Monday, February 23, 2009


Monday, February 23, 2009
Since I have been home tonight I pretty much have done nothing except blog stalk. I found some more blogs that I am now following. I cooked supper and I am now still looking at blogs while my hubby is beside me watching wrestling...yeah I know. What fun!

Also, in the pic is our new TV. It's 46" Samsung LCD. We got our tax refund on Friday. I wanted a new bedroom suite for our bedroom because ours is old (my parents handed it down to me and they got it right before I was born (so its at least 26 yrs old)) and Kevin wanted a new TV. I guess you can see who won!

I have talked to Kaylyn tonight so I am good. She is so excited that she is coming home tomorrow. She told me she misses me so much. I am also very excited about her coming home too. This is the longest we have ever been apart so it's new to me. Please pray that she will have a safe trip home:)

Now to my toothache. I am one of those people that take's pride in my teeth. I brush at least 3 times a day and flossing too. I wish my teeth were whiter but I am honestly not spending the money to whiten them. Anyway, with all the care I take of my teeth they do NOT appreciate it. I swear I have the worst luck! On the 12th of this month I was eating a sub sandwich and one of my fillings came out. It didnt hurt but of course it was a hole to it packed food (sorry to be gross). Still I have been brushing my teeth every time I eat so hopefully nothing will get stuck in there and decay anymore than it needs to. Well I of course am not that lucky. And let me tell you I am terrified (seriously, that is why I try to take good care of my teeth) of the dentist. Well around Friday (of course before the weekend) I noticed that every time I would eat something my tooth would start hurting. At first it was a little pain/throb but now on Monday it is a constant pain that I can not even apply any pressure to or this horrible pain will shoot all the way up to my brain! It hurts so bad and I do have a high pain tolerance. Needless to say I am eating everything on my left side of my mouth. But I do have a dentist appt tomorrow at 3. As much as I hate to say this but I cant wait. I can take pretty much anything but a toothache is something that kills me. So wish me luck tomorrow:)

ps: Because so many of you have requested a pic of my new hairstyle (the scrunched look on someone that has always had very straight hair) I will post one soon. I am not into taking pics of myself but I will do my best.



Just trying to see if my commenting is working yet. It wasnt earlier:(


Blog stalk..hehe isnt so fun! Love the new t.v. - my hubby wants a new one too :-)

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