Monday, February 2, 2009

February 2

Monday, February 2, 2009
Today hasnt been all that bad but tonight might be...more on that in a minute.

For breakfast I had a cup of oatmeal with a bottled water.
For snack I had a granola bar (100 calories)
For lunch I had a grilled chicken with wild rice, side salad, hummus dip with pita bread.

But as for tonight. My dad got rained out today at work....he works outside so if it rains he doesnt have to work. So he went home and put on a pot of potato soup. I absolutely love potato soup...especially with cornbread. Yes, I am southern!!! Plus my dad is an awesome cook so I am soooo looking forward to supper.

Kevin worked all night last night and didnt get any sleep before he went in yesterday (because of the Super Bowl) so I told him me and Kaylyn would go to my parents for a little so he could sleep in the peace & quiet. It is NOT quiet when Kaylyn is there. So that is where I will be tonight...I am sure I will post about it when I get home:)



Treat yourself-Enjoy the soup! it sounds delicious!


You are doing great. You are making some fabulous changes. Good job! One of my big downfalls was Dr. Pepper. I would drink it all day long and never have any water. I slowly switched to Diet (yuck) and now I only drink about half a soda a day. Unfortunately now I have pretty much changed over to coffee but only for the first half of the day (maybe a total of 2 cups if I have time) and then water for the rest of the day. Pretty happy with that. The sugarless gum helps with my boredom and sweet cravings and basically just gives my mouth something to do when it would normally be eating. I hope it works for you. Keep it up. You are doing FANTASTIC!!! Think of the end rewards. It will be completely worth it.
My goal is to lose about 50 lbs by September for a wedding and then for Disney World at Christmas. Here's hoping, praying, and working. :) See you soon.

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