Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Tuesday, February 10, 2009
Ok, I think I have told you that my house is up for sale. Well we had 3 people look at it yesterday and another person coming tonight. The reason I am telling you this is because tonight is suppose to be my weigh in at WW. Unfortantely I will not be able to make it. But I will be going to the Thursday meeting so I can weigh in and attend the meeting. I am still really excited about this. I dont think I have lost much but as long as I lose something that will be enough for me to continue on. I have done excellent on the water thing. I have had all water since Thursday. On Thursday I had sweet tea...but like I said in a previous post I have to "count" the tea so I am not drinking it because that adds up! And Thank God I think my body is getting use to me consuming the water because I am not having to go as often. I was going so much it was driving me crazy!! I will update you later on! Thanks for all the support you have been showing!



Good luck at weigh in. I promise; once you get into the routine, it gets easier. I lost 37 pounds on WW last year, in 5 months..totally worth it. I've already figured out my points for after the baby is born (nursing mom's get 10 extra points, yay). Keep up the good work; the weight will start melting off!

Josh and Tiff:

Make sure to check my blog right at 12pm (central time) tomorrow. I need your shipping address no later than 2pm if you win. I have to have the order placed no later than 3pm. Thanks and good luck!:)

the smiling fat girl

i think you're a sweetie. may God bless your efforts as you seek to take care of his "temple" aka your body.


Thats great that you are still gonna go on Thursday! You are doing awesome....***high five girl***

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