Thursday, February 26, 2009

Guess what I have??

Thursday, February 26, 2009
I will give you a starts with F and ends with LU. Yes I have the flu! I feel so bad. I would never wish this upon anyone! I didnt know you could feel this bad. My back hurts like he#$! My throat even hurts. I havent been able to eat really anything. I am trying to keep my distance from Kaylyn. Kevin told her I got 2 shots today and she freaked out. It was so cute. She was really worried about me. But of course I take them like a champ! I have been in bed since around 12 and it's getting really boring. I have been able to catch up on some of my blog stalking today lol! Plus the doctor recommended no work tomorrow...who am I to argue? Even though it sounds boring and has been most of the day I am looking forward to staying in the bed and doing nothing...well blogging probably.

Please pray that I will get to feeling better because tomorrow Kaylyn and her 2 cousins have to get their pictures made at Portrait Innovations. This is something we have to get done so I really dont want to cancel because it takes forever to get another appt. The 3 of them are the only great grandchildren on my moms side so we thought we would get all their pictures taken together for my grandparents. It was their Birthday Tues. & Wed.

So wish me luck! Of course I will probably be on tomorrow and give you an update!


the smiling fat girl

so sorry to hear you aren't feeling well; that's not good at all! may God touch you and heal you and make you whole.




Ohhh no! I'm so sorry. I sorta had a feeling you had the flu since my husband had the flu last week and felt like a trian ran over him. It took him a whole week to recover. He couldn't get out of the bed to even get his medicine. It was that bad!!! He is still tired extremely easy this week. He had to take that Relenza inhaler instead of the tami-flu.

I REALLY hope you start to feel better, but don't rush it. You have to get lots of rest or you'll end up in the hospital. ::Hugs::

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