Tuesday, February 3, 2009

I joined Weight Watchers!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009
I did it! I went to a WW meeting and joined. It was awesome! I am really pumped! Its $39.95 a month (I really dont have that extra money) but it's gotta be worth it. I still will not publish my weight but I will post about how much I lose (Lord willing) and my daily points. So I will officially start tomorrow but I do not really have any groceries so the first week might be a little tough.

One of the interesting things I learned is that now WW is allowing more types of drinks. Meaning that I dont only have to drink water. Water is no points but I cant still have other drinks (like tea) that counts as fluids for the days. I still have to "count"the tea but I can still drink it and count it as a fluid. That is good news for me because I hate drinking water. However, though I think what I am going to do is still drink the water all day but I will still enjoy one sweet tea a day. Water is still the best for you! So that is what I am going to try and do.



Good Luck on your WW journey! I had a couple of family members that joined WW & had BIG success. :)


Good luck!! WW is great! I lost some weight on it and hope to get back into it here soon. I stopped because we moved clear across states and have yet to be fully settled into a routine..SOON SOON!
I think You'll really like it! Its realistic!


Thank you for the comment! Good Luck on your journey, I should probably start one myself! I can't wait to see how WW works you, i've been thinking about joining sometime for myself!

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