Sunday, February 22, 2009

My Weekend

Sunday, February 22, 2009
I ultimately had a good weekend but my diet didnt. I basically fell off the wagon...that is what they say right? Friday wasnt too bad. I had my original oatmeal for breakfast & 6in sub for lunch. I ended up getting off work early (around noon) on Friday. My hubby wanted me to meet him for lunch so I did. I met him and some other buddies at a Mexican restaurant. I had sweet tea and some chips & dip. Not alot but I still had some. The sweet tea too. I havent had sweet tea in a while so I ended up having 2 glasses. Kaylyn is in Georgia (see this post) so Kevin and I went out to eat on Friday night (and actually enjoyed it with out a screaming child). We went to O'Charley's. I had (gasp) a Tangerine Pomegranite Margarita (it was sooo good) along with a bowl of soup, chicken fingers (with Honey Mustard dressing) and fries. I know that all doesnt sound that bad but I didnt even count it because I didnt want to know how much I went over. Then yesterday I had 2 slices of pizza (I was helping my aunt and uncle move) and several diet cokes (which luckily counts as 0 pts). I woke up at 12 (I know, I know...I think I finally caught up on my sleep from the other night) so I didnt have any breakfast (which helped). For supper last night we went to Taco Bell. I had a chicken quesidilla and a mexican pizza with a tea. Once again my downfall...I didnt count it up because I didnt want to know. Today hasnt been that bad. All I have had so far is a BBQ pork sandwich and I am waiting on supper now. I am at my parents and my mom is cooking. We will be having baked chicken, with red, yellow, & green bell peppers, onions, potatoes, and lima beans. Doesnt that sound good?

I have come to conclusion...I need to stop being lazy and just face what I have put in my mouth. I need to start counting it up no matter what and hold myself accountable. I feel like I am getting to comfortable with this diet. I have to get back on track including more excerise. I know I can do this. I was having fun with it at first...I just need to keep it up! I still need your encouragement...that is a big part of my success. I hope you all had a good weekend!



You can do it! There is no doubt about that =) So you fell off the wagon, that's in the past and over and done with now. Don't beat yourself up. Move on---->FORWARD!!! Hang in there! YOU CAN DO THIS =)=)=)

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