Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Sleepy...Very Sleepy

Tuesday, February 17, 2009
As you can tell from my title I am very sleepy. I for some reason couldnt sleep last night so I never went to bed. How stupid crazy am I? By the time I was ready to go to bed it was like an hour before I really had to get up so I knew I would never get up IF I laid down. So I have been up since 6:00 yesterday and this 6hr energy drink...well let's just say it doesnt work. I took it about 2 hrs ago and I am literally holding my eyelids open with pencils...I am THAT tired. I am walking around the office trying to wake up and hopefully soon I will have some lunch and that will help!

However, let me tell you about my morning. I ended up taking a shower & washing my hair around 3:45. I really dont think the hubby was too crazy about this but he never said anything. Oh, well...I just cant stand it when he sleeps like a baby and I lay there listening to him snore! I finished drying my hair around 4:20 so I thought "Why dont I go to the gym?" I am up so why not put some of this enegy to good use (I really wish I had it back about now!). So I gathered everything up everything including all of my morning essentials and headed to the gym. I got there right at 5 and was amazed that 5 other idiots exercise happy people were there too. I immediately got on the treadmill because that is in my comfort zone. There was another girl on the treadmill beside me and she asked me if I was here for the spinning class. I said "Oh, no. Not Me!" I have always wanted to do that but have never had the guts to partake. I am a weakling and I am asthmatic (I use this as an excuse way too much) so I never thought I could do it. She kept begging me because they were trying to start a morning spinning class and needed the attendance. I was thinking dont count me in! I would surely fall off and die of a heart asthma attack. She kept telling me more about the class and how it was a beginner class and that the instructor was really cool and that I could go at my own pace (my own pace would be getting on the bike & sitting there!!!). She was starting to get on my nerves but kept begging (she is lucky I didnt deck her because it was 5:10AM!!) me and the mysteriously a part of me wanted to try it. I ended up telling her I would try but if I got off after 5 mins (I didnt think I would honestly last that long) dont be mad. She agreed and set me up a bike right beside hers. I went and got a towel cuz I knew I would be sweating along with my inhaler that would hopefully better save my life if I needed it! I went in there all pumped up and got up on my bike. I started pedaling and pedaling. There was soem upbeat music and yes the instructor was great. I kept pedaling and I could feel it in my legs & thighs. Before I knew it 35 mins had gone by! It was a 45min class but I had to get going because I had to take another shower (I was sweating up a storm!) and be on time for work. My point is that I actually loved the class! Hopefully (Lord willing) I will be back next week. They are going to do one, maybe 2 classes a week but for sure one next week. I cant wait! I am psyched about it! To top it off my asthma did not bother me and I did some good "riding." Thank you God!

I use to be completely be intimidated by spinning. Several people I knew took it and loved it but I have never seen myself as being that active so I never really was "too" intereseted in it. Well, I swallowed my pride and just did it. Definately will do it again! So has anyone else experienced spinning or do you have any ideas of something that would be fun?

ps: I dont know if I will make it to my WW weigh in but I will definately go on Thursday. It really depends on my energy level! Also, I have to go to my parents tonight so they can see Kaylyn. She will be leaving with my MIL to go to Georgia to visit her parents. They will be leaving Thursday and coming back either late Sunday or on Monday. So in other words my parents need to see her before she leaves. How spoiled is she?


the smiling fat girl

first off; totally, totally cool about the spinning class!! whew-hoo! i love it! way to go!

secondly; my dear, go to bed. go to bed. zzzzz say it with me. "go to bed". :) i have only been up all night long due to babies and the following day is nigh impossible to be enjoyable.

hope you get some rest ASAP.

you bless me, ME


Great Blog! LOL Had me LOL
I am SO intimidated by the classes at the gym. I so badly want to take one, but I am so scared I'm going to fall out in front of everyone! lol I guess I just need to DO IT! Maybe I'll try spinning. :)

I hope your MiL has a safe trip to GA. (That is where I live)


Enjoyed your blog. I, too, am terrified of spinning class, plus I think the gym as a whole is total torment =). Kudos to you for going and putting fear aside. Get some rest, girl!


I haven't even set foot in a gym in probably six years, so you're doing better than I am! (I workout at home WHEN I do, LOL.)

Good for you!

But I do hope you got some sleep last night! :)


WHoa! I hope you got some sleep!

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