Thursday, February 26, 2009

Thank God for NyQuil

Thursday, February 26, 2009
I am loving me some NyQuil. I took my temp a couple of hours ago it and it was up to 102. I have been sweating like crazy. Then I decided to go outside for a little while. It feels so good outside. Anyway because of my fever the hubby got me some NyQuil. Of course it reduces fever and hopefully will help me sleep. Well I took it an hour ago and I feel great. The best I have felt all day. My fever has gone down but I am still a little congested. But I am not aching like I was and my headache is gone too. It is making me sleepy though. So I will be off to bed very soon!

Kevin reminded me that he does take care of me when I am sick. He does but not like I take care of him lol! And I am not sick as much as he is. But I will admit, he has done a good job! Well I am off to watch the 10 o'clock news and then I am off to bed!



I hope you feel better soon!!! Get plenty of rest.


I hope you are feeling better! It's great that your man takes care of you when you are sick. That's sweet.

My husband is sick way more than me too. Wonder why that is? Probably because women are so much tougher than men, lol.

loosing in 2009

I'm glad the medicine is helping you to feel better!!! Hope your over the flu soon. The flu is miserable!!!


Feel better soon!

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GOOOOOOOO NYQUIL!!!!! yay!!!!! ***Cartwheel***

the smiling fat girl

mmmmm... nyquil.... GUD stuff. ;0)

sweetdreams, my friend.


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