if it was hurting that bad. Glad you went ahead and got it over with. It's always best not to wait when it comes to your teeth. I'm happy that everything went well for you. Keep that pain medicine in your system until it's all gone! Don't skip even one dose! Hope you feel much better today.


hope you feel better.


thanks for the prayers! ;-)
Sorry about your tooth - OUCH!! Glad you got it fixed up though, I wouldnt beat yourself up too much over the pizza, you still probably stayed pretty good in your points since it's all you had eaten all day.
Keep up the good work!!


I hope you feel better soon! And remember not to do any emailing on your pain meds. I hear that often leads to embarrassment. Haha.

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