Monday, February 23, 2009


Monday, February 23, 2009
I called Kaylyn tonight to talk to her. She informed me very excitingly that she was coming home tomorrow and that she misses me so much. Of course I am so excited she is coming home too. This is the longest time that we have been apart. I miss her so much too! My house has been so quiet and at the time I dont have to bee that quiet at night or early in the morning. That has been nice. I seem to be much louder when I am trying to be quiet lol!

When I got home tonight I came into feed her fish. Well one didnt make it. He/she lived for almost 3 months which I dont think is bad for a goldfish. Kevin and I discussed replacing it before she realizes it but thought we better not. We are not going to say anything about it and see if she notices it. However, that fish cost me 6 bucks so I want my money back...beleive it or not they have a 90 day guarantee lol! It will be 90days on the 26th. Do you think I am crazy for getting my money back? I doubt I will but it was a thought. We will probably just let her pick out another one that she likes and get it and add it to the tank.

Well I will tell you of all her adventures tomorrow night!


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