Tuesday, February 3, 2009

No She Didnt

Tuesday, February 3, 2009
After Kaylyn gets out of school my inlaws normally pick her up. That is what happened today. I called and checked on her because as most of you know she has been sick. I havent really posted much about my family other than my immediate family. I have wonderful inlaws. Alot of people cant say that but I truely can. I love my inlaws and I talk to my mother in law at least once a day! So anyway...I called to check on Kaylyn. When Abbie (mother in law) answered I could hear Kaylyn in the back ground screaming & crying. My first instict of course was that she was hurt. Abbie assured me she wasnt. She was in trouble...and was vocally protesting it. Barry (father in law) & Abbie have all the newest, coolest gaming systems because Barry plays and so does Jason (dont let me forget and I will explain who & the situation is with Jason) when he is in town. Well Kaylyn has been playing them as well. In her room they have the Playstation 3 & 2, V-Motion (awesome learning tool), and a Sega. Kaylyn mostly plays the PS3 there as well as Jason. Becuase Jason is a 15yr old boy he has alot of Teen & M(not that I agree with it) rated games. Well today Kaylyn wanted to play one. Barry told her no because she wasnt old enough. He then tried to explain the whole teenager age thing (she needs to be a teenager before she can play these games), which to where she insisted she was a teenager. Clearly she is 5yrs old! Anyway she kept arguing with him about it and ended up turing around and calling him a "IDIOT!" My 5yr old just called her grandfather an idiot!! I couldnt beleive it. I dont know where she heard that from because honestly (seriously) I (WE) dont say that. So of course she was put in time out (I would have spanked her) and I called in the middle of it. So that is why she was crying so loudly. Plus she thought I would take up for her! She cried so much harder when I got on to her over the phone! Bless her heart! I told her you cant say those kinds of things! Needless to say when I did get home tonight she was very sorry and has apologized at least ten times. She did not get her extra play time tonight (she wasnt happy, but I think she understood why) and when she got out of the bathtub she went right to bed. I just can not believe she said that!

So what has your child said?


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