Sunday, February 22, 2009


Sunday, February 22, 2009
I have had a very busy weekend. I dont even think I have told you that Kaylyn is in Georgia. She left with my MIL on Thursday to go visit her parents. They havent seen Kaylyn since 2005 which she was about 18mos old then...she in now five. See how often we go anywhere? Anyway, they were suppose to come home today but my MIL called yesterday and said they have to stay until Tuesday. Which is not a huge problem but I do miss her very much. She called to say that her father had to have a colonoscopy (I cant spell that) and that she really needed to help her mom take him because her mom fell sometime last week. So they are heading home Tuesday morning. While Kevin was on the phone with his mom she informed him that Kaylyn wasnt being that good. I really hate to hear that since they are so far away. I honestly think she is just not use to her surroundings over there and there is family over there that she really doesnt remember so she is free to show her but. She is not good at change so I think that is her problem. Dont get me wrong I know how she is and I know that she doesnt listen. I just really hate that she is doing it while she is over there.

I have talked to her everyday sometimes 2 or 3 times a day. I really do miss her but I know she will be home Tuesday. However, Kevin and I had some good "us" time. We went out to eat on Friday night and bought some movies. On Friday night we watched "What Happens in Vegas" with Aston Kutcher and Cameron Diaz. It was really funny...if you havent seen it and want a good laugh check it out. Last night we had Taco Bell (very romantic lol) and came home and watch "Wanted" with Angelina Jolie. It was pretty good too! The ending was different than I put together but it was good. But I still miss her and I cant wait till she gets home! Please pray that they have a safe trip home!



As much as we love our children, we all need a break. Glad to hear that you and your hubby were able to enjoy each other. Taco Bell rocks!

Hugs and Mocha,


Everytime my kids are going away for a bit...I get so excited to have some freedon and then about thirty minutes after they leave, I'm like, ohhh.. I miss them. You do need time for yourself. Enjoy it - take a bath! My grandma used to say "show your butt" and I had forgotten about it until Iread you say it! I'm going to have to start using that one.


i am always so torn when my oldest daughter travels anywhere without me or when my husband and i travel without the 4 is always nice to have that down time, but i always miss them so much!

i will keep her in my prayers for safe travels...

i just stopped by from SITS to welcome you to the community!


It's so hard to be away from them but that time to yourself is so important. Sounds like she's testing her boundaries a bit. Lol. Hopefully she has a great time and gets home safely!

Maggie R

Hi there.
Enjoyed visiting your blog... Thanks so much...

I am on the Welcoming Committee with SITS and just wanted to pop by and give you a big welcome hug.. I joined SITS last year and have enjoyed meeting so many wonderful gals, you will surely enjoy your time spent with us.
Come visit me sometime and follow if you wish. I have random drawings for my followers from time to time...


You guys deserve a break, hope you have a safe trip.

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