Tuesday, July 7, 2009

To Cut or Not To Cut

Tuesday, July 7, 2009
Kaylyn has always had long hair. Since she was about 2. I think the reason I have left it so long is because when she was a baby she had NO hair. I was forever getting asked why my baby boy was wearing pink? I would always rudely reply because SHE is a GIRL! That is why she is in pink! Duh!

So since then it really has become hard for me to cut her hair. She had a "trim" about a year ago but that was just a trim. This time we CUT her hair. I have been saying it for weeks now that we need to do it because when I wash it, it drives me crazy! It gets so knotty and is always tangled. Well because Kevin never washes it, he kept insisting on not to cutting it. He loves long hair so that is how he wanted it.

Well on Saturday night after the fireworks we came home and I wasnt really feeling well so I asked him to bathe her and he did. He started washing her hair and complaining about it. Kaylyn told him "See Daddy, that's why I want a hair cut!" He thought for a moment and said "Will you let Daddy cut it?" She thought about it and agreed. I jumped up and protested...I mean yeah he cuts his hair but its with one of those buzzer thingys that is set on a level so he gets the same length everywhere! After some thinking about it and cohersion from Kaylyn I agreed.

Here is a "Before" shot while in the tub.

Kevin getting ready to cut.
Her hair is so thick I had to hold it!

By this time I am starting to freak out...this is alot of hair. Since I kind of lost it, I frightened Kaylyn and she started crying. It was quite commical. I told her it looked fine I just wasnt use to her new length. She is pouting because she isnt sure about it and doesnt understand why we cant "put" the hair back!

Daddy blow drying her hair...she is still crying some.
After we got through drying it.
She started swooshing her hair from side to side. She couldnt do that with her long hair.
Enough with the pictures she said!
Sunday Morning as we are leaving for Atlanta
I absolutely love it now. It will be so much cooler for her!

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Oh, I love it. I love that it's wavy, so it doesn't matter if it's not straight. Allison wants to cut her hair again and her father refused. Last time I got it cut for her, he didn't talk to me for 3 days; I'm not sure I'm ready for that again. She looks cute and it will grow back so fast!

Aunt of 14

Oh my!!! And Kevin did a good job of cutting it too!!! I think she looks darling, and I'm sure it will be much easier to manage now. So you are going to Atlanta this weekend? Are you going to be gone for days and days and days or is it just for the day?


It looks great! I swear I'm never cutting Summer and Camryn's hair if it ever grows. They are almost 2 and 3 and still don't have much!


OMW!!! Are you kidding me? I don't have the guts!
She looks cute as a button though!

Sneaky Momma

Love the new 'do!
My oldest has had a full head of hair since birth. It is very long now (she's 3). My youngest's hair is finally starting to grow out a bit. Thank goodness!


I love that hair cut, Maya got one of those about a year ago.

Alicia W.

I have been so torn on cutting Brea's or not.. It's killing me and her to brush it in the mornings.. pure hell I tell ya! Ugh, so just don't know if it will cut all the curls out. Decisions Decisions! :)

LOVE your lil girls new cut! Super cute.


I had a hard time cutting my daughters hair it was about that long too. I cut about 5 inches off and it is still long, but I like where it is now. I don't feel I have to put it in a pony tail where I did with it longer. Kaylyn looks like she has a good length too.


I'm dropping by from Aunt of 14's blog. I'm in the process of growing my hair out...From Alissa Milano short. Love Kaylyn's new 'do!

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