Monday, February 16, 2009

Not Me Monday!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Yes, it's that time again! Not Me Monday is a wonderful blog carnival that MckMama started! It is the best therapy there is and it's completely free!! This is where I will tell you all things that I did NOT do this past week. After you read mine hop on over to MckMama's blog and see what her and everyone else did NOT do this week!

  • I did NOT go and weigh in this week at WW and I did NOT find out that I have lost 3.4 lbs this week! NOT me!
  • I was NOT me that cheated on my diet over the weekend and had Birthday cake which was 7pts and if that wasnt enough I added 3 more pts for vanilla ice cream!
  • Not speaking of my diet I have NOT had only water to drink over the last week! I am NOT learning to like water!
  • Other than my "cheat" over the weekend I am NOT liking this WW diet and I am NOT getting use to the whole point thing!
  • It was NOT me that turned 26 on Friday the 13th!
  • It was also NOT m loving husband who got me a birthday cake that said "Happy 25th Birthday Alicia!" We have been married almost 6yrs, he surely does NOT know how old I am!
  • It was NOT me that got pretty mad at a lady that was suppose to come look at my house between 5 & 6 on Tuesday. It was NOT me that got even madder when she showed up at 8 that night! But, it might NOT turn out well because I do NOT think she is ready to buy it. Please pray she do NOT want it and that all the financing does NOT go well!!!



Hey! SO glad you're doing Not Me Monday! But I had to delete your link because the title you entered didn't have spaces and that makes Mr. Linky go out of whack. Can you come back and link again, but use spaces in the title you use to describe your blog? Thanks!!



Hi! I just found your blog through MckMama's. I hope you don't mind if I stalk you for awhile. :)

I am joining WW next Thursday for the first time. I've GOT to lose this baby weight (from both boys)!!!


Domestically Disabled Girl

Good luck with the house, in these markets, we pray things go well for you! Great job on the weight loss, especially during a birthday!

Mighty M

Great job on the weight loss! And good luck with the house. Happy Birthday - hilarious about the wrong age on the cake. ;-)


Hi! I found you via Mckmama! Good luck with your weight loss! I've lost 10 pounds since January 5th. Trying to loose a total of 20 by the time our Disney trip rolls around in May! You can do it!!


Happy Belated Birthday! Aren't husbands funny? Enjoyed your Not Me's. Congrats on the weight loss =)

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