Friday, February 6, 2009

February 6

Friday, February 6, 2009
So my day went really well. I am still going strong on WW. I wasnt able to go to the gym tonight because I had to get home to watch the kiddos. I plan on going tomorrow when Kevin gets home from work. I want to go at least 2 more times this week...well before Tuesday. I am really excited to go weigh in. I am not expecting anything major. I would be really happy if I lost 1-2 lbs. This is my 3rd day on this diet and honestly by now normally I would be burnt out. Please pray that I keep this excitement & willpower to keep going!

As I said before I have 30pts a day. I did go over 2 pts today and I really feel bad about that but it's not enough to detur me. I still have 30 flex points that I can use without the week and that is where I pulled the extra 2 pts from. Did you know that 10 baby carrots equals 0pts? I found that out Wednesday night and I have been having that as my nightly snack for O pts!!! Also, I did have sweet tea today which was 3 pts and then water throughout the day. Yesterday I had water all day and I really felt better. I know that is stupid but when I had the tea its added 3 more pts to my daily count and I just didnt like that. So I really think I am going to just stick with water.

I wanted to thank everyone for all of the encouraging words. I feel so much better having you on my side!!!



YAY! Thats what I loved about didnt get "burnt out". Good job on the water! That is hard to do and your doing awesome!!

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