Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Wednesday, February 11, 2009
Which ever you want to call it. I actually came home and cooked tonight (gasp)! I know its shocking. I dont ever cook...really ever. So I have really been watching my points and lately I have been using most of my points during the day and when it comes to night time I dont have a lot left. So sometimes I have been going over by a couple of points at night. But today I really did good. I had an oatmeal for breakfast (3pts), for Lunch I had a Turkey sub sandwhich from Jersey Mike's (4pts+ 3pts for Cheese (darn)), for a snack I had an oatmeal bar (4pts). So that is 14pts all together which gave me 16pts to work with for supper. However, I went really healthy and I had a 6oz Tilapia Fish Fillet, a cup of carrots & brussels sprouts. That is all I had. No bread...I love bread and that would be my weakness. But the Tilapia was 4 pts, Carrots 2pts, & Brussel Sprouts 2pts. The vegetables were originally 0pts but of course I had to add a little butter so I pushed it up some to make myself safe. So with all of those added up that is 22pts so I still have 8pts to go!! Which I probably wont even use them. Hopefully that will take the place of some of the extra points I have used throughout the week.

Since I was so proud that I actually cooked I took a picture of it! I know...I am crazy but I will probably use as proof when my mom says that I dont cook lol! Forgive my fine China!! We use paper plates all the time pretty much no matter what. Less for me to actually clean up ha ha! So what do you think of my supper?


the smiling fat girl

very healthy looking. i love the easy clean up. looking forward to your weigh in.


mmm i love fish! i am scared to try brussel sprouts, are they any good?


The dinner looks VERY healthy! Good job! I'm sure your body was thanking you last night for all that healthyness!! Good job!! WOOOHOOO!!
oh..Good luck on your weigh in day!!! It's today right?


Jen, Yes, my weigh in is today. I will post tonight and let you know the outcome.

Danita, I like them. I probably wouldnt if I was a kid. But I was made to eat them so I think they kinda "grew" on me:)

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